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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Welcome Noxial, Devin, and Claira: Social Media Managers!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - KoopaTV also has new social media avenues.

Remember that whole, "KoopaTV is trying to hire people" article that we've been keeping updated this whole time? It turns out someone has actually gone all the way through with it and has been hired! That's right, the elusive "Future KoopaTV Staff Member" from the hit KoopaTV video "Koopasentai" is revealed! And she is our social media manager! (That's right: IT'S A GIRL!)

KoopaTV would like to welcome Noxial to our staff.

Cute girls love KoopaTV.
We're not just welcoming Noxial, though... Introducing Devin and Claira! Give 'em a round of applause!
Devin, the spokesturtle and new KoopaTV mascot!
Claira, the spokesturtle and new KoopaTV mascot!

Where are you gonna see these lovely Koopas and Troopas?


Follow @TVTroopas on Twitter! Yes, that's right, KoopaTV now has TWO Twitters! (Follow the existing one, too, at @TheREALKoopaTV. I'll continue to personally run that.)


KoopaTV now has an Instagram! I vaguely even know what an Instagram is, but I guess that's why we had to hire someone to figure that out. So if you have one of these Instagram things, you go ahead and follow the TVTroopas, alright?

Noxial will also have control of our tumblr (well, so will I, but it's not a focus for us), while I'll stick with Ello and try to see if anything can come out of it.

If you want to know the adventures of the TV Troopas as they live their daily lives and also engage with daily KoopaTV material, with pictures provided, follow those accounts!

The Knowing When We Update article has been updated as well. 

Ludwig will need to publish KoopaTV's articles at more consistent times of day so Noxial can properly share them and plan out her photos. Please welcome Noxial, and the TV Troopas, in the comments!

Wondering why Noxial hasn't been doing her job? She quit after a week and joined ISIS.
We regret to inform you that the TV Troopas are deceased.
Koopie Koo is too good a girlfriend for this guy.


  1. Aha, I saw the Troopas on Twitter this morning and wondered who they were. Now I know!

    1. I specifically asked them to follow you. :o

    2. Yeah, they're good turtles. They like good people. ^.^

      ...nevermind they're following JonTron for some reason.


    Follow @TVTroopas on Twitter! Yes, that's right, KoopaTV now has TWO Twitters! (Follow the existing one, too, at @TheREALKoopaTV. I'll continue to personally run that.)

    INTRODUCING NEW SOCIAL MEDIA!" Did you need to say that twice?

    1. Yes, because they are two different social media platforms.

      Sort of like how you get an "ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED" message for every achievement you get, even if you get two at the same time.

    2. Yes, but you get your 'ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED' message separately unlike here where you have it in one article.

    3. You get them in one play session.

      Each article is equivalent to one play session.


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