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Monday, February 2, 2015

KoopaTV's January 2015 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - How did you like the first 1/12th of 2015?

Did you like January? January had some lifestyle changes for us. Those were largely undesirable. Anyway, we still brought you a variety of awesome goodies this month.

Let's get right to the top 5 recommended articles for January 2015! (In chronological order.)
  1. Rush Limbaugh: Videogamers Are the Least Successful Among Us
  2. 2015 Starts Dim for the 'Zim
  3. amiibo Attacks on Canon
  4. A Review Of Choice: Texas — Should You Choose It?
  5. Japan Vs. ISIS: Humour Versus Terrorism!
Of course, every article is worth reading.

We had multiple long-running article series end in January (including the latest chapter in the George Zimmerman saga), so with so much concluding, what will KoopaTV do now? Never fear, we really won't go on another hiatus this month. So look forward to the first February of KoopaTV!

We also had some big opportunities from social media from January, including Japan's first real exposure to KoopaTV. We're excited about those opportunities.

By the way, we're looking at some big things that will happen in — or be announced in — the month of February. And we're not just saying that: We have actual plans being discussed in our AIM Blast! Want access to it? Download AIM and become a KoopaTV staff member, including the new Japanese Marketing Manager position! Want to help share in our past, present, and future success? Become an affiliate!

Want to just be a loyal reader? That's fine too. We love your comments, by the way.

Share KoopaTV to your friends, enemies, and anyone else walking by. Or running. Or surfing... on the web. You wouldn't want to interrupt their surf in the ocean, would you?

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Last year's newsletter review called itself "a new start" and then took a one-month hiatus.
Next year's January 2016 is right here!

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