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Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017—In The Path of Totality!

By VANESSA TSUKINO - It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event!

You may recall the huge excitement about this year’s coast-to-coast solar eclipse! But were YOU in the path of totality? Were you one of unlucky ones who saw it on a livestream? Well have no fear! This girl’s got you covered.

Let me start off by saying that where I live was one of the places in the path of totality for the eclipse. That’s where the moon completely covers the sun, and you can remove those special viewing glasses for a short period of time to take photos or whatever. Anyway, people from all over had traveled here just to see this thing, since there were many places to view it!

State Capitals in Path of Totality United States America solar eclipse 2017 NASA
I'm near the fourth star shown here.

And of course, they also traveled to the other places in the path.

This past Friday I received these glasses at school:

The Citizen CATE Experiment 2017 solar eclipse glasses NASA Continental-America Telescopic Eclipse
Oh goody. I'm part of an experiment.

The people who came to my school to talk about this eclipse wanted us (the students) to take pictures and document things and finally send it to them. Or NASA. I know there were others who willingly did that. But what I want to willingly do is share what I witnessed with y’all. (Because Ludwig said he wanted an article on the eclipse, I took photos of it. Would this even get seen under Guest Art?)

Oh, and I wasn’t alone in viewing this event. My aunt called me around noon, wondering if I wanted to watch the eclipse with her. So I did. I don’t regret it.

Solar Eclipse 2017 dog Nashville Tennessee 1:10 PM
This dog was with us too.

Okay! So around the time that picture was taken it was before 1:10 PM.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee 1:12 PM before start grass ground sunlight
1:12 PM,

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee before start sun trees field 1:17 PM
1:17 PM.

...Boring right? Hold on…

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee 1:25 PM partial coverage house shadows
1:25 PM. Almost time for totality! (That’s not my house over there.)

It was at this point I kept saying to my aunt “This is sooo cool!” and “This is freaky!”. Around this time the dog didn’t move. Huh. Guess animals do act weird during eclipses.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee 1:28 PM path of totality skyline
1:28 PM! It’s time! The sky looks cool back there…

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee sun moon totality corona darkness 1:29 PM eye
1:29 PM! Curse you, Galaxy S7! I deserve a better photo than this!

We heard fireworks from the airport once totality occurred. That’s one way to celebrate an event that won’t happen again for 500 years. 

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee sunset path of totality orange skyline
1:30 PM. Looks like a sunset over there.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee 1:32 PM partial sun blocked lighter
1:32 PM. Becoming lighter…

Solar Eclipse 2017 Nashville Tennessee little crescent moons 1:40 PM bright again
1:40 PM. Little crescent moons!
(For more chairs, here are the chairs KoopaTV's staffers all use to watch important events.)

It was short, but sweet. Honestly, you had to be there to see for yourself how cool it was in person. Of course, after wearing my glasses for so long, my eyes began to hurt. Eh, it was worth it for you guys.

I apologize for the quality of those photos, and for the capturing of them on my mobile device. I need a camera like Lotta Hart’s. I-I won’t post tabloids!

Lotta Hart $700 camera life blood Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Justice For All tabloids
A $700 camera! (I always get screenshots of her with this face.)

So, the eclipse was truly amazing—if you were wearing the real eclipse viewing glasses. And I didn’t have to travel out of town to see it, which made the experience better! I hope you enjoyed this, ‘cause it was fun putting it together. I’m in the process of writing another guest article.

Vanessa hopes you still have your vision to even read and look at this article! She can be found on Miiverse, although her content there is cringe, even to her! Let her know if she needs to work on her photography skills too. Oh, and she also feels that this article is too short.

Good thing there weren't ominous, dark clouds blocking the ULTRA SUN.
KoopaTV follows with a staff-written eclipse article, about FAKE NEWS...and more.
While Vanessa enjoyed the eclipse, things turn different when you take the sun's opinion into account.
This article was part of the three-part solar eclipse series that won KoopaTV's Best Article Series award of 2017!


  1. My number one question is...

    What happened to the dog? Did it ever move again?

  2. I got those eclipse shades at work. My eyes are still working so it seems I got the real deal and not counterfeit ones.

    1. Fake eclipse glasses sound worse than vodka, cigarettes, and FAKE NEWS put together.

    2. One can literally lead to blindness. The other leads to figurative blindness to real news.

  3. I watched the livestream from the Weather Channel because it was only a partial eclipse here. I should have a better view of the next one in 2024 to make up for missing this one in person, however.

    1. I watched the livestream on NASA's site. It kept crashing.


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