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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Run Fast From Undertale's PlayStation Port. Mania!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A tale of two games with bad franchises. Different fates!

Today, Undertale and Sonic Mania came out. The former is notable for being the biggest news from Sony during E3 2017, despite not appearing in Sony's crappy conference. Undertale is also responsible for ruining the end of 2015, both in terms of being voted by freaks as the BEST GAME EVER and for those freaks spreading unfunny “memes” throughout the Internet

They're still trying to do that. That's why Undertale being revived on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita is a big part of their agenda. (Well, the PlayStation Vita release isn't contributing to a revival.)

You might conclude that, since I'm still bringing up the GameFAQs Best. Game. Ever contest from 2015, that I'm still holding that against Undertale and that I'm not giving Undertale a fair shot. That's a logical conclusion to make, but I also believe that I can be very fair-minded and logical as well. Let me be objective here.

Objectively speaking, there's nothing exciting about that launch trailer for Undertale. Nothing there says, “I want to play this.” That's a reflection on the game, not its fanbase. I can look past bad fanbases and not let the bad fanbases affect my opinion on the game itself, so I won't make negative comments about the game with the bad fanbase that I wouldn't make about another game, if they had the same negative point to make about them.

...Put another way, I like to be consistent and avoid double standards. My example is Sonic Forces, where the worst thing I could say about that game was associating it with Hillary Clinton. (To be fair, that's PRETTY BAD.) Everyone clicking on the article thought I'd trash the game and its custom hero feature, didn't ya?

Making the transition over to Sonic Mania, that is a game with no prior KoopaTV history. In fact, I don't really know anything about the game other than that it is another attempt at a classic-style Sonic the Hedgehog game. ...What ever happened to Sonic the Hedgehog 4, by the way? (You know, the episodic thing from years ago that only had two episodes.) Regardless, Sonic Mania is out today on all the current platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

Oh, well, I know that Sonic Mania has good music (the trailer above not representative of that), as long as the invincibility theme isn't overwriting it. Go look it up if you want. I'm pretty sure it's better than the shitty, horrendously overrated soundtrack from Undertale, anyway. ...I don't want that crap in my comments section.

Ludwig shouldn't want an editorial this weak on his website, but given the tragic circumstances near the KoopaTV office the day before, you should be able to excuse it. Since Ludwig obviously has no idea what the hell he's even writing about for this article, perhaps the comments section can have a much more robust discussion about Sonic Mania and Undertale. Preferably Sonic Mania.


  1. What an honor! I'm glad to be hyperlinked by yours truly.

    Also, unlike Undertale, Sonic Mania is a brand new game with its unique variety of features, gameplay elements, and much more. Undertale is... just a port. With trophies.

    1. It's a bit concerning the Sonic Mania trailer had to specify things like NEW LEVELS.

      It's a new game, so... isn't that assumed that it'll have new levels?

  2. I'm honestly legitimately excited for Sonic Mania. I haven't purchased a Sonic game since getting Sonic 2 for the Wii's VC and the Gamecube Sonic Collection if that counts. I wonder if I should get it now or see if I have a chance at winning the shop points here to get it for about half off afterwards.

  3. Even though I already played Undertale on the PC, I have a second copy on the way, because I couldn't turn down a chance to get a collector's edition of a game that brought me so much amusement and entertainment.


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