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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mysterious Prosecutor Godot; Now A Spirit Battle!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than Hell itself...

Yesterday's release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Version 3.0 shows how seriously that development team is integrating downloadable content (DLC) into the game, with the first Challenger Pack being Joker and his Persona series. One of the things they've done is add several new Persona Spirits to the game, with a special DLC Spirit Board where you can do battles with these Spirits any time you want. (If you don't have the DLC you can still buy them from the Vault's store.)

At KoopaTV, we've been looking ahead to Challenger Pack 2 since the beginning of the month, since it features Phoenix Wright and our beloved Ace Attorney franchise. We've already done two Spirit Battles with Ace Attorney characters and now this is our third.

I'll be creating a Spirit Battle concept featuring the mysterious prosecutor Godot, the new and controversial prosecutor of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations.

Warning: This article may be a touch spoiler-y for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations, as well as for... the Bayonetta games? (But if you clicked the link in the preceding paragraph, that also kind of spoiled the former game, too.)

Spirit Details

Ace Attorney series
Spirit Type, Ability
Water Weakness
Three slots

Fight Details

Opponent: Green R.O.B.
Type & Power
Neutral Type
3800 Power
Stage & Music
Castle Siege (underground cavern)
We're the Robots (Wily Stage 2) (Mega Man 9)
Assist Trophy enemies
Item: Food
The enemy favors side smash attacks
The enemy becomes more powerful after eating
Hostile assist trophies will appear after a little while
Let's get this straight: The Assist Trophy is Rodin from Bayonetta. Godot and Rodin have a lot in common. Godot is a fallen defence attorney that is now a prosecutor after returning from Hell. Rodin is a fallen angel that did indeed return from Hell. They both conceal their eyes with something on their face, be it Godot's visor or Rodin's sunglasses. Rodin is a bartender. Godot loves his drinks. They're both darker-skinned individuals. Godot was voiced by Hideki Kamiya, who is the developer of the Bayonetta series. They're both fairly supportive of a female companion, be it Mia Fey or Bayonetta.

The food is “Cup of Tea”, which may make coffee addict Godot grimace. Unfortunately, there is no coffee item in the game, so Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's tea item will have to compensate. That's one reason he has a water weakness as a Spirit after you obtain him. He doesn't drink water. Just coffee. A witness once asked for a cup of water because he was incredibly thirsty on the stand. He was only given coffee. Water would also probably screw up his visor if you splashed it on him.

Godot has lived his live(s) as both a defence attorney and a prosecutor, and he doesn't really care about the trial at hand as a prosecutor, and isn't much into winning. He's just in it to get at Phoenix Wright, but he was never involved enough to put much intellectual weight behind his prosecutorial arguments. He just liked to ask Phoenix Wright for evidence of his claims. Hmph, anyone can do that. That's also why Godot is a mere Advanced Spirit, since he's really not that great at his job. Godot has never won a case as a prosecutor.

The underground cavern of Castle Siege is really the closest thing to Hell in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We're The Robots was chosen as the music because it's kind of jazzy, and that's Godot's style. It also fits with why Godot was chosen to be R.O.B.

Godot Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trials & Tribulations humans aren't machines souls feelings
Referring to humans as “they”?
So Godot himself is pretty much a cyborg, right?

It almost entirely has to do with his visor. He can't actually shoot lasers out, but it definitely emits light in the dark. And it can explode. The closest thing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is R.O.B.'s forward smash. (Not to mention that the theme of R.O.B.'s Classic Mode is “Unreadable Expressions” which is all Godot is about.)

Godot Ace Attorney Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit Battle R.O.B. laser
It even makes almost the same shape as the Ace Attorney logo for a few frames!

There is a lot I can say about things I didn't do for this Spirit Battle. I didn't have Nightmare appear as an Assist Trophy to make the screen pitch-black because R.O.B.'s forward smash can't actually be seen during that, though his neutral-special Robo Beam can. I think R.O.B.'s forward smash is more accurate to the source material than Robo Beam, and Spirit Battles involving Nightmare aren't really a good user experience anyway.

I could have made Godot's Spirit able to be enhanced by throwing in Diego Armando into the mix. However, I think it's chronologically logical to say that it would have to be Diego Armando → Godot, and that wouldn't make sense because enhanced Spirits are supposed to get stronger. I think Godot is weaker than his first form. Therefore, that would not work.

If you would like to pursue different possibilities regarding the best way to portray a Godot Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then feel free to express and write those up in the comments section! You're also free to offer requests for further Spirit Battles in the Ace Attorney series, or any series for that matter, though KoopaTV has pledged to keep making these every week until Phoenix Wright is finally playable in Challenger Pack 2. KoopaTV is also happy that the new version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has validated this entire Spirit Battle series of articles.

Godot's prosecutor colleague Franziska von Karma was the Spirit in last week's Spirit Battle article.
These Spirit Battle concepts are alive many months later, with Eric Swalwell as the next one.


  1. "At KoopaTV, we've been looking ahead to Challenger Pack 2 since the beginning of the month, since it features Phoenix Wright and our beloved Ace Attorney franchise."

    Still taking the joke this far, eh? By now, I'm genuinely looking forward to how you'll spin it when Challenger Pack 2 actually releases and it obviously ISN'T Phoenix Wright.

  2. Actually, I think I just did. And quite well done was that spin indeed.

    1. Hmm. Well, as amusing as this has been, something tells me I haven't been scoring many Truth Points of late.

    2. You got a Truth point for that one.

    3. Well then, my evil scheme to resume earning Truth points succeeded! 3:D :P

    4. Hm, that's somewhat clever of you.


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