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Friday, December 7, 2018

KoopaTV's Live Reactions to The Game Awards 2018

By RAWKHAWK2010 - Brought to you... GLOBALLY! Around the WORLD!

We are joined today by Ludwig, Kamek, Witch, friendly-neighborhood non-staffer Ryudragon, and myself. (Wendy's not dead but was eating dinner or something.) Nintendo hyped The Game Awards 2018, and I got almost all of the staff to watch the whole thing even though I was the only one who wanted to. (Ryu did too, if only for Metroid, which you'll have to read the log to see if that happened.)

Surely there are some great announcements here, right? We bring you our full reaction log to The Game Awards 2018, hosted by Geoff Keighley, and guest-starring Donald Mustard. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to host it the night before the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

[8:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: I encourage @Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy to pop in for commentary at least once.

[8:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Last year she showed up just to prove to the audience that she in fact wasn't a fake persona Ludwig had created for the purpose of making it look like we had more staff members than we really did.)

[8:26 PM] RawkHawk2010:

[8:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:


thegameawards - Twitch

[8:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: (I already linked it.)

[8:27 PM] Ryu: I can sense Metroid

[8:27 PM] Witch Princess: I'm just here

[8:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: I can sense Bayonetta 3.

[8:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Again.)

[8:28 PM] Ryu: (Metroid is my second favorite Nintendo series)

[8:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: I highly dislike Metroid.

[8:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't like its character-last philosophies.

[8:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: Which makes me wonder if I might actually like Other M?

[8:29 PM] Ryu: :laughing_dog:

[8:29 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is Other M "characters first"?

[8:29 PM] Ryu: Very

[8:29 PM] RawkHawk2010: Might have to try it!

[8:29 PM] Ryu: I think it has 3 hours of cinematic

[8:29 PM] Ryu: "The show is about to begin"

[8:29 PM] RawkHawk2010: AHHH IT'S IN ONE MINUTE

[8:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: @everyone get in here

[8:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm not sure why you're all-caps hyped?

[8:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This isn't a Nintendo Direct.

[8:30 PM] Witch Princess: Good thing I have it in fullscreen

[8:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: It snuck up on me.

[8:30 PM] Witch Princess: The live chat thing distracts me

[8:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: Five minutes went by quick and all we were doing was talking about Metroid.

[8:30 PM] Ryu: [Generic dramatic music]

[8:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Nothing's even there.

[8:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Just the logo.

[8:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Preshow"

[8:31 PM] Witch Princess: ^

[8:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Ryu Where did you see "The show is about to begin."?

[8:32 PM] Ryu: It was some lady who said it

[8:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: ...oh.

[8:32 PM] Ryu: on stream

[8:32 PM] Kamek: My switch is super dead

[8:32 PM] Kamek: It won't turn on

[8:33 PM] Witch Princess: When was the last time you used it Kamek?

[8:33 PM] Kamek: Uhhhhhh

[8:33 PM] Kamek: A few months ago

[8:33 PM] Kamek: When I last played stardew valley

[8:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Did you charge it?

[8:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And/or is it connected to an outlet?

[8:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: What if Ace Attorney is here?

[8:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Rawk, this isn't E3.

[8:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: hence

[8:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: what if

[8:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This is a completely irrelevant affair by an irrelevant man, Geoff Keighley.

[8:34 PM] Ryu: They're.... late

[8:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ludwig, note that you would have replied the same way if I had asked "What if 1981 Pauline is here singing Jump Up, Super Star!" last year.

[8:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Last week while I was writing the newsletter I was considering you firing you for missing your schedule AND forcing us to watch this crap. (Happened in 2014 already)

But then you published four articles in a row.

[8:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So I guess you're safe.

[8:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Quiet you.

[8:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh hey the stream is happening.

[8:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: IT STARTS.

[8:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dead Stranding.

[8:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ugh.

[8:35 PM] Ryu: I hope they won't spoil RDR2 somehow

[8:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't wanna see that.

[8:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Main show at 9.

[8:36 PM] Ryu: damn

[8:36 PM] Ryu: they lied to us

[8:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "This is the 5th Game Awards."

[8:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Fox.

[8:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Fox is here.

[8:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're talking about how last year's was well-received.

[8:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Probably because it's the only Game Awards where Nintendo mattered)

[8:37 PM] Ryu: "You could vote on Discord servers" We could?

[8:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: "More new games being announced than ever before."

[8:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: But Geoff Keighley is stressing that you can now access The Game Awards via Amazon Alexa.

[8:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Because that's what people care about.

[8:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[8:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Geoff Keighley says "around the world" after everything.

[8:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: To make it seem more important.

[8:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Maybe we should start doing that.

[8:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought we already did.

[8:38 PM] Kamek: Hmm

[8:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: Considering where we're stationed. :cappy:

[8:38 PM] Kamek: He's trying awfully hard to make this seem important

[8:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "2018 is an incredible year is gaming. World will change."

[8:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: 2018 wasn't great...!

[8:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: 2017 yes.

[8:39 PM] RawkHawk2010:

[8:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: His first game example of anything is Fortnite.

[8:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's a preview of things to come.

[8:39 PM] Kamek: I wish I could get No Man's Sky

[8:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: "You keep those games in your systems."

[8:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Keighley's right.

[8:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: He's right about one thing.

[8:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "The worlds you know, you may not know it after The Game Awards."

[8:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Jury of press around the world."

[8:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (KoopaTV is not on the jury.)

[8:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Just a disclaimer.)

[8:40 PM] Kamek: I'm setting up my switch upstairs

[8:40 PM] Witch Princess: I can't find my laptop charger

[8:40 PM] Ryu: That RDR2 scene didn't spoil me

[8:40 PM] Kamek: Is he making an electoral college comparison

[8:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[8:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: lol

[8:40 PM] Kamek: I think he's making an electoral college jab

[8:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: Keighley thought he was pretty smart using the phrase "jury-agnostic."


[8:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We're about to find out at the end of the night."

[8:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf Switch

[8:41 PM] Kamek: Première of what

[8:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: No More Heroes?

[8:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "A Pop Album Video Game"

[8:41 PM] Ryu: That's not what I expected

[8:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Dancing Devils"

[8:41 PM] Kamek: Is that rhythm heaven?

[8:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I can't read this font.

[8:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought this was No More Heroes at first.

[8:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And I don't know if the things appearing on-screen are titles or what.

[8:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Sayonara Wild Hearts"

[8:42 PM] Ryu: Sounds indie

[8:42 PM] Kamek: Is this persona?

[8:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well, there's your Switch announcement.

[8:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: You got hyped for THAT.

[8:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Whatever the hell that was.

[8:42 PM] Ryu: Now it's live

[8:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: I was expecting someone to come on stage and explain it.

[8:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: That was awful.

[8:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "This is so exciting." - Geoff Keighley

[8:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: (I couldn't read it either.)

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We are streaming live AROUND THE WORLD"

[8:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: INDIA

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "China, India, ALL ACROSS THE WORLD."

[8:43 PM] Kamek: Wait was this the show with the crazy guy on drugs who made that one game?


[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Uh

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yes

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That exact guy.

[8:43 PM] Kamek: Oh good

[8:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh it's this motherfucker.

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is now on stage.

[8:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: (literally)

[8:43 PM] Kamek: OMG

[8:43 PM] Ryu: I thought they fired that guy last year

[8:43 PM] Kamek: YES

[8:43 PM] Kamek: This is my favorite guy

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Josef Fares.

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Or whatever.

[8:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: For A Way Out.

[8:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: "I can only imagine your speech."

[8:44 PM] Kamek: Lol

[8:44 PM] Kamek: I love this guy

[8:44 PM] Kamek: "Don't get me started." but it's an actual threat

[8:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: I feel like they have him on a leash now.

[8:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:

A Way Out Outsells Expectations

EA Originals game (by Hazelight Studios) A Way Out has sold a million copies, beating expectations. The secrets of its Friend Pass.

[8:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Yeah I spelled his name right, Josef Fares)

[8:44 PM] Kamek: He's the best

The Game Awards 2018 Geoff Keighlet Josef Fares Best Action Game nominations pre-show
Josef Fares guest-hosting for Best Action Game. (One of which isn't like the others.)

[8:44 PM] Witch Princess: I'm still looking for my charger

[8:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: Mega Man 11 is such an outlier for Best Action Game

[8:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: It's hilarious

[8:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: (And it didn't win.)

[8:45 PM] Kamek: You can't have an FPS as an action game

[8:45 PM] Kamek: Can you?

[8:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "You guys are looking dapper"

[8:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: FPSs are action games by definition.

[8:45 PM] Ryu: I thought he said the b word

[8:45 PM] Kamek: Lol French

[8:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Our whole team back in France."

[8:45 PM] Kamek: Awww

[8:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Why is Fares still there?

[8:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: Are half of western developers French of some variety now?

[8:46 PM] Kamek: He's giving out awards

[8:46 PM] Ryu: He got promoted to co-host

[8:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Whether from France or French Canada?

[8:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He's just nodding awkwardly, upset that he doesn't have the attention.

[8:46 PM] Kamek: Like a guest guy

[8:46 PM] Ryu: They got their speech cut

[8:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They got rid of him.

[8:46 PM] Kamek: Ryu is that a French Canadian accent or European French

[8:46 PM] Ryu: european

8:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: "This job has worked 0 days without an accident."

[8:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: KoopaTV?

[8:47 PM] Ryu: is that World premiere? I didn't pay attention

[8:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: (In the past month?)

[8:47 PM] Kamek: Telltale games presents

[8:47 PM] Kamek: Fortnite?

[8:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WORLD premiere. More Geoff Keighley talking about the world.

[8:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well Epic Games is involved.

[8:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: As opposed to what, a Country Premiere?

[8:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Continent Premiere?

[8:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: So it could be Fortnite-related.

[8:48 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Town Premiere?

[8:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well there are a lot of "Japan premieres."

[8:48 PM] Kamek: ?

[8:48 PM] Ryu: That was weird

[8:48 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Join the Savage Planet"

[8:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Okay what was that?

[8:48 PM] Kamek: Le planet sauvage

[8:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Second world premiere in a row that makes no sense.

[8:48 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "New indie team at Typhoon studios"

[8:48 PM] Ryu: Also, I like how nobody clapped for Call of Duty earlier

[8:48 PM] Kamek: ^

[8:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: "It's absolutely not a Battle Royale."

[8:49 PM] Kamek: Lol

[8:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: That...probably means it is.

[8:49 PM] Kamek: 4th best...

[8:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Drop you there with absolutely no gear"

[8:49 PM] Ryu: It's Pikmin

[8:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: ^ lmao

[8:49 PM] Kamek: You will receive nothing today

[8:49 PM] Kamek: Thanks guu

[8:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Best roleplaying game.

[8:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Good category)

[8:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: >no xenoblade

[8:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Octopath Traveler got the loudest applause.

[8:50 PM] Kamek: Odd

[8:50 PM] Ryu: It's not even a RPG

[8:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Monster Hunter World got the award.

[8:50 PM] Kamek: monster hunter an RPG?

[8:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: "How's it feel?"

[8:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: At least CAPCOM accomplished something.

[8:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: silence

[8:50 PM] Kamek: They're Japanese...

[8:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "It's very great that we were able to come from Japan." When asked how they feel about winning the award.

[8:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: The translator needs a translator.

[8:51 PM] Witch Princess: Lol

[8:51 PM] Kamek: Uh oh. She's not super good at translating

[8:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I like her skirt.

[8:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: :ludwig_blush:

[8:51 PM] Witch Princess: That emoji

[8:51 PM] Kamek: Lol

[8:51 PM] Ryu: That guy is so successful with MH that he's taking care of SF now

[8:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well, that was awkward.

[8:51 PM] Kamek: We should make bingo cards

[8:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We will have great news for our fans soon."

"Like, tonight soon?" - Keighley

"Like... a few days from now."

[8:52 PM] Ryu: Will Kamek win?

[8:52 PM] RawkHawk2010: Spider-Man namedrop.

[8:52 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Keighley plugging Twitter.

[8:52 PM] RawkHawk2010: Kamek-relevant

[8:52 PM] Kamek: Spider-Man is a good game

[8:52 PM] Witch Princess: Kamek should play more of it

[8:52 PM] Kamek: Are they trying to make this more like the Oscar's?

[8:53 PM] Kamek: Trying to guess who gets what?

[8:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: (I'm not a big fan of Spider-Man in any medium.)

[8:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Or a fan at all.)

[8:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Best eSports Game"

[8:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: ...

[8:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: CS:GO, DOTA 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

[8:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Fortnite didn't win?

[8:53 PM] Kamek: Overwatch

[8:53 PM] Ryu: But no one cares about Overwatch on esport

[8:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's a list of games that make me grossed.

[8:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: How did Fortnite not win?

[8:53 PM] Kamek: They've had a huge esports thing

[8:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Best eSports Event" The Orlando Madden qualifier isn't on the list.

[8:54 PM] Kamek: Fortnite is a big deal in terms of volume

[8:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ew League of Legends.

[8:54 PM] Ryu: EVO didn't win, RIP

[8:54 PM] Kamek: But Overwatch is a big deal in PC Gaming

[8:54 PM] Ryu: not as much as all the others this year

[8:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf there's a guy named Falco

[8:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Best eSports Coach"

[8:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: dat ain't Falco

[8:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: Holy shit

[8:55 PM] Kamek: You can't just give out awards rapid fire like that can you?

[8:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: This is moon language.

The Game Awards 2018 Geoff Keighley Best eSports Moment nominations pre-show
I think we all actually tried to watch the Dragon Ball FighterZ moment at the end. EVO 2018, right?

[8:55 PM] Ryu: and?

[8:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: lol

[8:55 PM] Ryu: and?

[8:55 PM] Kamek: What's even the point

[8:55 PM] Ryu: They're getting rid of the less important ones first

[8:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: I was laughing out loud at how incomprehensible that was.

[8:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We got MORE eSports coming up in the main show!"

[8:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Another world premiere.

[8:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "I think you'll like it." - Geoff Keighley

[8:55 PM] Ryu: Stanley Parable lol

[8:56 PM] Kamek: Lol

[8:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: What the hell is this?

[8:56 PM] Kamek: This is a good narrator

[8:56 PM] Ryu: It's a funny game

[8:57 PM] Ryu: Walking simulator with 4th wall breaking narrator

[8:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: None of these trailers make any sense.

[8:57 PM] Kamek: That sounds like fun

[8:57 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The applause got cut off.

[8:57 PM] Kamek: Lol

[8:57 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Like it's pre-recorded.

[8:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Best Student Game"

[8:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: btw I wonder if Fallout 76 will get boo'd.

[8:58 PM] Kamek: ^

[8:58 PM] Kamek: That'll be interesting to see

[8:58 PM] Ryu: They seem old for students

[8:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: Nordic developers.

[8:58 PM] Kamek: It would be cool if we could throw some. Of KOOPATV games on the ballet

[8:59 PM] Ryu: all those world premieres lol

[8:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yeah we don't have a game coming out in 2018.

[8:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Yeah I'm not making it.)

[8:59 PM] Kamek: Prealpha

[8:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well I guess games still in development can win these awards.

[8:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Fortnite)

[9:00 PM] Ryu: Glad Geoff shared this with us

[9:00 PM] Kamek: It does look like Firewatch

[9:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Among Trees"

Probably some environmentalist propaganda.

[9:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: People were just either entering the audience or leaving.

[9:00 PM] Ryu: But it already started?

[9:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "This show is about bringing everyone together."

[9:00 PM] Kamek: "When I started this show"

[9:00 PM] Ryu: Metroid!

[9:00 PM] Kamek: Did he really?

[9:00 PM] Kamek: Lol what

[9:00 PM] Ryu: aha

[9:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: wtf

[9:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Please join me, in welcoming Reggie Fils-Aime, from PlayStation, Sean Layton, and from Microsoft, Phil Spencer."

[9:01 PM] Ryu: The only way they'll share the same stage


[9:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: WUT

[9:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: THAT'S NEVER HAPPENED

[9:01 PM] Kamek: He got to speak first?

[9:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: omg I took an awful pic of these three

[9:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: in b4 banjo

[9:01 PM] Kamek: Watch Reggie's hands

[9:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: (This would be way more exciting if it was just Reggie and Phil.)

The Game Awards 2018 Shawn Layden Phil Spencer Reggie Fils-Aime heads of consoles PlayStation Xbox Nintendo
Head of PlayStation, Shawn Layden. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Head of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime.
(Shawn and Phil are standing closer together than Phil and Reggie. Banjo for DLC disconfirmed?)

[9:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: (For obvious reasons.)

[9:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: PlayStation guy can't breathe.

[9:02 PM] Ryu: They seem like they're reading some text

[9:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Reggie's wearing a Ridley shirt.

[9:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Ryu

[9:02 PM] Ryu: Smash shirt for Reggie

[9:02 PM] Kamek: Reggie gets last word

[9:02 PM] Ryu: but he cannot play the game

[9:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "EVERYBODY IS HERE."

[9:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: ...

[9:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Hans Zimmer is here?

[9:03 PM] Kamek: Lol what?

[9:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Orchestra time.

[9:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Everyone really IS here.

[9:03 PM] Ryu: Theme?

[9:03 PM] Kamek: Hans Zimmer is here?

[9:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Our brand new THEME for the Game Awards."

[9:03 PM] Kamek: Jeezum

[9:03 PM] Ryu: The VGA theme

[9:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Really?

[9:03 PM] Ryu: it sounds like that epic orchestral song they used to put everywhere

[9:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: With some electronic synth for gamey good measure.

[9:03 PM] Ryu: ok, not anymore

[9:04 PM] RawkHawk2010: Sounds like the Avengers theme.

[9:04 PM] Kamek: Too much synth

[9:04 PM] RawkHawk2010: At least this part.

[9:04 PM] RawkHawk2010: Unimpressed with that.

[9:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Here's the creator of the game awards, Geoff Keighley!"

[9:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: ROFL

[9:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: applausing Geoff Keighley appearing


[9:05 PM] Kamek: Oh. I bet that this is the actual opening

[9:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "WE ARE LIVE around the world"

[9:05 PM] Ryu: take a sip of water every time they say around the world

[9:05 PM] Kamek: Lol

[9:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "He's a MEGA POPULAR YOUTUBER"

[9:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: Okay so the show's now just beginning...even though awards have already been awarded.

[9:05 PM] Ryu: Who?

[9:05 PM] Kamek: Ugh

[9:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: Does that make any sense?

[9:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No.

[9:06 PM] Ryu: RPG award wasn't important enough to be on the main show

[9:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: I like that girl.

[9:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I don't.

[9:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: She sounds like a ditz.

[9:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: :magikarp_rip:

[9:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: (There's no shame in being a ditz.)

[9:06 PM] Ryu: Detroit will win, calling this

[9:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Sumia was a ditz and she's the best character in Awakening.)

[9:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Or at least she trips a lot.)

[9:07 PM] Kamek: Meh

[9:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Awakening doesn't have good characters)

[9:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Does Spider-Man have a good narrative, Kamek?

[9:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: Red Dead Redemption.

[9:07 PM] Kamek: Whoa

[9:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: Close your eyes, Ryu.

[9:07 PM] Kamek: I never saw half that stuff

[9:07 PM] Ryu: welp

[9:07 PM] Kamek: I guess I have a long way to go still

[9:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Better keep your eyes closed, Ryu, since Red Dead Redemption 2 won.

[9:08 PM] Ryu: Narrative out of all things

[9:08 PM] Ryu: no spoil

[9:08 PM] Kamek: I have a YouTuber I'm following who's playing R2-D2 right now

[9:08 PM] Kamek: RDR2

[9:08 PM] Kamek: Dang it

[9:08 PM] Ryu: r2-d2 lol

[9:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[9:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Did spellcheck do that?

[9:08 PM] Kamek: Yeah...

[9:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "NO ONE IS GONNA SEE COMING"

[9:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Switch.

[9:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Switch snap.

[9:08 PM] Ryu: MARVEL?

[9:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: MARVEL

[9:09 PM] Ryu: oh...

[9:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: uhh is Ace Attorney

[9:09 PM] Kamek: I think Witchy's computer died

[9:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: actually gonna be here

[9:09 PM] RawkHawk2010: Guardians of the Galaxy Switch?

[9:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: If CAPCOM is in th-...

[9:09 PM] Ryu: Big oh...

[9:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh that's not Marvel vs. CAPCOM

[9:09 PM] RawkHawk2010: It's Marvel vs. Marvel.

[9:09 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought I saw Ken though.

[9:09 PM] Ryu: Better than MvCI

[9:10 PM] Kamek: What's with the big dog?

[9:10 PM] Ryu: exclusive to Switch?

[9:10 PM] Ryu: odd

[9:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order"

"Exclusively on Nintendo Switch 2019"

[9:10 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ultimate Alliance 3.

[9:10 PM] Witch Princess: My hands are burning

[9:10 PM] Witch Princess: >.>

[9:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Stop playing with your magic.

[9:10 PM] Kamek: Thanos is going to sell that game himself

[9:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This Hollywooder seems stoned.

[9:11 PM] Kamek: Ew

[9:11 PM] Kamek: Audio director is going to get fired

[9:11 PM] Kamek: What's with that microphone

[9:11 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is Nintendo publishing Ultimate Alliance 3?

[9:11 PM] Kamek: Ah they fixed it

[9:11 PM] Ryu: Marvel doesn't need a publisher :kirby_ow:

[9:12 PM] Ryu: ClayFighters!

[9:12 PM] Kamek: This isn't what I wanted from a video game award show. Everything is so stifling

[9:12 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'm perplexed by its Switch excluysivity.

[9:12 PM] Ryu: me too

[9:12 PM] RawkHawk2010: I forgot people bought baseball games.

[9:12 PM] Ryu: so what are we watching now?

[9:12 PM] Ryu: sports

[9:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: The legend, the myth, the goat.

[9:13 PM] Ryu: the goat

[9:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: Greg Thomas.

[9:13 PM] Kamek: Ugh....

[9:13 PM] Witch Princess: @Ludwig Von Koopa well now they're starting to feel better

[9:13 PM] Ryu: that suit

[9:13 PM] Ryu: doesn't fit him

[9:13 PM] Kamek: Oh god he's actually a giant

[9:13 PM] Witch Princess: Took me like 3 kinds of lotion to stop the burning

[9:14 PM] Kamek: His gain on that microphone has to be high

[9:14 PM] Kamek: He's so far away from it

[9:14 PM] Ryu: so who's this guy?

[9:14 PM] RawkHawk2010: Good question.

[9:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: If his suit was a little lighter he could be wearing Miles Edgeworth's clothes though.

[9:15 PM] Kamek: Uhhh did they block time for that.

[9:15 PM] Kamek: Jeez they're all tall

[9:15 PM] Kamek: Or Jonah hill is short

[9:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: Jonah Hill?

[9:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: The actor?

[9:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Does anyone care about this?

[9:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yeah he was the stoned guy introducing them.

[9:16 PM] Kamek: Jonah hill the actor is 5'7"

[9:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: I missed that. :kirby_ow:

[9:16 PM] Ryu: This better be followed by a good world premiere

[9:16 PM] Kamek: So this dude is tall

[9:16 PM] Kamek: I do like his suit

[9:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol at that dude not clapping.

[9:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: The way he was holding that trophy made it look like he was carrying a gun.

[9:17 PM] Kamek: Facebook gaming?

[9:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Facebook Gaming featuring GLOBAL gaming citizens with gamers around the WORLD.

[9:17 PM] Kamek: That's a thing?

[9:17 PM] Ryu: Story followed by more story

[9:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: Farmville yeah.

[9:17 PM] Kamek: Oh the Able Gamers

[9:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: uhhhhhhhh

[9:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: ......

[9:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh hey this guy probably plays Rocket League better than I do.

[9:17 PM] Ryu: He's having fun playing Rocket League

[9:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: "I'm going to die soon anyway."

[9:17 PM] Witch Princess: Is Rocket League good?

[9:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: (no)

[9:18 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: His guidance counselour told him to go home and die.

[9:18 PM] Kamek: The Able Gamers are a group of folks that help people with disabilities and handicaps play games and have fun

[9:18 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So he went home and played Rocket League.

[9:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: What if this happened to Vortex?

[9:18 PM] Ryu: "Getting back to play video games" Not sure if that's a good life goal

[9:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Rocket League DLC reveal.

[9:19 PM] Witch Princess: Vortex at TGAs?

[9:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Because that's the world premiere we need.

[9:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: Rocket League is using people at death's door to market itself?

[9:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: lol

[9:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is this car porn?

[9:19 PM] Kamek: Tesla?

McLaren 570S Rocket League car porn orange covers
Rocket League is getting the McLaren 570S as DLC, as it's revealed in a car porn way.

[9:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't understand how Rocket League is a terminal-friendly game.

[9:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: Animal Crossing yeah.

[9:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: Not this.

[9:20 PM] Kamek: Lame

[9:20 PM] Witch Princess: Speaking on animal crossing

[9:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "AVAILABLE TONIGHT"

[9:20 PM] RawkHawk2010: That whole segment was fucked up.

[9:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Coming up"

[9:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: uh

[9:20 PM] Witch Princess: Able Gamers reminds me of Able sisters

[9:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Are there commercials?

[9:20 PM] Kamek: Best performance?

[9:20 PM] Ryu: More musical performances

[9:20 PM] Witch Princess: Just by the name

[9:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yes, PlayStation commercial.

[9:20 PM] Kamek: What kind of performance?

[9:20 PM] Ryu: So, when's the Smash Bros ad?

[9:20 PM] RawkHawk2010: NOW

[9:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Wake up, wake up" "WAKE UP LINK"

[9:21 PM] Ryu: Called it

[9:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I found the Smash ad.

[9:21 PM] Ryu: (unlike detroit)

[9:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: (How did Ryu do that?)

[9:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ryu as in our Ryu.

[9:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: Not that Ryu.

[9:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Coming soon."

[9:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We're hours away!"

[9:21 PM] Kamek: HOURZ AWAY BABY

[9:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: Told you Smash would be here. :miles_eureka:

[9:21 PM] Kamek: .... What?

[9:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Exclusive action-packed clip" of a movie coming to theatres.

[9:21 PM] Ryu: A movie?

[9:22 PM] Ryu: uh...

[9:22 PM] Kamek: I'm. So confused

[9:22 PM] RawkHawk2010: Awful character design.

[9:22 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Alita Battle Angle"?

[9:22 PM] Ryu: This was a weird time to end

[9:23 PM] RawkHawk2010: Very uncanny valley with those huge eyes. Reminds me of Detective Pikachu Mr. Mime.

[9:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This is the SAG-AFTRA award.

[9:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: COMMUNISTS.

[9:23 PM] Kamek: That was the first good bit of banter all night

[9:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Trying to make scripted game jokes to seem human.

[9:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yeah Best Performance is literally the SAG-AFTRA award.

[9:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Awarding a voice actor.

[9:24 PM] Ryu: RDR2 is winning everything

[9:24 PM] RawkHawk2010: Non-union voice actors can't win?

[9:25 PM] Kamek: I've been watching R2-D2 and Arthur Morgan is a good character

[9:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: ...

[9:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...

[9:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: :robot:

[9:26 PM] Ryu: He had to record so many lines lol

[9:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought that was a Sheikah eye.

[9:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "fuck eye five"

[9:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "ended with nukes dropping on Montana"

[9:27 PM] Ryu: fuck eye?

[9:27 PM] Kamek: Hey hey hey spoilers!

[9:27 PM] Kamek: Jeez dude

[9:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We're finally bringing the first apocalypse to fuck eye"

[9:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "I'm bringing to you Fuck Eye New Dawn!"

[9:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[9:27 PM] Witch Princess: haha

[9:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Sorry for the language, folks, but that's literally how the Ubisoft guy talks.)

[9:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Also the characters in the trailer are swearing too)

[9:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is this the same Far Cry that takes place in Montana or different?

[9:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh.

[9:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: I guess new.

[9:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: I forgot the former was out.

[9:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: "LISTEN HERE, RABBIDS!"

[9:28 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Taking your helmet off isn't a good idea...?

[9:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: See now her face is all bloody.

[9:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: What's the point of wearing an armoured helmet if you're going to take it off before beating someone up?

[9:29 PM] RawkHawk2010: is this in africa? >.>

[9:29 PM] Ryu: Cuddle a pig

[9:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No it's "THE NEW NATURAL ORDER"

[9:29 PM] Ryu: Far Cry doesn't look like Far Cry anymore

[9:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Featuring thug ethnic women.

[9:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: "I led us into the new world. I thought it would be glorious. I was wrong."

[9:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: :xenoblade:

[9:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dudes in the background look like Bokoblins.

[9:31 PM] Ryu: Supergiant, interesting

[9:31 PM] Ryu: Long way from Bastion

[9:32 PM] Ryu: It's Dark Pit

[9:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dude's wielding a Monado btw.

[9:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Like, that's what it looked like.

[9:33 PM] Ryu: He looks and sounds very french canadian

[9:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Another Odyssey?

[9:33 PM] Kamek: I hear it ryu

[9:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Africa open-world game... 10 million years ago.

[9:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Everyone's game titles are including Odyssey.

[9:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: So it really is Africa?

[9:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Why not Africa open-world game set in present day?

[9:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Africa's a great place!

[9:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: in b4 Sierra Leone specifically.

[9:34 PM] Kamek: Lol

[9:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait, this is a different game, I thought they were back to Far Cry.

[9:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: lmao

[9:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're playing as an ape.

[9:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Africa over 8 million years ago.

[9:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Donkey Kong Continent?

[9:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Africa over 4 million years ago, now DK has Diddy.

[9:35 PM] Ryu: (Most Ubisoft games look the same)

[9:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: This is actually what some people thought the "Retro Studios Donkey Kong" would look like days before E3.

[9:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Africa 2.9 million years ago, now there's the DK Crew.

[9:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey"

[9:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Since they thought it was gonna be ultra realistic.

[9:35 PM] Ryu: so they showed nothing much

[9:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: 'cause everyone is putting "Odyssey" in their game names now.

[9:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Does Forza still sell?

[9:36 PM] Ryu: Probably

[9:36 PM] Ryu: It's one of the few good Xbox exclusives

[9:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Microsoft commercial.

[9:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Gaming. It's in our DNA."

[9:37 PM] Ryu: PC gamer showing Radeon graphic card(edited)

[9:37 PM] Ryu: lol

[9:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's an AMD commercial now.

[9:37 PM] Ryu: Oh, it's AMD sponsored, makes sense

[9:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Girls Make Games commercial.

[9:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Girls Make Games"

[9:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is that a retarded girl or a trans girl?

[9:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: (retarded)

[9:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: (well they could be both?)

[9:38 PM] Ryu: lol Magic

[9:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Hearthstone trailer.

[9:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yeah, no.

[9:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: *commercial

[9:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WHOOPS

[9:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Magic the Gathering commercial.

[9:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: My b

[9:38 PM] Ryu: that was fast

[9:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Here's another world premiere" - Geoff recovering from commercials

[9:39 PM] Kamek: Ugh my switch has a system update

[9:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (To show what are really more commercials)

[9:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Reminder that we still haven't seen Metroid.

[9:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Guess they're saving it for last.

[9:39 PM] Witch Princess: My Switch did too

[9:39 PM] Ryu: they're keeping the best for last

[9:39 PM] Kamek: What are we looking for?

[9:39 PM] Kamek: Rawk

[9:39 PM] Kamek: In terms of metroid

[9:39 PM] Witch Princess: Before I could get on the eShop

[9:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ryu's looking for Metroid Prime 4

[9:39 PM] Ryu: Rawk doesn't look for Metroid

[9:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'm looking for Bayonetta 3.

[9:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm looking for this misery to end.

[9:40 PM] Kamek: Don't be so sour boss

[9:40 PM] Witch Princess: I'm just saying things lol

[9:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ludwig knows he's enjoying it!

[9:40 PM] Kamek: I'm trying to do my Ultimate stuff before it's too late

[9:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: It actually hasn't been boring except for when that tall dude was there and maybe one other time.

[9:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: (So far.)

[9:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well and maybe now.

[9:40 PM] Kamek: Twitch chat is saying battle royale

[9:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: Otherwise I'd be paying more attention.

[9:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Scavengers"

[9:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Sounds like a Battle Royale-y name.

[9:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yeah it does.

[9:41 PM] Ryu: Don't listen to twitch chat lol

[9:41 PM] Witch Princess: I hate Twitch chat

[9:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "survival shooter co-opetition"

[9:41 PM] Kamek: Excuse me

[9:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: aka Battle Royale?

[9:41 PM] Kamek: What did he say lol

[9:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: I think Ludwig was right.

[9:42 PM] Kamek: The switch controllers have updates?

[9:42 PM] Witch Princess: Yeah

[9:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: ......front man from Panic at the Disco?

[9:42 PM] Kamek: What...

[9:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: They still exist?

[9:42 PM] Ryu: that's random

[9:42 PM] Kamek: I do like his voice

[9:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The guy was too busy playing Fortnite to write his own speech.

[9:42 PM] Kamek: Lol

[9:42 PM] Witch Princess: I keep hearing their song on the radio at work

[9:43 PM] Witch Princess: What was it...

[9:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ni No Kuni, dunno what that is.

[9:43 PM] Witch Princess: High Hopes

[9:43 PM] Ryu: no one clapped for Ni No Kuni

[9:43 PM] Ryu: Will RDR2 win again?

[9:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: Probably.

[9:43 PM] Witch Princess: That's a song from them

[9:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: Or as they say in Kamek land, R2-D2.

[9:44 PM] Ryu: aha

[9:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Red Dead Redemption 2 won.

[9:44 PM] Witch Princess: I swear I hear that every day at work

[9:44 PM] Ryu: yeah, that song used to play a lot

[9:44 PM] Witch Princess: It still plays a lot!

[9:45 PM] Witch Princess: I'm getting tired of it(edited)

[9:45 PM] Ryu: RDR2's music is pratically non-existent(edited)

[9:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Geoff plugging his podcast.

[9:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: I still dunno what "Celeste" is and I feel I probably should.

[9:46 PM] Ryu: It's the most popular indie game of 2018

[9:46 PM] Witch Princess: I don't know either

[9:46 PM] Witch Princess: Oh

[9:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Red Dead Redemption 2 won best audio design.

[9:46 PM] Ryu: RDR2 wins again?

[9:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Whoa.

[9:46 PM] Ryu: NOPE

[9:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Best Mobile Game"

[9:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought based on Geoff's cheeky smile RDR2 would definitely win again.

[9:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: But it lost twice in a row!

[9:47 PM] Ryu: Fornite not winning? lol

[9:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Dat poker face.

[9:47 PM] Ryu: I voted Tetris Effect

[9:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Were we nominated for Content Creator of the year?

[9:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (no)

[9:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: I saw a Tetris Effect demo at Wal-Mart.

[9:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He's talking about Warframe.

[9:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: All I know.

[9:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy

[9:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Warframe for Nintendo Switch commercial.

[9:48 PM] Witch Princess: Oh wait

[9:48 PM] Witch Princess: Where's Wendy?

[9:48 PM] Ryu: "Switch has no games"

[9:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Dinner."

[9:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: And this looks like a better free Switch game than Fortnite at least.

[9:48 PM] Kamek: Finally

[9:49 PM] Kamek: Ultimate is downloading

[9:49 PM] Witch Princess: Yay

[9:49 PM] Witch Princess: I think mine's almost done

[9:49 PM] Ryu: Lara sounds more british than before

[9:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

[9:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Uh...??

[9:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't like these sequel titles where they add something to the beginning rather than the end.

[9:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're showing an anti-vaping commercial?

[9:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: ala "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"

[9:50 PM] Ryu: anti-vaping ad?

[9:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[9:50 PM] Kamek: They probably had a required thing to show

[9:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: Quite the segue from that to this.

[9:51 PM] Kamek: I don't get it

[9:51 PM] Kamek: What is it?

[9:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: This guy's fashion sense is actually fantastic.

[9:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: dat bowtie.

The Game Awards 2018 Mathieu Cote Mat bow-tie Dead by Daylight Behaviour Digital Inc. Geoff Keighley
Mathieu Cote's bow-tie. (Alternatively, Mat Côté.)

[9:52 PM] Kamek: Bow tie was a strong choice

[9:52 PM] Kamek: It worked out though

[9:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Meanwhile, this pseudo v-neck kinda sucks.

[9:53 PM] Ryu: Canadians deliver...

[9:53 PM] Ryu: Unlike Canada Post

[9:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[9:53 PM] Kamek: Yeah I'm not digging his outfit

[9:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: For some perspective, Nintendo hasn't tweeted in 41 minutes.

[9:53 PM] Kamek: Post office in Canada sucks?

[9:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: So Nintendo's watching?

[9:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Even after Reggie left stage?

[9:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Good news.

[9:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well Bill Trinen and Doug Bowser are in the audience.

[9:54 PM] Kamek: I expected them to say something about reggie

[9:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: Anthem.

[9:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh yeah, Anthem still isn't out.

[9:54 PM] Kamek: What did reggie's Twitter say?

[9:54 PM] Ryu: They haven't given an award for the party game

[9:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: Reggie has no Twitter.

[9:54 PM] Ryu: They'll come

[9:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Best Family Game"

[9:55 PM] Witch Princess: So how long does this show last?

[9:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's the Nintendo category.

[9:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Unknown.

[9:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I wish there was a fast-forward button.

[9:55 PM] Ryu: Music

[9:55 PM] Kamek: Music

[9:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: :koopa_koot:

[9:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Orchestra back.

[9:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Doing something other than The Game Awards theme.

[9:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: Alien orchestra?

[9:56 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I forgot what The Game Awards theme sounds like)

[9:56 PM] Kamek: That's a real musical instrument?

[9:56 PM] Kamek: Lol macbook

[9:57 PM] Kamek: I just want to see the  video in the background

[9:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well that was pointless.

[9:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: These orchestra performances never actually...go anywhere.

[9:57 PM] Ryu: CTR incoming

[9:57 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf Crash Bandicoot

[9:57 PM] Kamek: .... What

[9:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: Crash Bandicoot.

[9:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: The character.

[9:57 PM] Ryu: Lol it's that costume from the old commercial

[9:57 PM] Kamek: I got a what?

[9:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: I wonder if this is canon.

[9:57 PM] Ryu: CTR!

[9:57 PM] Ryu: Crash Team Racing

[9:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: whoa

[9:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: Everyone actually wanted this.

[9:58 PM] Ryu: It's one of the best racing games, of course

[9:58 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh I thought that was DK Rabbid.

[9:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought that dog was Rabbid Kong at f-

[9:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: yeah what Ludwig said

[9:59 PM] Kamek: Cool

[9:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: If I cared about Crash that probably would have made this worth watching.

[9:59 PM] Kamek: Indeed

[9:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: I guess that'll compete with Sonic Team Racing.

[9:59 PM] Kamek: Christopher Judge looks like he sounds

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Content Creator of the year.

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Dr. Lupo"

[10:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: content creator of the year

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Myth"

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Ninja"

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: All of these are Fortnite streamers.

[10:00 PM] Ryu: Ninja will win,

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Pokimane"

[10:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: Pokimane

[10:00 PM] Ryu: unfortunately

[10:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "WillyRex"


[10:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait was that that girl I said I liked?

[10:00 PM] Kamek: "Fortnite Player of the Year"

[10:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: If so nevermind.

[10:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yes that's the girl you said you liked.

[10:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: :magikarp_rip:

[10:01 PM] Ryu: He said the thing

[10:01 PM] Witch Princess: Forkknife

[10:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "The award goes to Ninja."

[10:01 PM] Ryu: God of War voice actor lol

[10:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: Not to be confused with Team Ninja.

[10:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm tuned out. <.<

[10:05 PM] Kamek: Check out _thisź

[10:05 PM] Kamek: this

[10:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Ludwig's gonna miss Metroid.)

[10:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm still watching.

[10:05 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Just not attentively.

[10:06 PM] Kamek: Twitch chat is super distracting

[10:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: You can deactivate it.

[10:06 PM] Witch Princess: I know right

[10:06 PM] Ryu: I hid it lol

[10:06 PM] Kamek: I can't

[10:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: Why do y'all have it open?

[10:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: There's an arrow right there at the top.

[10:06 PM] Witch Princess: I hid mine

[10:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Kamek do it

[10:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: Unless you're on a phone.

[10:07 PM] Ryu: I thought this was Fortnite

[10:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: You probably are actually.

[10:07 PM] Ryu: but it's Epic Games, so yeah

[10:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: Epic Games is opening their own store by the way.

[10:07 PM] Kamek:

The Game Awards 2018 Kamek phone Twitch stream chat Discord reaction log
He was.

[10:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: To compete with Steam.

[10:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: wtf

[10:07 PM] Ryu: you can hide the chat on mobile too

[10:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I have had mine closed for a while.

[10:07 PM] Kamek: It only works in landscape

[10:07 PM] Ryu: (another canadian company)

[10:08 PM] Witch Princess: That one dude in the chat ^

[10:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Indian.

[10:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Grrrls"

[10:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well at least India's relevant now.

[10:08 PM] Ryu: Getting digidy?

[10:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait.

[10:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Pakistan?

[10:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It's Pakistan.

[10:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: Whoops!

[10:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (India's neighbour)

[10:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: She literally name-dropped Pakistan.

[10:09 PM] Kamek: Joel Mchale

[10:09 PM] Kamek: McHale

[10:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Switch.

[10:09 PM] Kamek: Why is that name familiar

[10:09 PM] RawkHawk2010: More Smash.

[10:09 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Smash commercial.

[10:09 PM] Ryu: Exciting announcement from Fortnite. Good one

[10:09 PM] Kamek: Did captain falcon trip?

[10:09 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Ludwig Von Koopa :miles_eureka:

[10:10 PM] Ryu: I should give Magic Arena another chance sometime

[10:11 PM] RawkHawk2010: This looks like that other game where some indie character is in the dark.

[10:11 PM] RawkHawk2010: Forgot what it's called.

[10:11 PM] Kamek: You know the last of us 2 hasn't had any new info released lately

[10:11 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dude looks like guy from Adventure Time.

[10:12 PM] Kamek: Why are we watching this again rawk

[10:12 PM] Ryu: oh, it's Journey?

[10:12 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Kamek games

[10:12 PM] Kamek: Wait that's Journey?

[10:12 PM] RawkHawk2010: "The Last Campfire"

[10:12 PM] Ryu: A sequel to it maybe?

[10:12 PM] Ryu: with a different title

[10:13 PM] Kamek: Omg finally

[10:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: Joel McHale.

[10:13 PM] Kamek: I adjusted like 5 settings

[10:13 PM] Ryu: lol joel mchale

[10:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: I forgot about him since the White House roast.

[10:13 PM] Kamek: And got chat to disappear

[10:13 PM] Kamek: Crap it's back...

[10:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: More Fortnite.

[10:14 PM] RawkHawk2010: Joel McHale's jokes haven't really improved.

[10:14 PM] Kamek: Crap whenever I open my keyboard twitch chat reopens

[10:14 PM] Ryu: I doubt Tokido is at the VGA

[10:15 PM] Ryu: oh no

[10:15 PM] Kamek: ....

[10:15 PM] Kamek: He's a furry?

[10:15 PM] Ryu: yes

[10:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yes.

[10:15 PM] Kamek: Oh dear...

[10:15 PM] Ryu: He will show off

[10:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: A gay black furry who brags about that distinction.

[10:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: omg accidentally screenshotted Sonicfox walking in front of Bill Trinen

The Game Awards 2018 SonicFox Best eSports player blue furry gay black audience reactions Bill Trinen
Bill Trinen seems... amused? (He's there in the audience right to the right of SonicFox.)

[10:15 PM] Kamek: .... Oh no

[10:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: Bill Trinen is there? >.>

[10:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well, okay.

[10:16 PM] Kamek: Audio director is seething

[10:16 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: dat cancer reference

[10:16 PM] Ryu: He's showing off on his 10k donation(edited)

[10:16 PM] Ryu: [weird confused faces]

[10:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: Some of the audience members are nonplussed.

[10:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yeah.

[10:17 PM] Kamek: I think he's trying to say he can make a difference

[10:17 PM] Kamek: Ugh

[10:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "I'm also super gay"

[10:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: :grimacing:

[10:17 PM] Ryu: I'm used to Sonicfox

[10:17 PM] Ryu: otherwise, I would despise this more

[10:17 PM] Kamek: What's happening...

[10:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well ummmmmmm

[10:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "I'm gay, black, a furry... pretty much everything a Republican hates... WHOO!"

[10:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: :grimacing:

[10:18 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I don't dislike Sonicfox because he's gay, black, or a furry!

[10:18 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I dislike him because he's an imbecile!

[10:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: PILLS

[10:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: PILLS HERE

[10:18 PM] Kamek: Bird :0

[10:18 PM] Kamek: Oh no

[10:18 PM] Ryu: they killed a bird

[10:18 PM] Kamek: ...

[10:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: r.i.p. bird :vul_cry:

[10:19 PM] Kamek: I have feelings

[10:19 PM] Ryu: thanks for the reminder PUBG

[10:19 PM] Kamek: Of sadness

[10:19 PM] Kamek: Oh

[10:19 PM] Kamek: Well... Nvm ?

[10:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: ew this shirt

[10:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: muted rainbow camouflage?

[10:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: looks awful

[10:20 PM] Kamek: I had to zoom in on his shirt

[10:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Nathan Drake gear and Ellie's backpack gear.

[10:20 PM] Kamek: I think this guy matches his shirt

[10:20 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Rawk are you enjoying this?

[10:21 PM] Kamek: I like him

[10:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: Hopefully it's made of canvas and not nylon.

[10:21 PM] Ryu: Weezer???

[10:21 PM] Kamek: No the guy with the shirt

[10:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Ludwig Von Koopa serviceably?

[10:21 PM] Ryu: Beverly hills....

[10:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Sounds like I should lower the volume.

[10:21 PM] Ryu: DMC song on stage

[10:21 PM] Kamek: Ooo

[10:21 PM] Kamek: Pretty

[10:21 PM] RawkHawk2010: Devil May Cry?

[10:21 PM] Kamek: Oh

[10:21 PM] Kamek: Less pretty

[10:22 PM] Ryu: yes, Devil May Cry

[10:22 PM] Kamek: I'm pretty sure this is perpetuating stereotypes

[10:22 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is this what Devil May Cry's music is like in-game?

[10:22 PM] Ryu: Only in the latest game

[10:22 PM] Ryu: but yes,

[10:22 PM] Witch Princess: I think I'm falling asleep

[10:22 PM] Ryu: they don't have lyrics much

[10:23 PM] RawkHawk2010: What did Kamek mean when he said this was perpetuating stereotypes?

[10:23 PM] Kamek: Me too

[10:23 PM] RawkHawk2010: Satanists?

[10:24 PM] Kamek: Not necessarily

[10:24 PM] Ryu: It sounds slightly better in-game

[10:24 PM] Witch Princess: G'night

[10:24 PM] RawkHawk2010: cya

[10:24 PM] Ryu: :koopa_shell:

[10:24 PM] Kamek: Although the twitch chat is perpetuating more stereotypes

[10:24 PM] Kamek: Good night

[10:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well I liked that.

[10:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Did Ryu go to sleep too?)

[10:25 PM] Kamek: Sea of thieves?

[10:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wilhelm scream.

[10:25 PM] Ryu: no

[10:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: If this is Sea of Thieves I'd be very very surprised.

[10:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: If it is, then best DLC ever.

[10:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: Guy was holding map just like a Sea of Thieves guy though.

[10:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Featuring a dragon.

[10:26 PM] Kamek: I mean it's ARK survival

[10:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "ATLAS"

[10:26 PM] Kamek: Oh

[10:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "OPEN WORLD SURVIVAL MMO"

[10:26 PM] Kamek: What

[10:26 PM] Kamek: Jeez

[10:26 PM] Kamek: What's even happening anymore

[10:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: We'd all play that before Sea of Thieves right?

[10:26 PM] Ryu: "What exactly that was?"

[10:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "For 40,000 concurrent players in the same environment."

[10:26 PM] Kamek: Sheesh

[10:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So how big is their development team?

[10:27 PM] Kamek: ?

[10:27 PM] Kamek: Game preview program...

[10:28 PM] Ryu: I voted for Dead Cells too

[10:28 PM] Ryu: RDR2 performance...?

[10:28 PM] Kamek: That'll be cool

[10:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: Epic Games store commercial.

[10:28 PM] Kamek: R2-D2 has good music

[10:29 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Kamek typing RDR2 as R2-D2 is undoubtedly a meme at this point.)

[10:30 PM] Kamek: Was this whole thing an ad for a game store?

[10:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: yes

[10:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: To be fair, Steam's only possible competition ever.

[10:31 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: Terry Crews.

[10:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: Crackdown?

[10:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: Can't see how it could be anything else.

[10:31 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: ESL community?

[10:31 PM] Kamek: Terry Crews is always a good time

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Fun for us as a race?"

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Are they talking about English Second Lang-

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: "ESO"

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Elder Scrolls Online

[10:32 PM] Kamek: ...

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Not English Second Language

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Was wondering what the hell they were talking about.

[10:32 PM] Kamek: Yoku's Island exprèss?

[10:32 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: rip Yoku's Island Express

[10:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yoku's Island Express lost.

[10:33 PM] Kamek: Isn't that the dung beetle guy?

[10:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: yea

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Ya.

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They retweeted us.

[10:33 PM] Ryu: Two people cheered for SFV

[10:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh hey Dragon Ball FighterZ won.

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Dragon Ball FighterZ won best fighters.

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: BEST FAMILY GAME

[10:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh shit.

[10:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: LOL

[10:33 PM] Ryu: wtf

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: PHEW

[10:33 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: LABO LOST

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: GOOD

[10:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WAS WORRIED

[10:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Poor Nintendo.

[10:33 PM] Kamek: Indeed

[10:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Aces and Party couldn't win either.

[10:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Overcooked 2.

[10:34 PM] Kamek: World premiere

[10:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: BioWare.

[10:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Anticipating something bad. :x

[10:34 PM] Kamek: I'm getting sleepy

[10:34 PM] Kamek: This reminds me of the time we did the olympics

[10:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I want to get some milk.

[10:34 PM] Kamek: ... Do you drink straight milk?

[10:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Might wanna get it now.

[10:35 PM] Kamek: Or flavor it?

[10:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: As opposed to homo milk?

[10:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh, straight milk.

[10:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf Pepe

[10:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: "He's a mega popular streamer and a mega popular schemer."

[10:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The frog?

[10:35 PM] Ryu: mega popular scammer

[10:35 PM] Kamek: Lol what the...

[10:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: "shelfie"

[10:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Pepe the crustacean.

[10:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Has Splatoon used that pun before?

[10:35 PM] Kamek: Don't be racist Ninja

[10:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Forkknife meme.

[10:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Bleh.

[10:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Not clever.

[10:36 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Reminder that Fortnite even references "Forkknife" in-game.

[10:36 PM] Ryu: batteries joke

[10:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: It's on the side of a food truck.

[10:36 PM] Kamek: This puppet his more personality than everyone else that's presented anything

[10:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: Including Crash.

[10:37 PM] Kamek: Correct

[10:37 PM] Ryu: wait, didn't they already show that

[10:37 PM] Kamek: That's an iPhone 6s plus

[10:38 PM] Kamek: Aw celeste won

[10:38 PM] Kamek: That's cool

[10:38 PM] Kamek: They're à motley crew aren't they

[10:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is it just me or does that one guy look like Titanic-era Leonardo DeCaprio?

[10:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (How many parents does he have?)

[10:39 PM] Ryu: Hipster crew

[10:39 PM] Kamek: The girl on the right has nice glasses

[10:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "I'm at a loss of things to say." He wrote several paragraphs on his notecard.

[10:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: There's no one there with even remotely the same appearance.

[10:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: I guess that's kinda impressive.

[10:39 PM] Kamek: Aw

[10:39 PM] Ryu: I'm not even exagerating

[10:39 PM] Kamek: See that's how you give a good speech

[10:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: They're all at opposite poles of the spectrum except for all being white.

[10:40 PM] Kamek: ABZÜ

[10:40 PM] Kamek: Was a beautiful game

[10:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: eagle

[10:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: is this an endless runner

[10:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: guess not

[10:41 PM] Kamek: This is the first thing I've been interested in in like an hour

[10:41 PM] Kamek: It looks awesome

[10:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We got a Muppet on the show finally so I'm personally happy." - Keighley

[10:41 PM] Kamek: Muppets are cool

[10:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We are trending number one WORLDwide on Twitter!"

[10:42 PM] Kamek: Crap where's my water

[10:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: pixels

[10:42 PM] Kamek: Aw

[10:42 PM] Kamek: Ew

[10:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: first time i've seen pixels all night

[10:42 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:42 PM] Kamek: What

[10:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: VAPING

[10:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf more anti-vaping

[10:44 PM] Kamek: I guess she likes tomb raider

[10:44 PM] Ryu: Anti-vaping ad again

[10:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't like her room at all.

[10:44 PM] Ryu: (she probably smokes)

[10:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I don't like her.

[10:44 PM] Kamek: It looks like she's moving

[10:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I don't like anti-vaping ads.

[10:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't like anti-anything ads.

[10:44 PM] Kamek: I don't mind them

[10:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wot the hell is this commercial?

The Game Awards 2018 commercial Magic the Gathering twin brothers friends
Your twin brothers' friends, who are also twins.

[10:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: gooooooood question

[10:45 PM] Kamek: Magic the Gathering Esports

[10:45 PM] Kamek: Huh

[10:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Magic the Gathering.

[10:45 PM] Kamek: Neat

[10:45 PM] Ryu: they got richard garfield in the ad lol

[10:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Elaine Chase eSports and competitive gaming programme.

[10:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: 10 million dollars in prize money.

[10:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: btw anti-smoking ads always make the smokers look "cool" so I never understood the point.

[10:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is Magic still a thing?

[10:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: :funky_cigarette:

[10:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I thought that was a '90s thing.

[10:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Magic is definitely still a thing.

[10:46 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: But I guess that's what people think about, like, Pokémon.

[10:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Magic is the Super Smash Bros. Melee of TCGs.

[10:46 PM] Kamek: Hour and 15 minutes to smash

[10:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: Kamek you wanna play?

[10:47 PM] Kamek: Maybe. I'm pretty sleepy

[10:47 PM] Kamek: I meant that I have an hour and 15 minutes to finish downloading

[10:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: oh

[10:47 PM] Ryu: but unlike Melee, Magic gets updated

[10:47 PM] Kamek: It just so happens to be when the game releases lll

[10:47 PM] Ryu: This song is probably a spoiler

[10:47 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:47 PM] Ryu: damn

[10:47 PM] Kamek: I doubt the music is a spoiler

[10:47 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Well it's tiiiiiiiiime to rest. ♫" - singer on The Game Awards telling us to stop watching and end the log

[10:47 PM] RawkHawk2010: This is awful.

[10:47 PM] Kamek: This is also not the music I expected

[10:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: This isn't Lifelight.

[10:48 PM] Kamek: ...

[10:48 PM] Ryu: I'm muting it anyway

[10:48 PM] Kamek: Banjo

[10:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Actually it got better.

[10:48 PM] Kamek: How do we feel about the banjo

[10:48 PM] Ryu: the instrument?

[10:48 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'd rather have a guy in a Banjo suit than a Crash one.

[10:48 PM] Kamek: Yes

[10:49 PM] Kamek: Oooo

[10:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: That reminded me of She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes.

[10:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Nintendo tweeted to celebrate Celeste.

[10:49 PM] Kamek: That's cool

[10:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And Overcooked 2.

[10:49 PM] Kamek: I wish I knew what celeste was about

[10:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'll probably investigate it in a few weeks.

[10:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: Herman Cain.
[10:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yo just because he's an old black guy doesn't make him Herman Cain.

[10:50 PM] Kamek: This is

[10:50 PM] Kamek: Not good

[10:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: But he's singing too!

[10:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Though I guess you interviewed him personally so you'd know better than me)

[10:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: @Kamek ehhhh it could be worse.

[10:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: ...

[10:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Could be what they had at VGX 2013.

[10:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Loiter Squad or wotever.

[10:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: lol

[10:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: I miss Run the Jewels.

[10:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: Okay this is going on for way too long.

[10:51 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: Someone stop them.

[10:52 PM] Kamek: Herman Cain was really getting into it man

[10:52 PM] RawkHawk2010: If it wasn't the same ten words over and over it might be different.

[10:52 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "YEAAAAAH!"

[10:52 PM] Ryu: ok, it's over.

[10:52 PM] RawkHawk2010: "That was absolutely beautiful." -Geoff

[10:53 PM] Kamek: I'm not familiar with that song

[10:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Hawkins, Indiana

[10:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Take a trip back to Hawkins Indiana"

[10:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Stranger Things?

[10:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is this Stranger T

[10:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: yeah

[10:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: This isn't game-related.

[10:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: It could be a game.

[10:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yeah

[10:53 PM] Kamek: What is stranger things about again?

[10:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Stranger Things: The Game

[10:53 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're welcoming the creators.

[10:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Advertising "Nintendo" for Christmas.

[10:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're one of THOSE people.

[10:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: My mom watches Stranger Things, or did.

[10:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: I never have.

[10:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Who call the NES a "Nintendo"

[10:54 PM] Kamek: Many people

[10:54 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Their whole series is supposed to be about authenticity to the 1980s.

[10:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: This isn't what I expected.

[10:55 PM] Kamek: Huh

[10:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought it'd look like a Telltale thing.

[10:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I guess this one is now in the 1990s.

[10:55 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:55 PM] Ryu: ok, I guess

[10:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Was there a Stranger Things 2 The Game?

[10:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: I didn't know there was a Stranger Things 1: The Game.

[10:56 PM] Kamek: I dunno

[10:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: I didn't know Ultimate Alliance was a series either.

[10:56 PM] Ryu: Mortal Kombat 11 trailer incoming?

[10:56 PM] Kamek: Ed

[10:56 PM] Kamek: He has killer eyebrows

[10:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: This dude's eyebrows are monolithic.

[10:56 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Best Sports/Racing Game"

[10:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: Those shouldn't be one category.

[10:56 PM] Kamek: Creator of worlds best fighting games

[10:57 PM] Kamek: Introduces sports and racing

[10:57 PM] Ryu: there it is

[10:57 PM] Kamek: Wait what

[10:57 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Aren't they supposed to announce the nominees?

[10:57 PM] Kamek: I thought he was presenting awards

[10:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: Sub-Zero?

[10:57 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Why is there a Mortal Kombat trailer?

[10:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: LOL

[10:57 PM] Ryu: that song lol

[10:57 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: With a bad rapper.

[10:57 PM] Kamek: Lol what

[10:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is that Kendrick Lamar?

[10:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Being serious.)

[10:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: They really should have used the Mortal Kombat theme.

[10:58 PM] Ryu: Evil Raiden lol

[10:58 PM] RawkHawk2010: This rap is bad by every standard imaginable.

[10:59 PM] Kamek: Global launch

[10:59 PM] Kamek: Lol

[10:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait.

[10:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: Was that a joke?

[10:59 PM] Kamek: That's what I thought

[10:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: They really played a Mortal Kombat 11 trailer by accident?

[10:59 PM] Kamek: Yup

[10:59 PM] Ryu: Nintendo's last chance

[10:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: :pikachu_laugh:

[11:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Forza Horizon 4 won.

[11:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: Mario Tennis Aces loses twice.

[11:00 PM] Kamek: Award goes to Mortal Kombat 11

[11:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ultimate in an hour.

[11:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: This better be over by then.

[11:01 PM] Ryu: Psychonauts 2 again?

[11:01 PM] Ryu: At least, it didn't become vaporware

[11:01 PM] Kamek: What is that

[11:01 PM] Kamek: Who is that

[11:01 PM] Ryu: A pretty good game

[11:01 PM] Kamek: That voice actor

[11:02 PM] Kamek: The kid

[11:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Was Psychonauts an Xbox-exclusive?

[11:02 PM] Ryu: yeah

[11:02 PM] Kamek: Is that Billy from Billy and Mandy

[11:02 PM] Ryu: then it got on pc

[11:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Rail-grinding.

[11:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well, rail-grinding is always good.

[11:03 PM] Kamek: Honey pepper bacon sounds good

[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Phil.

[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Banjo cometh?

[11:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Your new buddies, Reggie and Phil. ...Sean."

[11:03 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:03 PM] Kamek: ... Sean

[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Phil was just at Rare a few days ago.

[11:03 PM] Kamek: ?

[11:03 PM] Kamek: Why.

[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dunno.

[11:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: to "talk"

[11:04 PM] RawkHawk2010: After this is over go back and see if Reggie and Phil were standing closer to each other than Phil and Sean.

[11:04 PM] RawkHawk2010: If so, symbolic.

[11:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: Phil's mannerisms are suspiciously fluid.

[11:05 PM] RawkHawk2010: Something's up.

[11:06 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Devil May Cry demo coming tomorrow.

[11:06 PM] Kamek: Phil is a really good public speaker

[11:06 PM] RawkHawk2010: r.i.p. banjo

[11:07 PM] Kamek: ... Can we have Josef back?

[11:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is Dante still active in the GameFAQs Character Battle?

[11:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He was out a LOOONG time ago.

[11:07 PM] Kamek: Ryu was write

[11:07 PM] Kamek: Right*

[11:07 PM] Kamek: The devil trigger song sounded goos

[11:07 PM] RawkHawk2010: Uganda Refugee Camp commercial.

[11:07 PM] Kamek: Good*

[11:07 PM] Kamek: Man my brain functions are leaving

[11:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:

Poll of the Day - Division 1 Semifinal: Dante vs. Ganondorf - GameFAQs

Poll of the Day - Division 1 Semifinal: Dante vs. Ganondorf on GameFAQs

[11:07 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He lost to Ganondorf.

[11:08 PM] Ryu: Around the World

[11:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: At first I thought this was gonna be political.

[11:08 PM] Kamek: Aw

[11:08 PM] Kamek: That made me feel good

[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Fortnite World Premiere"

[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yeah, no.

[11:08 PM] Ryu: Changes on Fortnite lol

[11:08 PM] RawkHawk2010: As in we needed to start taking in more Ugandan refugees or something.

[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Orchestra next?

[11:08 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is this going to end before 12?

[11:09 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought they said Fortnite Orchestra.

[11:09 PM] Kamek: Oh look it's Just Cause 4

[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Rayman?

[11:10 PM] Ryu: PS1 classics

[11:10 PM] Kamek: Ad for classics

[11:10 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Not Actual Gameplay"

[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh, PlayStation Classic.

[11:10 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Celeste composer and member of the Game Awards Orchestra.

[11:10 PM] Ryu: um...

[11:10 PM] Kamek: Oh dear

[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is this a trnas?

[11:10 PM] RawkHawk2010: I don't think this is a real girl.

[11:10 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: *trans?

[11:11 PM] Kamek: Maybe she's sick

[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: LOL

[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yeah, mentally.

[11:11 PM] Kamek: That's not nice boss

[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I suppose you still like the glasses independent of their wearer.)

[11:11 PM] RawkHawk2010: Was she trying to look like 2B?

[11:11 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well the Celeste award accepter literally said Celeste was about mental illness.

[11:11 PM] Kamek: These are all good games

[11:12 PM] RawkHawk2010: What is that around her neck?

[11:12 PM] RawkHawk2010: It looks like it could be closing off her esophagus.

[11:12 PM] Ryu: I didn't see, but probably a choker

[11:12 PM] Kamek: Ah

[11:12 PM] Kamek: Yeah it looks like a choker

[11:13 PM] Kamek: "Faith you foolishly placed in me"

[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He keeps blaming a "son of a bitch"

[11:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Choker? I barely know her!"(edited)

[11:13 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: and then proceeds to thank his son.

[11:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: David Jaffe.

[11:13 PM] Kamek: ?

[11:13 PM] Kamek: Who's that

[11:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: Didn't he get MeToo'd?

[11:13 PM] RawkHawk2010: Or he did something politically incorrect.

[11:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: #YesAllGames

[11:14 PM] Kamek: Aw

[11:14 PM] Kamek: That was also a good speech

[11:14 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So wot am I watching now?

[11:14 PM] RawkHawk2010: A nutcracker.

[11:14 PM] Kamek: Uhhhh

[11:15 PM] Kamek: Something awful is going -

[11:15 PM] Kamek: To happen

[11:15 PM] Ryu: Fortnite

[11:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I thought that was Link.

[11:15 PM] Kamek: Ugh really

[11:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: This reminds me of when Jimmy Fallon first got his own show and he did that awful nutcracker joke.

[11:15 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: But it's Fortnite Season 7.

[11:15 PM] Ryu: Was that the announcement?

[11:15 PM] Kamek: Santa plays fortnite

[11:15 PM] RawkHawk2010: Donald Mustard?

[11:15 PM] Kamek: ... Donald

[11:15 PM] Kamek: Mustard

[11:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'mjnegwtywfgt6wfgw

[11:16 PM] Kamek: He looks like Brushel

[11:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING

[11:16 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: From Apollo Justice?

[11:16 PM] Kamek: Yeah

[11:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: "Donald Mustard"

[11:16 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'm laughing hysterically.

The Game Awards Donald Mustard Epic Games Fortnite Spark Brushel Ace Attorney
Donald Mustard of Epic Games, aka Spark Brushel.

[11:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: How is that someone's name?

[11:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Who knew that Rawk would enjoy the Fortnite segment the most.

[11:17 PM] Kamek:

[11:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: LOL

[11:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Don't worry I screenshotted Mr. Mustard)

[11:17 PM] RawkHawk2010: yay

[11:17 PM] Kamek: Thank you.

[11:17 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (While his name was on the screen)

[11:18 PM] Kamek: This one is better

[11:18 PM] Kamek:

[11:18 PM] Kamek: He completely ignored that prompt

[11:18 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:

Not Even Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney, Can Defend This FAKE NEWS

Spark Brushel of CNN and/or Nintendo are spreading FAKE NEWS about the 3DS port of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. See what President Donald Trump is doing about it!

[11:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: Donald...Mustard's cheeks are even pronounced.

[11:18 PM] RawkHawk2010: One has a bump on it.

[11:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The Block.

[11:19 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: As opposed to THE WALL?

[11:19 PM] Kamek: The block...

[11:19 PM] Kamek: Rage 2?

[11:19 PM] RawkHawk2010: This music reminds me of

[11:19 PM] Kamek: What kind of game is this

[11:20 PM] RawkHawk2010: Reminds me of Chance the Rapper from that one Childish Gambino song.

[11:20 PM] RawkHawk2010: Erm, Danny Brown

[11:20 PM] RawkHawk2010:

[11:20 PM] Kamek: Wilhelm again

[11:21 PM] Kamek: I'm so lost....

[11:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "ain't it funny how it happens?" no

[11:21 PM] Kamek: Ooo

[11:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Whoops, PlayStation guy's name is Shawn Layden.

[11:21 PM] Kamek: That's a terrible line

[11:21 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Anti-vaping commercial back.

[11:22 PM] RawkHawk2010: As opposed to Shawn Layton?

[11:22 PM] Kamek: "Will these two games win? Or will some other game win?"

[11:22 PM] RawkHawk2010: Did they directly afterwards show an ESRB rating for tobacco use?

[11:22 PM] RawkHawk2010: After an anti-vaping ad?

[11:22 PM] RawkHawk2010: Chocobo.

[11:22 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh hey Kefka was there.

[11:23 PM] Kamek: Kefka is significant

[11:23 PM] Kamek: But I don't know why

[11:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Switch snap.

[11:23 PM] RawkHawk2010: Nikki

[11:23 PM] Ryu: not me

[11:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "And the winner is... EVERYONE!"

[11:23 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's a bad message.

[11:24 PM] RawkHawk2010: Okay there's no way this thing can extend past 12:00 when Smash coming in a matter of hours is a theme of the Awards.

[11:24 PM] RawkHawk2010: That won't make any sense.

[11:24 PM] Kamek: This is only being streamed right

[11:24 PM] RawkHawk2010: Also this isn't even the weekend.

[11:24 PM] RawkHawk2010: This is Thursday. >.>

[11:24 PM] Kamek: This is nowhere on TV

[11:24 PM] Kamek: Right?

[11:24 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Remember G4TV?

[11:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: It's almost surely on Spike.

[11:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: I assume Spike still hosts this and is still a channel?(edited)

[11:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No clue.

[11:25 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:25 PM] Kamek: G4 TV

[11:25 PM] Ryu: They stopped filming Avengers for this

[11:25 PM] Kamek: Are they even a thing anymore?

[11:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is that the guy who plays the Hulk?

[11:25 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No.

[11:25 PM] Kamek: Lol no rawk

[11:25 PM] Ryu: no, it's the director duo

[11:25 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh lol.

[11:26 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought the guy on the left was Ruffalo or whoever.

[11:26 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:26 PM] Kamek: That was a good joke

[11:26 PM] Kamek: Fortnite wins this one

[11:26 PM] Kamek: Guarantee it

[11:26 PM] Kamek: Overwatch.... Oooo

[11:26 PM] Kamek: I don't know

[11:26 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Best Ongoing Game"

Overwatch, Fortnite, No Man's Sky, Destiny 2, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

[11:27 PM] Kamek: Fortnite or Overwatch

[11:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: I would pin "Guarantee It" but can't

[11:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And it goes to...

[11:27 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh

[11:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...Fortnite.

[11:27 PM] Kamek: Yup

[11:27 PM] Ryu: he didn't seem happy about it

[11:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: booo

[11:27 PM] Kamek: Thanks Brushel

[11:27 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Fortnite is "the best multiplayer game."

[11:27 PM] Kamek: Why is he hugging the Russo brothers

[11:27 PM] Ryu: They got Thanos in Fortnite. Makes sense(edited)

[11:27 PM] Kamek: Oh yeah

[11:27 PM] Kamek: I forgot about that

[11:28 PM] Kamek: Good point ryu

[11:28 PM] RawkHawk2010: I never would have thought to compare Donald Mustard™ to Brushel but it's so true.

[11:29 PM] RawkHawk2010: His posture is weird af.

[11:29 PM] Kamek: His passion is humbling

[11:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Games are older than I am.

[11:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So his speech doesn't... you know...

[11:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...Strike a chord with me.

[11:29 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It doesn't RESONATE.

[11:29 PM] Kamek: The solidarity that's shown is impressive throughout this whole show

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: Donald Mustard stands with his legs as together as possible.

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Geoff lost the lights.

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: Metroid?

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: Oh.

[11:30 PM] Kamek: Did they play the you're going too long music

[11:30 PM] Ryu: Persona

[11:30 PM] Ryu: ok

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Swit-...

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: no

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: I thought the red screen was gonna be Switch.

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RED BACKGROUND

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: BUT NO SWITCH SNAP

[11:30 PM] Kamek: Whoa whoa whoa

[11:30 PM] Kamek: You can't say that

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Persona?

[11:30 PM] Ryu: yes

[11:30 PM] Kamek: Joker infiltrates the theater

[11:30 PM] Ryu: In Smash

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: Itejiehnukhuyweghuyw

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WTF

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: WHAT

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: THE

[11:30 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: SUPER SMASH BROS

[11:30 PM] RawkHawk2010: FUCK

[11:30 PM] Ryu: That's not Jack Frost

[11:31 PM] Kamek: Wut

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RYU IS YOUR STREAM AHEAD

[11:31 PM] Kamek: What

[11:31 PM] Kamek: WHAT?

[11:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: HOW?

[11:31 PM] Ryu: ahaha

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WH

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: WHY

[11:31 PM] Kamek: No

[11:31 PM] Ryu: Persona 5 isn't even on Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Persona 5 Joker Challenger Pass Ren Amamiya
As of writing, no Persona 5 information is available on the Super Smash Bros. website.

[11:31 PM] Kamek: That doesn't make sense

[11:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: Joker?

[11:31 PM] RawkHawk2010: Who is Joker?

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Challenger Pack 1: JOKER from Persona 1

[11:31 PM] Ryu: Joker is the main character

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'M NOT BUYING THE FIGHTER PASS

[11:31 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Now Atlus is in the copyright section.

[11:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: You hate Persona that much?


[11:32 PM] Kamek: I almost bought the fighter pass

[11:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: Persona means PERSONA MUSIC

[11:32 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "OH REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE"

[11:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: I WANT PERSONA MUSIC

[11:32 PM] Kamek: Reggie is so awkward

[11:32 PM] Ryu: Persona music will be interesting

[11:32 PM] Ryu: But is he announcing Persona 5 on Switch?

[11:32 PM] RawkHawk2010: (Also I fucking told you Smash would "be here.")

[11:33 PM] Ryu: They don't have a single Persona game on Nintendo consoles

[11:33 PM] Ryu: Where's JACK FROST?

[11:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: (I didn't expect this pre-Piranha Plant though.)

[11:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So the DLC characters are all random third parties?

[11:33 PM] Ryu: (I called an Atlus rep, but not a Persona one)

[11:33 PM] Kamek: Why are you so preoccupied with Jack frost?

[11:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: I assume all five people will be third-parties.

[11:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: DOES ACE ATTORNEY COUNT

[11:33 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AS UNEXPECTED

[11:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dude!

[11:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: Phoenix Wright could be there!

[11:33 PM] RawkHawk2010: He really could!

[11:33 PM] Kamek: Oh dear

[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "You know you needed a really good show for me to be HERE right before the launch..." - Reggie

[11:34 PM] Kamek: Aw

[11:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Persona has admittedly been on 3DS.

[11:34 PM] Kamek: He's been there every year

[11:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Persona Q.

[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "A little something for Super Smash Bros."

[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ORCHESTRA

[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AHHHHHH

[11:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Lifelight.

[11:34 PM] Kamek: Smash orchestra?

[11:34 PM] Kamek: Ooo

[11:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wobbling Violin girl.

[11:34 PM] Ryu: Oh yeah, Persona Q2 is coming

[11:34 PM] RawkHawk2010: Actual good music!

The Game Awards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate theme orchestra 2018 Palutena Dark Pit
Now the orchestra is doing good things.

[11:34 PM] Kamek: Is that really Lindsey Stirling?

[11:35 PM] Ryu: But where's JACK FROST?

[11:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is Hans Zimmer doing this too?

[11:35 PM] Kamek: Who is the drummer

[11:35 PM] Kamek: His beard is great

[11:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Whooooo.

[11:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Still didn't make this three hour log worth it)

[11:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Commercial?

[11:36 PM] Kamek: Agreed

[11:36 PM] Kamek: It's red dead

[11:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: For Red Dead Redemption?

[11:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well that's a bad transition.

[11:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: We still haven't seen Metroid.

[11:36 PM] Kamek: R2-D2 's music

[11:36 PM] Kamek: I like it

[11:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Who is Joker?

[11:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Was he in previous ones?

[11:36 PM] Ryu: Persona 5 MC

[11:36 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He was in the GameFAQs tournament.

[11:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: SWITCH SNAP

[11:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: Bayonetta 3

[11:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait nah

[11:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: Diablo

[11:37 PM] Kamek: Boss are you playing ultimate tonight?

[11:37 PM] Ryu: It's that Diablo game that upset everyone

[11:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa:

Poll of the Day - Division 6 Round 1: Joker vs. Claire - GameFAQs

Poll of the Day - Division 6 Round 1: Joker vs. Claire on GameFAQs

[11:37 PM] Ryu: oh, it's Diablo 3 nvm

[11:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No I need to wait for it to arrive via Amazon.

[11:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (I voted for Claire)

[11:38 PM] Ryu: french canadian accent

[11:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: The Persona trailer was wasted in that they didn't wait until it could include gameplay.

[11:38 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:38 PM] Kamek: Thanks ryu

[11:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RYU

[11:38 PM] Kamek: "Covers you in a sound blanket"


[11:38 PM] Ryu: Joker will probably play like a mix of Bayonetta and Robin

[11:38 PM] Kamek: How early did he know it

[11:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Before the Smash logo appeared.

[11:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Back when it was Persona dude on a red background.

[11:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Has a Smash character ever gotten a trailer not containing gameplay?(edited)

[11:39 PM] Kamek: This again?

[11:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Uh...what? Every single one.

[11:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh.

[11:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Edited.

[11:39 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:39 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No.

[11:39 PM] Ryu: all rumors are real... Only Metroid is missing

[11:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Final Award.

[11:39 PM] Kamek: Oh look Jeff is here

[11:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: Metroid will have to cap the Awards off.

[11:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well Rawk was right that Smash would have a presence.

[11:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: :miles_eureka:

[11:40 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: But you also said Bayonetta 3 would be here.

[11:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: Bayonetta's at least in Smash.

[11:40 PM] Ryu: why an orchestra for this? lol

[11:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Is this The Game Awards theme?

[11:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: presumably

[11:41 PM] Ryu: no

[11:41 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (Again I forgot what it sounded like)

[11:41 PM] Kamek: I think it would be cool if developer had someone playing an instrument

[11:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: Unless it's a melody of Awards winner themes.

[11:42 PM] Kamek: Ew

[11:42 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (It kinda is)

[11:42 PM] Kamek: Did you hear that drum

[11:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: I still don't know why the Video Game Awards have a theme.

[11:42 PM] Kamek: It's like everything is compressed

[11:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: Why does the drummer look like Si Robertson?

[11:43 PM] Kamek: From duck tales

[11:43 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The Game Awards don't know how to leitmotif their own theme.

[11:43 PM] Kamek: Duck

[11:43 PM] Kamek: Dynasty

[11:43 PM] Kamek: My bad

[11:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: rofl

[11:43 PM] Ryu: whoa

[11:43 PM] RawkHawk2010: Getting Duck Tales confused with Duck Dynasty is amazing.

[11:44 PM] Kamek: What did he say

[11:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Game of the year goes to

[11:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: wtf

[11:44 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: god of War

[11:44 PM] Kamek: What really?

[11:44 PM] Ryu: It was either that or RDR2, meh

[11:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: Dude for like two notes I thought that was the City Trial theme.

[11:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: Tell me I'm not alone.

[11:44 PM] Kamek: I wasn't listening

[11:44 PM] Kamek: God of War beat R2-D2?

[11:44 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait God of War is GotY?

[11:44 PM] Ryu: I called an Atlus rep, but it went wrong. where's jack frost? :kirby_ow:

[11:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Joker isn't on the Smash website yet.

[11:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: Jack Frost...didn't get jack.

[11:45 PM] Kamek: Ryu I'm confused

[11:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: :funky_cigarette:

[11:45 PM] Ryu: Jack Frost is the mascot of Atlus lol

[11:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Even though the trailer said to check out for more information.

[11:45 PM] Kamek: Oh

[11:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Was Jack Frost in Snowboard Kids 2?

[11:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: It seems like the kind of thing he should've been in.

[11:46 PM] Kamek: I want Christopher Judge to say something again

[11:46 PM] Ryu: he was in the ds game according to wiki

[11:47 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:47 PM] Ryu: more important question, where's Metroid?

[11:47 PM] Kamek: Magic

[11:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait.

[11:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait for the "Oh, and one more thing."

[11:48 PM] Kamek: Welp

[11:48 PM] Kamek: Orchestra again

[11:48 PM] Kamek: Where's the synth again?

[11:48 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Metroid was obviously FAKE NEWS.

[11:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And you people should've followed my lead and not believe in the FAKE NEWS.

[11:49 PM] Kamek: Ryu's 6th sense for persona was rather alarming

[11:49 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Done.

[11:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: You should've followed my lead and not subscribe to pessimism because that wasn't that bad.

[11:50 PM] Kamek: ....

[11:50 PM] Kamek: Meh

[11:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It was bad.

[11:50 PM] Kamek: It wasn't good

[11:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Bad use of 200 minutes.

[11:50 PM] Kamek: But I won't say it was bad

[11:50 PM] Ryu: I didn't call Persona. I recognized it when it was on screen

[11:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: Ryu your thoughts?

[11:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Witchy literally burned herself to sleep watching it.

[11:50 PM] Kamek: Lol

[11:50 PM] Ryu: Where's Jack Frost and Metroid?

[11:50 PM] Kamek: Sigh

[11:51 PM] Ryu: But I wanted to watch this for Metroid honestly

[11:51 PM] Ryu: I didn't get it

[11:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: I think it was good for the purpose of general knowledge.

[11:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: And dude

[11:51 PM] Kamek: I think it bringing the bosses of the big three on stage at once was cool

[11:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: General knowledge told me that the only thing people care about is Fortnite.

[11:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: Donald Mustard aka Brushel.

[11:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Which is pretty demoralising.

[11:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: You know it was worth it for Donald Mustard aka Brushel.

[11:51 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: no

Rawk was going to write the introduction and the footer, but since The Game Awards ended pretty much at midnight, he'd rather be off to the Nintendo eShop to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate instead of finish what he started. Dude wants the credit for the article, though. What a jerk. (Ludwig ghost-wrote this except for the first two sentences.)

Here are KoopaTV's reactions to The Game Awards 2017. Yup, we do this every year.
KoopaTV reacts to The Game Awards 2019, packed with significant contempt.
Next time there's a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character announcement at The Game Awards, it's 2020.



    I remember back with SSB4 I used to buy every DLC for the Wii U version thinking it would be useful if I ever had guests who played Smash around to have all characters available as well as have a fully complete game. I did not buy any more DLC for it after the Lucas, Ryu and Roy set and Pirate Ship stage because I simply lost all motivation to support characters I personally myself do not care about. I had to let myself be reassured that I do not have to get everyone and that is okay. All i know about Persona is the game exists and they have a flashy menu screen. Still not a big issue for me as long as it isn't the forbidden character if I do get the Pass. Thankfully DLC characters can be purchased separately if there is a DLC character I do want. The main worry about the forbidden character is that even if I do not purchase him I still have to fight a bajillion of him online and deal with the annoying victory screen if said character wins.

    Maybe I should be Team Villains for Splatfest because the forbidden character is on Team Heroes.

    1. For SSB For Wii U I bought all the stage DLC because, hey, stages are nice, but yeah, I only ended up with Mewtwo, Ryu, Cloud, and Bayonetta. (And only played with Cloud.)

      For guests, not that I anticipate having them, I'll institute a "bring your own controller and DLC purchase" rule. Ahahaha.
      (And if someone on the KoopaTV staff wants to use a DLC character and we're having a Smashfest at HQ, we'll use their copy of the game.)

      Just wait for the Splatfest article next week...!
      (ETA: Tuesday night.)

  2. Joker is the announcer of Smash Bros., Xander Mobus.

    1. Yeah, post-log I uncovered that factoid...

      [12:45 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Apparently Xander Mobus not only voices Smash's announcer
      [12:45 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: but Joker in Persona 5.
      [12:46 AM] RawkHawk2010: ...huh. Well then.

  3. It was tough trying to watch the whole thing, but I managed to persevere for another year. I cannot say it was really worth it, though. There was not anything that stood out to me when it came to new reveals except for maybe The Last Campfire. While Joker is not a character anyone would have expected, I have no prior experience with the Persona franchise so his inclusion in Smash does not mean anything to me. This whole show was just really a massive let down especially since everyone was hyping up Metroid Prime rumors. At least next year Nintendo will have a stellar lineup and hopefully win some awards.

    1. I'll let Rawk know (again) that the readers don't enjoy it either!


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