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Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday Season: Family or Friends? A Splatfest

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A... “Frosty Fest”? Mind if I don't refer to it as that?

We just had a Splatfest article two weeks ago, I know. Blame Nintendo for this. Don't worry, I'll make this brief.

In almost two weeks from now (the entire weekend of January 4–6, 2019... yeah, it's a 48-hour Splatfest), Inkopolis Square residents will fight about who they want to spend their holidays with. It's taking place after the holidays so people won't have to remember what they did last year — they can use very recent memory to make their decision!

Splatoon 2 Splatfest most excited to spend holidays with family vs. friends news
“Who do you get most excited to spend the holidays with? Your family or your friends?”

This is the conversation that went on in the KoopaTV private Discord between Rawk and I when I was trying to decide which team to be on. It's a pretty good summary of the whole situation:
[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I need to decide...
[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Who do you get most excited to spend the holidays with?"
[11:34 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Your family or your friends?"
[11:35 PM] Rawk: Sounds like another bad Splatfest.
[11:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: That's because it is.
[11:35 PM] Rawk:

Ultimately, I'm not excited about holidays, and I'd like being alone and not spending lots of time with people just because it's festive or whatever. That said, I also don't have friends, so I'm sort of forced to be on Team Family. Even if my family is this:

Koopalings family fighting Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Crimes R Us
Not to mention my dad. Oh, and youngest baby brother that gets all the attention.

As for friends? Uh... Well, you know, it gets really lonely at the top of Koopa Kingdom society. At this level, one doesn't really have friends. More like... opportunists who smile and say they want to be friends, but they just want some money. Gold coin diggers.

One could say that KoopaTV itself is set up this way with the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program (Round 23 ends in under a week). But in order to win that, you have to be pretty committed to pretend to like what's going on at KoopaTV, since it's entirely skill-based and rounds last a relatively longer term (two months) than some flash in the pan giveaway. KoopaTV doesn't even get opportunists anymore. We used to. I guess we got a reputation. (A negative one.)

Anyway, family is who you can depend on. Even if you know all of their flaws... perhaps too well. With friends, there is a bit of a façade. A friend might ask, “How are you?” Are you going to tell them how you really feel, or are you just going to say, “Good. How about you?” With family, it can be a lot more genuine without being judged. That said, sometimes, a lot of the grief someone feels is because of their family. Anecdotally, a lot of teenagers and younger feel like they can't talk to their family members (particularly parents) so they confide in their friends. Once these kids mature and learn how to understand how other people think, they understand that their family is there for them, and they should be a lot more open with the family.

With that said, Pearl mentioned something interesting in the Off the Hook Splatfest announcement banter. (Yes, reminder this article is about Splatoon 2.) 

Splatoon 2 Splatfest family friends 2018 Squidmas morning Pearl
Pearl, the Inkling, says: “Sorry. I was daydreaming about Squidmas morning.”

Welcome back, Squidmas! It's been a while since the Turf War on Squidmas, but it is that time of year again, isn't it? Unlike last year, Marina made no mention of “Octivus” in her speech. All references to holidays other than Squidmas were omitted... so it looks like Team Squid beating Team Octopus really did end the Inkling–Octarian culture war.

(Note that multicultural group of fellas in Team Friends, and the apparent single-family home in Team Family.)

Squidmas or not, I'd still rather spend time with my family than my nonexistent friends.

Are you a family person or a friends person? Which category do you consider KoopaTV's staff, if any? Do you see this Splatfest as worth having, and a good theme? Will you participate in it? Is Ludwig's outlook on things way too dismal? Let him know in the comments section, and be entered into the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, too! (You're totally not just commenting on KoopaTV for money, right?)

Team Friends ended up winning, but the Splatfest was rigged all along due to the ink colour.
The next Splatfest is on Pancakes vs. Waffles, and this Splatfest was so divisive KoopaTV dedicated FIVE articles to it!


  1. It took until I was an adult and moved out to start repairing a lot of damage with my parents. Even when married my parents were very critical of what I am doing in my marriage and making up stuff about my husband like he is lying to make me happy even though I know that is not true because I know what kind of person my husband is. It took a lot of me breaking down to the point that my heart rate was extremely slow for them to realize to finally back off and not be involved in my marriage. I had much better times spending my holidays with my in-laws instead, despite the stereotype about in-laws. The fun part about having my own family is I can choose not to spend it with the extended family and it still counts as choosing to spend the holidays with my family.

    I did not have the luck with friends either. Many times my so-called friends betrayed me and shared my dark secrets to everyone. Thankfully this was before the era of social media so at least it was contained in a limited environment, the school. I repaired the damage with most of them as an adult as well and we do visit each other but in very limited quantities. We mostly live our own lives.

    I keep on seeing the statement that one can choose friends but not family but it is possible in a limited sense to choose your family. I chose my marriage partner. Marriage is a friend you decided to turn into family. Unless it is an arranged marriage. Then it does not count. Also having children can also be an example of a limited sense in choosing family. One can't choose siblings so this is another example of how views on family changes as one gets older. Of course there can be permanently damaged families as well, not denying that.

    1. Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. :)
      And good to hear that you're repairing parental damage. It doesn't sound like from the rest of your comment that you're all the way there yet, so best of skill to you.

      A couple things you brought up that I thought about writing in the article but ultimately cut from it:
      1. There's an even worse stereotype about uncles than there is about in-laws, to the point where Pearl's uncle got mentioned in the Off The Hook speech. Should any of the Koopalings have children, those kids are going to have a lot of uncles...! (And, between you and me, a lot of those uncles would be crazy uncles.)
      2. I didn't say the phrase that one can choose friends but not family in this article on purpose, since I was going to write about marriage at some point. I cut that out since it's not something I have personal experience with. It would've been something like, “And if I do get a friend, I'd just marry them anyway and convert them into family.”

      Social media has probably made friendships worse off. Maybe not. I grew up with AIM prior to social media (and... for a long time afterwards) and I think that improved friendships. Social media is just much more public, with drama being aired out to the world (or people on your friends list).

  2. Honestly, I don't really think I could decide. Good thing I don't play Splatoon then! :p

  3. Chose friends but realised it was a mistake. I don't talk to enough people to spend time with them during the holidays. So I'm with family even though they get on my nerves half of the time. Good thing I have multiple switch accounts.

    1. In a way, Team Family is sort of the default option for people. Unless you're an orphan.

  4. Considering I spent the past two days with family and I was recently inducted into the KoopaTV family group, I have to side with Team Family. I'm also joyful that we can say "Merry Squidmas" again.

    1. You got amazing 11:59 PM timing there.

      For transparency, on that same day (December 26) I added a new member of the KoopaTV family group. He's a friend of mine.


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