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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Massive Melee Mythra is a Marvelous Meta Miracle


I never did write that article about Xenoblade Chronicles 2. ...Sorry to keep you waiting?

Mythra sent shockwaves across the internet last week after a picture of her Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Spirit was leaked wearing leggings. It's understandable. Images directly datamined from the game apparently have this awful dark contrast to them (apparently the engine itself has to come in and "correct" the lighting) which literally made it look like Mythra's legs were colored in with the Microsoft Paint fill tool. So yeah at first it kinda just looked...well, not great. We saw it in better quality later, but there were still many arguments against it to be had. Did it really do the Aegis of Light any good to lose her leg game? Would white leggings have been more appropriate as to not diminish her color contrast with the opposing Aegis (who also happens to be the best-voiced Nintendo villain of all time)? Was "Leggings Mythra" something that made any sense at all?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Mythra Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leggings censorship side-by-side comparison
In Malos's voice: You. Tell. Me.
(Also the cleavage window is missing.)

I like leggings, even if I currently occupy a form that doesn't have what's needed to comprehend legs themselves. My problem, however, was that something of this magnitude did indeed require some form of official acknowledgement... But with less than two weeks to go it appeared the team was hoping that the new art would simply "slip by" unnoticed. Well, this isn't some random NPC. This isn't even that one Fire Emblem Fates character I can't remember the name of (hence why I can't name her). This is like...well, she's not only far more important than Rex is in Rex's own game, but she goes on to star in another game where she's directly playable and without Rex even being around. Mythra is the Aegis and she deserves better.

...And as it turns out, Monolith Soft and Nintendo had a good plan in which to introduce this change all along:

Yes, CERO were obviously still the ones behind any of this happening (and that indeed raises...ethics concerns which you can go talk about somewhere else), but look at with what dignity it was handled. Monolith Soft was on board enough to incorporate the leggings look into a new costume for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, after we thought the game would never be updated again! And not only does the Aux Core directly reference Smash with a name like "Massive Melee Mythra", but it also provides Mythra with an unprecedented Crit Buff just like Mythra's Spirit will be capable of providing in Ultimate. (Oh, and a Nopon named "Brobro" who likes talking about "smashing" and "brawling" is who you acquire this from in the first place.) All in all, this goes a long way in making the costume feel like a full alternate design, which means it can make other appearances where mandated and not feel plucked out of the censorship ether.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mythra Spirit support legend censorship leggings critical hit
CONTINUITY! These leggings have power!
(It's very much worth mentioning that Masatsugu Saito was involved from the get-go as well.)

In three days Mythra will be ready to Smash. Her first target? Well, I definitely hate to say it...but Mythra isn't terribly fond of people who go after renowned blondes, and sooner or later she's going to have to finish what Shulk (literally) started.

May the King of Koopas gird his loins for what's to come.

SO LONG-A BOWSER! At least you just beat Alucard in that GameFAQs Character Battle X Losers Bracket though! (And seriously how many people are even aware that something happened to Mythra's cleavage too?)

Mythra now is going to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the Massive Melee Mythra design, and the King of Koopas is getting prepared for it.


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