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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Simon Blackquill Convicted of Murder of Metis Cykes

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - In unrelated news, the Ace Attorney games are on sale again.

(Los Angeles, California) Rising star prosecutor Simon Blackquill, 21, found himself on the defendant's chair of a Los Angeles courtroom, accused of the October murder of psychologist and mentor Metis Cykes, who worked at the Cosmos Space Center. Mr. Blackquill pled guilty to the murder. There are still unresolved questions, like what caused the HAT-1 Rocket's problems, but those are being investigated separately. Metis's daughter, Athena Cykes, 11, pleaded with the court not to convict Mr. Blackquill, but her courtroom outbursts were disregarded in favour of photographic evidence of Mr. Blackquill's misdeeds, coupled with his confession.

The judge in the Blackquill-Cykes case.
(Courtroom illustration. His identity can't be ascertained from the picture.)

Simon Blackquill was found guilty by the presiding judge and sentenced to death. His actual execution likely won't occur for years to come given options for appeal.

The public seems to be devastated in their reactions to the conviction. Prosecutor Blackquill's conviction follows a series of other prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct, as well as the disbarment of defence attorney Phoenix Wright earlier in 2019, along with political corruption. Trust in public institutions, especially in the criminal justice system and the legal system, are at an all-time low. It could even be characterised as a dark age of the law.

In unrelated news, over 1500 videogames are on sale on the Nintendo eShop, including CAPCOM's Ace Attorney series. These include $21 off Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies on the Nintendo 3DS, which CAPCOM created based off the real-life events depicted above. (Very quick game development from them.) There are also other games on sale based off other Los Angeles legal matters, like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy that is $15 off on the Nintendo Switch. (Based on Phoenix Wright's career prior to being disbarred.)

The CAPCOM sales end on January 5, 2021, at 2:59 AM Eastern.

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CAPCOM put their games on sale at the same discounts for winter 2019, though Ace Attorney Trilogy is $5 more off now than then.
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  1. Darklaw or not, I felt like this guys outfit was excessive (yeah I know its ace attorney, still). Nevertheless it's unfortunate to hear about his verdict.

    1. I'm not that into the death penalty, personally.

      Though I dunno, his sense of style is pretty cool.


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