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Friday, December 11, 2020

Ludwig Von Koopa's Holiday at the Moomoo Milk Bar

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It was a delightful experience.

At the start of November 2020, the official Pokémon Center store put these two items up for sale: Moomoo Milk Pokémon Holiday & Home Bottle & Plate Set (4-Piece) for $15, and Moomoo Milk Pokémon Holiday & Home Sign for $20. At the same time, they were giving away a free Pikachu Pokémon Holiday & Home Brass Ornament with people's orders. As a self-professed Moomoo Milk fan, I feel like I had to order these items. It's like they were made just for me!

I've actually had these at my palace for over a month now (but I never received the Pikachu brass ornament, despite the Pokémon Center claiming it was part of my order). I should note that the package the plates/bottles/sign came in was absolutely stuffed with cushy shipping protection, since the bottles are glass. Everything arrived in-tact.

You know, this weekend is gonna be miserable (my birthday), and yesterday was overall pretty bad (not counting Chanukkah), so now seems to be a good time to get some happiness. So I finally used the Moomoo Milk Pokémon Holiday & Home items for something and visited the bar. With pictures:

Ludwig Von Koopa Plushwig Moomoo Milk plates bottles Miltank Tauros plushies sign
Here's a picture of me with the Moomoo Milk Bar proprietors, Miltank and Tauros. I paid the 500 Poké!
Despite the image on the sign of two bottles, 500 Poké gets you one bottle of milk, not two.

The glass bottles are small, so you'll need one of those special small bottle cleaners to cleanse it after drinking out of it. The blue cover on the bottle fits pretty snugly and adorably. The paint job on the plates is kinda iffy. I wouldn't recommend actually... using these often to eat from. These are manufactured in China, so you can't expect them to retain high quality. The sign is a joy to have near me, and I have no complaints about that. 

Moomoo Milk Pokémon Holiday Home Bottle Plate Set Sign
The treat on the plate is not included. (It's also gluten-free.)
(The Pokémon Center purchase does come with two bottles and two plates;
the other bottle and plate are off-screen.)

Ludwig hates getting older every year, for various reasons, which he probably won't discuss in a public setting. Currently, the plates and bottles are unavailable/sold out, though the sign is not and is currently still available for purchase. Ludwig isn't upset about not getting the brass ornament, because Pikachu is an annoying rodent anyway.

For its cuteness, this article won the Best KoopaTV Artistic Corner Contribution award for 2020.


  1. Nice Merch! I wonder if they sell any Dunsparce stuff, he was one of my favorite pokemon. But only because of mystery dungeon, otherwise he's rather forgettable.

    1. No Dunsparce besides


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