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Monday, December 23, 2019

CAPCOM Winter Sale 2019! Up to 75% Off?!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - As good an opportunity as any.

You may remember as recently as less than a month ago I was making fun of CAPCOM for their Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2019 sales. They actually redeemed themselves after the article was published... it just took several days and they weren't very transparent about it.

CAPCOM is back at it again with holiday/winter sales for 2019. Beginning TODAY and ending December 30 at 2:59 AM Eastern, you can get a variety of CAPCOM games at discounted prices on the Nintendo eShop. (As well as other systems, though those have different dates associated so consult those on your own.) This includes all the HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED Ace Attorney games at their usual discounts that you've last seen them at, including...
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Switch): $19.99 (33.33% off)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (3DS): $9.99 (50% off) 
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Spirit of Justice (3DS): $11.99 (60% off) 
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Dual Destinies (3DS): $8.99 (70% off)
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (3DS): $11.99 (60% off) 

Every other CAPCOM game on the Switch or 3DS you can think of is probably on sale, too, even the recently-released (from the past two–three months) Devil May Cry 2 ($14.99, or 25% off), and Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 ($19.99 each, or 33.33% off). The 75% off includes games like Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, and Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara on the Wii U.

By the way, since I haven't mentioned it yet: the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection got delayed from January 21 to February 25, 2020. You can still pre-order it to get the Reploid Remix bonus, or you can likely wait a long time after release for it to be offered for free if Mega Man 11 is any indication. (Mega Man 11 is 50% off right now.) There's minigames and art added to the base collection (no pre-order required). I just pre-ordered (pre-purchased) it through the Nintendo eShop. I wanted to pre-order it through CAPCOM's store (physical shipment) but they rejected my debit card and claimed there's an error. The Nintendo eShop accepts my debit card all too well, so there you go.

Ludwig actually bought Mega Man 11 and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy during the Thanksgiving sale, making it the third time he's purchased the first three games in the Ace Attorney series. You should help inflate the Ace Attorney franchises selling numbers, too, and now until the end of the 29th is the best time to do that! You'll have fun playing the games, too.

We should note that Ōkami HD is at more of a discount now than it was for CAPCOM Winter Sale 2018. Now at 40% off from 25% off.
Missed this sale? Try three weeks later for another chance.
To make it clear, Ludwig got Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection just for the music. Here's what he thinks about it.
CAPCOM puts their games on sale in the winter of 2020, too.


  1. Dual Destinies on for less than ten bucks?! I might think about actually getting that... (I already have Trilogy and Spirit of Justice for 3DS and I'd rather have that than Apollo Justice.)

    1. Dual Destinies has been 70% off in CAPCOM discounts (of which there have been many) since July 2018!

      Just goes to show that it's worth writing about these again and again.


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