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Friday, December 6, 2019

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 4: Squats In Real Life

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - At least we watch Dragaux at dance.

We are at the end of week 4 of my fitness log series. That's a whole month of training! However, I didn't play Ring Fit Adventure for most of the days of this week. I have a very good explanation, though!

You see, we had Mr. Blizzard come visit us in Koopa Kingdom. Specifically, Mizzter Blizzard, who you may remember from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I called him a loser some years ago when I advocated for sandcastles over snowmen. I think he wanted some kind of help from Lord Bowser with having a better body, but Koopa Kingdom rejected the snowman. Mizzter Blizzard reacted by covering Koopa Kingdom—and Lord Bowser's castle—in snow, which isn't great. Master Bowser blamed me for Mizzter Blizzard being upset, and ordered me to spend hours between Sunday and Tuesday clearing out all the snow, with just some shovels in claw as opposed to a mechanised solution.

It turns out that all the squats I've been doing in Ring Fit Adventure is exactly what one needs to do in order to correctly shovel snow—that is, to lift the snow with one's legs, as opposed to destroy their back. I actually came out of this in much less pain and much better shape than previous experiences with snow, and I attribute that to Ring Fit Adventure. Perhaps it also helps I had Ring Fit Adventure music in my head while shovelling.

So that's why I only played Ring Fit Adventure twice this week. Let's talk about those times:

On Thursday I did the Sportan Waters request from the Old Man I mentioned in Week 3, which was to beat all the enemies and get to the goal. Fairly easy, even with my new... DIFFICULTY 22!

That means all the requests in World 4 were complete, but then I noticed two (of three) requests opened in World 3!  I went back there, and they were both around getting high enough scores (that were well below the scores I already obtained) in the two Game Gyms there: Gluting Gallery (overhead bends) and Squat Goals (...squats). Easy. I also became level 26 (and then 27) and obtained a new Fit Skill: The Fan Pose, which is my first healing Fit Skill. I guess this is for when people forget to bring recovery items? I don't know, with so many ways to heal, how does one get a game over in this game? Maybe I'll find out on Friday. 

For Friday, the whole day was dedicated to Dragaux Stadium 4, as the Sportan Commander asked me to lead the charge. Of course, there was a river to row through... and even a section where I had to duck my hips to get under a low-elevation cave!

Upon reaching Dragaux, he referred to us as stalkers and bullies, and he proceeded to have a mesmerising work-out dance. (I've been listening to this on loop, by the way, for over half an hour.)

His fight involved a Red and Yellow Matta Ray + that he used as healers. Once you got rid of them and got Dragaux to half health, he did a SUPER ATTACK that required me to use a MEGA AB GUARD. That's like a regular ab guard, but with a squat involved... and it lasted FOREVER. ...Or close to it. Eventually it ended, and Dragaux was out of tricks. So with some Warrior I pose, we beat him.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux defend himself against bullies
I've been convinced the whole time that Ring is the antagonist and Dragaux has done nothing wrong.

One might think there's a connection between Dragaux wanting to get an even tougher body to strengthen himself against bullies, and Mizzter Blizzard wanting a body that won't melt. Hm.

Ring Fit Adventure exercise log week 4 of playing
The only applicable dates for Week 4 are December 5 and December 6.
But I swear, I did a lot of work on other days outside the game! And Ring Fit Adventure was very helpful for that!

By the way, not once did I have to use the Fan Pose. I should try it at least once, but I really don't need a Fit Skill to recover health especially since I have items that can do that—and you can drink items and use an offensive Fit Skill in the same turn. I'm also over-leveled because I did all the requests, which all grant experience points. That means my defence stat is higher than it should be, which also reduces the need for healing.

Ring wants us to stalk Dragaux into World 5, so that's what we'll be doing next time on KoopaTV's Fitness Fridays!

Ludwig thinks World 5 is gonna be pretty cool, so he's going to play a lot more Ring Fit Adventure for week 5 in World 5 than week 4. At least now the weeks and world numbers are synchronised... but what happens if future worlds take more than one week to get through? Meanwhile, what do you think of Dragaux's music tastes?

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