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Thursday, December 26, 2019

No More Heroes 3's Galactic Superhero Rankings? ...Should I Trust It?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - At least they talk in English.

First of all, the game is called No More Heroes 3 but the logo has it as No More Heroes III, which is inconsistent with the previous game being No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle in both logo and name. I guess after ten years, SUDA 51 to forget how to do this naming thing with his series.

If you didn't value your own life very highly, you might have seen the trailer for No More Heroes 3 at The Game Awards 2019. That's not even close to the real, full-length trailer, which Nintendo uploaded afterwards here:

We first saw No More Heroes 3 announced at Nintendo's E3 2019, with a similar bait-and-switch trailer. ...Though that trailer actually makes a lot more sense after watching the one embedded immediately above! It's like it's the same game with the same theme (and the same alien spaceship)! They need to involve space (at least, more than they already did in No More Heroes 2) because the story of Santa Destroy is obviously over and there's not much more else they can do without drastic escalation.

Here's my problem. A game called Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes released in January 2019. I actually bought it at launch, and it's one of the biggest Nintendo Switch mismatches since that time I (and the rest of KoopaTV) got Rocket League. Just the idea of continuing my playthrough fills me with dread, and it's given me extreme doubts about if I should continue my No More Heroes fandom. What if No More Heroes 3 is as bad as Travis Strikes Again? What if the first two No More Heroes games were actually this bad, but the Wii era's game selection obscured my tastes and I never realised it? WHAT IF I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE?

Can I ever trust a No More Heroes game ever again?

According to the YouTube comments, the whole alien thing is explained by playing through Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, so if I don't want to miss lore, I have to go back and play through that top-down bland mess. Maybe I should just spoil the game.

Ludwig has massive doubts over the prospect of No More Heroes 3 due to how “ugh” the previous game in the franchise was, which is why he always found it unfair that his staff provided “Nintendo wins E3. Not even Ludwig can bitch about it. He got No More Heroes.” logic during the Nintendo E3 2019 reaction log that Ludwig wasn't present for. Help console the Koopaling in the comments section.

No More Heroes 3 has been delayed to after 2020, shooting for 2021. It will prioritise quality.


  1. Travis Strikes Again seems like it's meant to be a weird spin-off, so I wouldn't worry too much based on that. Then again, this is an outsider's perspective since I haven't played any of them.

    1. It is meant to be a weird spin-off, but it's the same developer making bad decisions that resulted in that spin-off being bad that's working on the main game series, which he hasn't worked on in 10 years.

  2. "What if No More Heroes 3 is as bad as Travis Strikes Again?"

    Be like me with Kingdom hearts and become an anti-fan. It is the only way to not be as pained by seeing mishaps over and over again within the franchise because you know the company has been far gone. Of course you trade that with hating seeing the characters plastered everywhere but what can you do?

    What if the first two No More Heroes games were actually this bad, but the Wii era's game selection obscured my tastes and I never realised it? WHAT IF I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE?

    KH fans are telling me that KH1 has always been bad. I have not replayed it after getting angry with the sequels but not sure if I do replay it to verify if I would either be biased for actually liking it when younger (nostalgia glasses defense) or I would not like it due to knowing what came of the franchise afterwards and not have any way of determining if the game itself is good or bad.

    1. I don't want to join a Travis Touchdown/No More Heroes hatedom or anything. I'm on record supporting Travis Touchdown for Super Smash Bros. and I don't want to take that away.

    2. I'm a KH anti-fan loner. Is there even an organized hatedom for KH compared to hatedoms for Sonic or Undertale? Occasionally there are posts for KH hate on random general video game forums but not an actual huge hatedom.

    3. First Wiki link only seems to talk about why the KH fandom is bad. I don't see any organized hatedom about it. Could even be just one person editing the whole thing.

      Second wiki link is basically an empty page. Might be merged with the first wiki page by the time I looked at that link.

    4. Would be nice to know if the Wiki considers a hatedom as being organized or if is just having enough individual haters out there that would count as a hatedom.

    5. The Wiki was apparently made for that article on the hatedom (the "NOTE: This is the very first page on this wiki!" notice on the top) so that's gotta mean something. It talks like everyone in the hatedom is at least mentally in-sync.

      But if you're looking for, like, a forum or something where you can intermingle with other people in the hatedom, I dunno.


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