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Thursday, December 19, 2019

December 19 2019 Democrat Presidential Primary Debate 6 ANALYSIS!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's not my preferred narrow field...

With KoopaTV's favourite Democrat candidate for president, Tulsi Gabbard, pulling a Ludwig and boycotting an event that they weren't even invited to, that leaves precious few reasons for why I'm still covering the Democrat presidential primary debates of 2019–2020. I've come up with four reasons:
  1. Watching Joe Biden make incoherent statements is a guilty pleasure
  2. I need to dedicate regularly-occurring article space to attacking the worst candidate of this election cycle, Fraudulent Elizabeth Warren, for the safety of the universe (including Koopa Kingdom)
  3. This Twitter conversation with an Andrew Yang supporter where he believes Andrew Yang will get 10 minutes or more of attention in this debate
  4. It'll provide a two-week streak of KoopaTV covering Thursday-night shit-shows, last week being The Game Awards 2019

The debate is hosted by PBS and POLITICO, and somewhere in that combination, they appear to be setting this up to be rigged:

PBS Politico sixth Democrat presidential primary debate qualified candidates Joe Biden
In this debate are Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Elizabeth Warren, and Andrew Yang.
At the time of this screenshot (this morning), PBS REALLY didn't want you to know that Joe Biden is 77 years old.

I'll say this: The good thing about PBS are the lack of corporate commercials, which means they're not biased by sponsors, and Bernie Sanders/Fraudulent Elizabeth Warren can not say that the pharmaceutical companies are advertising during the debate as an applause line.

(Well, he was still dead last, and still got little over half the talking time of the top folks, but...)

The debate began with discussion on last night's impeachment of President Donald John Trump, with everyone (except Andrew Yang, who focused on why voters supported candidate Trump to begin with and that the public and the political class should stop obsessing over impeachment) on the stage making stupid, disingenuous arguments about that. (Public attention isn't on these guys who are scared to debate President Donald John Trump later on, but on the impeachment process because everyone really wants a President Mike Pence.)

Fortunately, the moderators quickly moved topics to the economy, where all the candidates said that the highest Gross Domestic Product ever and the lowest unemployment rate isn't what real middle-class and poor people feel. It's only supporting wealthy people, and that's a bad thing, according to Elizabeth Warren. Economic illiterate Elizabeth Warren believes that economists who are worried about the magnitude of her massive fiscal confiscation on business investment are “just wrong.” (You can choose other Democrats who want to still raise your taxes but apparently not enough to hurt the economy.)

They then asked about climate change (which is relatable to the economy). For whatever reason, the Democrats don't want to invest in nuclear energy, which is pretty much the only viable, scalable alternative to fossil fuels that is friendly to the environment. Andrew Yang was the only person on the stage to support nuclear power. Idiot Tom Steyer (and Fraudulent Elizabeth Warren) said no to nuclear and yes to wind and solar power, because that's better for “environmental justice” or whatever.

Then they changed topics to the idiocy of Andrew Yang being the “only person of colour.” (Clearly, no one recognises Elizabeth Warren as a Native American.) Yang did bad by embracing that label, and saying he misses Kamala [Harris] and Cory [Booker], but he thinks “Cory will be back.” (What about Tulsi!?!) Bernie Sanders tried to do the right thing and change topics back to climate change because the race question is stupid, but the moderator said, “This is about race, not climate change.” To which Bernie said climate change will disproportionately affect people of colour the most (because I guess minorities disproportionately live near the coasts as opposed to the mountains). 

Most important topic for a president next, about foreign policy and the Middle East. Bernie made dumb comments about being pro-Palestinian. Once again, Pete Buttigieg equates American leadership with warmongering, though he made the very valid point about the problematic silence and arguably quasi-support from President Donald John Trump of how China is handling Hong Kong.

The Politico moderator asked about former President Barack Hussein Obama saying young women would make better world leaders, with old men being in the way. The moderator then started asking Bernie Sanders his opinion, who interjected, “AND I'M WHITE, AS WELL.” Bernie disagreed with former President Barack Hussein Obama, correctly stating that gender and age don't matter here. Meanwhile, Joe Biden correctly told that same moderator, “Politico doesn't have a sense of humor.” As for Elizabeth Warren's answer, she went on and on and on and repeatedly ignored moderators telling her to be quiet.

Pete Buttigieg then went after Elizabeth Warren for being a fraud for attacking Buttigieg's mysterious wealthy donors, while having a net worth of over 100 times more than Pete Buttigieg. ...And then they kind of bickered endlessly so the point was lost. Andrew Yang, thinking that America is fundamentally misogynist, believes that having too many men in government, left alone, results in those men becoming “morons.”

Andrew Yang PBS Politico debate clasping hands together praying
Andrew Yang pleading for more women and people of colour, but ignoring that Tulsi Gabbard exists.

They moved to immigration, which features the usual bending over to illegal immigrants taking over America because immigrants make the country stronger, or whatever. Something about the government “investing” in illegals. Moving on to a brief education discussion. They want to make tuition free for either everyone or everyone but millionaires’ kids. Nice choice.

The moderator went back to foreign policy and asked about the critically important Afghanistan War controversy (summary: the government lied about the war's progress and made it seem much better than it actually was) revealed a bit over a week ago that everyone thought the media would cover up. (Though she pronounced it weirdly, which Joe Biden had to clarify that she was talking about Afghanistan.) Joe Biden said he was arguing against the Afghanistan War within his administration, and then the discussion went to a generic discussion about who voted for the war and who didn't. No one tackled the issue about the bipartisan lying to the American people about the war.

As for healthcare, it's the unaffordable (unless you're lying like Fraudulent Elizabeth Warren) Medicare-for-All vs. Obamacare + Public Option debate. Blah.

The last question was going down the line, asking the candidates to either ask for forgiveness from another candidate, or give a gift to another candidate. Andrew Yang said he'd like to gift his book, The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future to all the candidates. Fraudulent Elizabeth Warren said she'd like forgiveness for becoming hot and heated during debates, but didn't specify from whom. Joe Biden made a bizarre and extended impression of a stuttering kid who asked for his help on the campaign trail (who Joe Biden gave his personal phone number to and calls once a week), which I think touched Biden due to his own speech impediment.

I'll admit, this was the best-moderated debate of the whole season so far. PBS talked about a very wide range of issues, and left the impeachment nonsense at the beginning of the debate. By the end, I forgot that impeachment even happened, and Democrats were actually trying to run on issues that matter to Americans. Impressive. And despite that web error, it wasn't rigged in a pro-Biden manner.


I didn't get much into this in the main article text, but here are the Super Contest winners for each category for this sixth debate:

  • Beauty: Andrew Yang
  • Cool: Bernie Sanders
  • Cute: Joe Biden
  • Smart: Andrew Yang
  • Tough: Bernie Sanders
If nothing else, listen to all of Andrew Yang's debate answers.

Ludwig firmly believes that none of the Democrat candidates on stage besides Andrew Yang could beat President Donald John Trump in a general election, and they need to bring Tulsi Gabbard back. Click here to help Tulsi Gabbard out! Ludwig thought this debate was significantly better than The Game Awards 2019, even without Tulsi.

Read KoopaTV's November 2019 presidential debate analysis for debate 5!
Debate 7, unfortunately, lacked both Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, so it's the last analysis for these Democrat primaries.


  1. I agree with you that Andrew Yang was the most qualified candidate on the stage to be able to take on Trump. He brought up some great points and even made me interested in checking out his book. Unfortunately, I do not believe the average Democrat is interested in facts and statistics. If they were, Biden and Warren would be dead last in the polls.

    1. Elizabeth Warren can bring up statistics! They just happen to be incorrect.


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