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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Nintendo Direct at E3 2019: KoopaTV's Live Reactions!

By WITCH PRINCESS - Time to awaken and react.

I  am back from a long slumber for this special occasion. And I'm also one of the staff members excited for this E3 2019 Direct!

Unfortunately, Ludwig went out on a search for Mr. Phoenix Wright, still hoping to get him here at E3 with us. Seriously, hope and pray that we find him! Wright needs to be in Smash!

I'll be covering Nintendo's thing, along with our good friend Ryu, RawkHawk2010 (towards the end), and Wendy (also towards the end).

Let's begin!

[8:58 AM] Witch Princess: @everyone
[8:58 AM] Witch Princess: Except Ludwig
[8:58 AM] Ryu: :pikachu_laugh:
[8:59 AM] Witch Princess: He's doing whatever he's doing
[8:59 AM] Witch Princess: 1 minute!
[9:00 AM] Ryu: countdown from 10 seconds
[9:00 AM] Witch Princess: STARTING
[9:00 AM] Ryu: Youtube is starting late lol. I'll keep Twitch for now
[9:00 AM] Witch Princess: Hey Rpm
[9:00 AM] Witch Princess: Like in a car
[9:00 AM] Ryu: and it's starting with Smash
[9:01 AM] Ryu: Rawk is missing this
[9:01 AM] Witch Princess: @RawkHawk2010
[9:01 AM] Ryu: Damn you Rawk
[9:01 AM] Witch Princess: Eh?
[9:02 AM] Ryu: It's not erdrick, it doesn't count
[9:02 AM] Ryu: :pikachu_lips:
[9:02 AM] Ryu: Still no Erdrick
[9:02 AM] Witch Princess: Oh that's a FF character isn't it

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Dragon Quest Hero Slime blue Kirby
Dragon Quest hero and Slime.

[9:02 AM] Ryu: oh damn, he is there
[9:03 AM] Witch Princess: Rawk's on do not disturb
[9:03 AM] Ryu: Summer 2019, no official date
[9:03 AM] Witch Princess: Hm
[9:05 AM] Witch Princess: Hi Bowser
[9:06 AM] Ryu: Ran out of power for a sec. Thank you SSD for fast reboot :pikachu_lips:
[9:06 AM] Witch Princess: Bye Bowser
[9:06 AM] Witch Princess: Luigi's Mansion
[9:07 AM] Witch Princess: 3
[9:07 AM] Ryu: Spooky narrator
[9:07 AM] Witch Princess: yeah
[9:07 AM] Ryu: Now you can slam the ghosts on the ground
[9:07 AM] Ryu: or objects
[9:07 AM] Witch Princess: meh
[9:08 AM] Witch Princess: (I'm waiting for Animal Crossing)
[9:08 AM] Witch Princess: And maybe...just maybe...a Story of Seasons game
[9:08 AM] Ryu: Too many Luigis
[9:09 AM] Witch Princess: There were too many Luigis in Dream Team too
[9:09 AM] Ryu: I never played that mode on Luigi's Mansion 2 (Scarescraper)
[9:09 AM] Witch Princess: Er whatever
[9:10 AM] Witch Princess: Only thing Luigi's Mansion I've done is play in on the gamecube
[9:10 AM] Witch Princess: For a bit
[9:10 AM] Ryu: Bowser is doing the Reggie's hands
[9:10 AM] Witch Princess: 2019 again
[9:10 AM] Witch Princess: No specific date
[9:10 AM] Ryu: Netflix?
[9:11 AM] Witch Princess: Uhhh
[9:11 AM] Ryu: I'm confused
[9:11 AM] Witch Princess: Okay
[9:11 AM] Ryu: It's a turn-based strategy game with cats people
[9:11 AM] Ryu: The Dark Crystal with a long subtitle
[9:12 AM] Ryu: Now, it's Zelda
[9:12 AM] Witch Princess: Weird transition
[9:12 AM] Ryu: Those graphics remind me of Nintendo Land
[9:12 AM] Witch Princess: Oh Zelda
[9:13 AM] Witch Princess: That port or whatever
[9:13 AM] Witch Princess: Right?
[9:13 AM] Ryu: Remake :stuck_out_tongue:
[9:13 AM] Ryu: Dampé is new
[9:13 AM] Witch Princess: Hmm
[9:13 AM] Ryu: Create your own dungeon
[9:13 AM] Witch Princess: Meh
[9:13 AM] Ryu: or something?
[9:14 AM] Ryu: more DQ11?
[9:14 AM] Ryu: oh, Secret of Mana Trilogy
[9:14 AM] Ryu: I told you Rawk it would happen
[9:14 AM] Ryu: and Ludwig
[9:15 AM] Ryu: oh wait, Trials of Mana. Now it's Collection of Mana, the actual trilogy
[9:15 AM] Witch Princess: Early 2020
[9:15 AM] Ryu: and Witcher 3
[9:15 AM] Ryu: which wasn't totally leaked
[9:16 AM] Ryu: Fire Emblem
[9:16 AM] Witch Princess: All or their hair
[9:16 AM] Witch Princess: Ew.
[9:17 AM] Ryu: I'm surprised they started with the Smash DLC, what else could they show?
[9:17 AM] Ryu: July 26
[9:18 AM] Witch Princess: Smash DLC is high priority you know
[9:18 AM] Ryu: Real life footage of some Resident Evil game
[9:18 AM] Witch Princess: No Dante. :(
[9:18 AM] Ryu: Oh, it's the first Resident Evil again
[9:19 AM] Witch Princess: Did I tell anyone I like Dante?
[9:19 AM] Witch Princess: The old Dante?
[9:19 AM] Ryu: spooky music and sound
[9:20 AM] Ryu: Is that No More Heroes? lol
[9:20 AM] Ryu: wait, no
[9:20 AM] Ryu: oh it is
[9:20 AM] Ryu: wtf
[9:21 AM] Witch Princess: This direct is just meh to me
[9:21 AM] Witch Princess: Except Smash
[9:21 AM] Ryu: Travis has a mech now
[9:21 AM] Ryu: for some reason
[9:21 AM] Ryu: Travis will return in 2020
[9:22 AM] Ryu: wtf is this lol
[9:22 AM] Ryu: Soldiers killing aliens
[9:22 AM] Ryu: Could be an ugly version of Contra in 3D
[9:22 AM] Ryu: oh it is an ugly version of Contra in 3D
[9:23 AM] Ryu: September 24th 2019
[9:23 AM] Ryu: lol
[9:23 AM] Ryu: Daemon X Machina, I lost interest on that
[9:24 AM] Witch Princess: this is so meh to me
[9:24 AM] Ryu: Also, it has some rap music playing
[9:24 AM] Witch Princess: I'm such a casual person
[9:24 AM] Ryu: Panzer Dragoon
[9:24 AM] Ryu: on Switch
[9:25 AM] Ryu: This Winter
[9:26 AM] Ryu: Pokemon
[9:26 AM] Witch Princess: There's that Sonia girl I look like
[9:26 AM] Ryu: They have an E3 demo with a water type gym leader
[9:27 AM] Ryu: Treehouse will start with Pokemon gameplay
[9:27 AM] Ryu: oh it's Astral chain or whatever
[9:27 AM] Ryu: I think Rawk liked that game
[9:28 AM] Witch Princess: Hmm
[9:29 AM] Ryu: August 30 2019
[9:29 AM] Ryu: Piano in fire, not real gameplay
[9:30 AM] Ryu: Empire of Sin, Spring 2020
[9:30 AM] Ryu: looked bad
[9:30 AM] Witch Princess: Marvel
[9:30 AM] Ryu: MUA3 still being shown
[9:31 AM] Ryu: A bunch of x-men
[9:31 AM] Ryu: It has an expansion pass for more characters
[9:32 AM] Ryu: That Crypt of Necrodancer with Zelda stuff
[9:32 AM] Ryu: Cadence of Hyrule June 13 2019
[9:32 AM] Ryu: so, in 2 days
[9:32 AM] Ryu: Mario & Sonic at the Olympics
[9:32 AM] Witch Princess: Looks...weird?
[9:33 AM] Ryu: They have a karate mini-game
[9:33 AM] Witch Princess: Oh yeah the Olympics
[9:33 AM] Ryu: Animal Crossing
[9:33 AM] Ryu: What people have been waiting for
[9:33 AM] Witch Princess: AHHH
[9:34 AM] Witch Princess: Deserted island
[9:34 AM] Ryu: Starring a redhead villager
[9:34 AM] Witch Princess: Me!
[9:34 AM] Witch Princess: :musical_note:
[9:35 AM] Ryu: Animal Crosing New Horizons March 20 2020
[9:35 AM] Witch Princess: I don't like that textbox noise though
[9:35 AM] Ryu: "Forgive us for the delay"
[9:35 AM] Witch Princess: Interesting though!!!
[9:35 AM] Ryu: I forgot about my bingo card lol
[9:36 AM] Witch Princess: 20 2020
[9:36 AM] Witch Princess: I'm looking forward to it!
[9:36 AM] Ryu: I thought Spyro was already on Switch?
[9:36 AM] Ryu: A bunch of games being ported
[9:36 AM] Witch Princess: ^
[9:36 AM] Witch Princess: That's the new thing: ports
[9:37 AM] Ryu: Including Doom
[9:37 AM] Ryu: They surprisingly didn't show much of Animal Crossing
[9:37 AM] Witch Princess: Yeah, they didn't
[9:38 AM] Witch Princess: And some staff members thought it would take up most of the direct!
[9:38 AM] Ryu: I wonder if they'll show Metroid for the end
[9:38 AM] Ryu: Barely showed Super Mario Maker 2 too lol
[9:38 AM] Ryu: oh, more Smash info?
[9:38 AM] Witch Princess: Well there was already something for SMM2
[9:38 AM] Ryu: wait, that's the K rool trailer
[9:38 AM] Witch Princess: Lol
[9:38 AM] Ryu: except K Rool is sleeping with them
[9:39 AM] Ryu: Banjo!
[9:39 AM] Ryu: oh wait it's Duck Hunt
[9:39 AM] Witch Princess: Lol
[9:39 AM] Ryu: It's really Banjo
[9:39 AM] Ryu: Damn you Rawk twice
[9:39 AM] Ryu: He looks strange with those eyes
[9:40 AM] Ryu: Jinjonator is the final smash
[9:40 AM] Ryu: K Rool is stuck under a rock like Gruntilda
[9:40 AM] Witch Princess: Is Rawk freaking out or what?
[9:40 AM] Ryu: So they actually showed two characters
[9:40 AM] Ryu: Fall 2019
[9:40 AM] Witch Princess: I want a SoS farmer though :(
[9:40 AM] Ryu: What will they show at Evo?
[9:41 AM] Ryu: Is SMT5 cancelled?
[9:41 AM] Ryu: oh Metroid
[9:41 AM] Ryu: finally
[9:41 AM] Witch Princess: But I will still have hope :)
[9:41 AM] Ryu: wait, that's not Metroid
[9:41 AM] Ryu: Zelda DLC
[9:41 AM] Ryu: Another case in my bingo card
[9:42 AM] Ryu: Zelda is with Link
[9:42 AM] Witch Princess: You should send your bingo card here
[9:42 AM] Ryu: There's some scary zombie
[9:42 AM] Ryu: Hyrule is about to float
[9:42 AM] Witch Princess: So I can add a picture of it to KoopaTV
[9:42 AM] Ryu: The sequel to BotW
[9:42 AM] Ryu: it's not a DLC
[9:42 AM] Ryu: (maybe)
[9:43 AM] Ryu: No Metroid or SMT5
[9:43 AM] Ryu: I'm disappointed lol
[9:43 AM] Ryu: SMT5 sounds cancelled at this point
[9:44 AM] Witch Princess: Are we gonna watch the rest of this?
[9:44 AM] Ryu: So they showed 3 Zelda games
[9:44 AM] Ryu: That might be a record
[9:45 AM] Ryu: Doug Bowser is rather dry compared to Reggie :pikachu_lips:
[9:45 AM] Witch Princess: Do we stay put here until this whole thing is over
[9:45 AM] Ryu: No, the Direct is done
[9:45 AM] Ryu: I still find it better than the rest, but it wasn't amazing
[9:45 AM] Witch Princess: It was meh to me
[9:46 AM] Witch Princess: Except for Smash and Animal Crossing
[9:46 AM] Ryu: Rawk must be happy
[9:46 AM] Witch Princess: Yet he didn't show here
[9:46 AM] Ryu: Good thing I didn't bet on the dlc characters :pikachu_laugh:
[9:47 AM] Ryu: I guess it's over now
[9:47 AM] Witch Princess: Don't ever bet on anything with the staff :pikachu_lips:
[9:47 AM] Witch Princess: end log
[9:48 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wut
[9:48 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: pics
[9:48 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wat
[9:55 AM] RawkHawk2010: unend log
[9:56 AM] RawkHawk2010: Can't log-react to stuff this important because I'm too busy reacting in real life.
[9:56 AM] Witch Princess: Well that's what Ryu and I did
[9:57 AM] RawkHawk2010: not even kidding:
[9:57 AM] RawkHawk2010:
[9:57 AM] RawkHawk2010: 0:45
[9:57 AM] RawkHawk2010: After Erdrick that was me in real life.
[9:57 AM] Ryu: "Erdrick"
[9:58 AM] RawkHawk2010: Yo I fucking fell for the Duck Hunt fake fake-out.

Duck Hunt Dog trolling Banjo Kazooie Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Laughing reacts only.

[9:58 AM] Witch Princess: We thought you would
[10:00 AM] Ryu: I didn't think they would do the fake-out, but I knew what was going to happen next :pikachu_lips:
[10:02 AM] Ryu: Dragon Quest got the Mega Man's treatment, but better
[10:03 AM] RawkHawk2010: Are you satisfied with it?
[10:03 AM] Ryu: I didn't exactly pay attention
[10:04 AM] Ryu: because I was salty about being wrong
[10:04 AM] RawkHawk2010: lol
[10:04 AM] RawkHawk2010: K. Rool falling into the ground and leaving a Grunty-shaped hole was legit.
[10:04 AM] Ryu: but he can choose a spell like Shulk's wheel, it seems
[10:04 AM] RawkHawk2010: I'm really surprised that they connected Banjo to the DK characters as much as they did.
[10:05 AM] RawkHawk2010: Especially in the form of it being a K. Rool trailer parody for the first part.
[10:05 AM] Ryu: I don't know what I was expecting with that K. Rool trailer remake
[10:06 AM] RawkHawk2010: I gave up on Banjo after The Hero after it was revealed The Hero wouldn't be shadowdropped.
[10:07 AM] RawkHawk2010: lol
[10:07 AM] RawkHawk2010: I thought there was no way they'd do a dual reveal.
[10:08 AM] RawkHawk2010: Oh yeah, during The Hero trailer I thought they were gonna announce two more DQ protagonists as Echo Fighters
[10:08 AM] RawkHawk2010: to throw salt in the wound
[10:08 AM] RawkHawk2010: But I guess they're only costumes?
[10:08 AM] Ryu: I didn't think they would be announcing another character during the second trailer
[10:08 AM] Ryu: They included all the heroes during the final smash, I think
[10:08 AM] RawkHawk2010: Ludwig will care about No More Heroes III.
[10:09 AM] RawkHawk2010: I care about Banjo, Astral Chain, and BotW 2.
[10:09 AM] Ryu: I kind of cared about NMH3, I cared more about not finishing NMH2
[10:09 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: aahhh have to update my switch
[10:09 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: ;_;
[10:09 AM] RawkHawk2010: lol
[10:09 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: also fml I'm overspending this month on games again
[10:09 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Bought Shadowbringers CE and NOW this
[10:11 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: OH MY GOD
[10:12 AM] RawkHawk2010: Is your reaction to Mana or Banjo?
[10:12 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Mana
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: OMG SD3
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: THEY FUCKING DID IT
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: THE MAD MEN
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: MY LIFELONG DREAM HOLY SHIT
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: INSTA-BUY RIGHT THERE
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I'm fucking streaming that shit
[10:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: dsfjklsdfjaksl;df
[10:15 AM] RawkHawk2010: lol
[10:15 AM] RawkHawk2010: So like, are we all happy?
[10:15 AM] Witch Princess: Yeah pretty much
[10:15 AM] Witch Princess: Animal Crossing I'm getting for sure
[10:15 AM] RawkHawk2010: Nintendo wins E3.
[10:16 AM] RawkHawk2010: Not even Ludwig can bitch about it.
[10:16 AM] RawkHawk2010: He got No More Heroes.
[10:16 AM] Witch Princess: Mhm
[10:18 AM] RawkHawk2010: Treehouse Live looks weird.
[10:19 AM] RawkHawk2010: It's Luigi's Mansion 3-themed so it's dark as fuck.
[10:19 AM] Witch Princess: Wait are we staying for that
[10:20 AM] RawkHawk2010: @Ryu I wanna know more about your Bingo card.
[10:25 AM] Witch Princess: Sooo is it safe to end the log now?
[10:26 AM] RawkHawk2010: @Ryu I wanna know more about your Bingo card.
[10:29 AM] Ryu:

[10:29 AM] Ryu: I think that's it, if I'm not mistaken
[10:29 AM] Witch Princess: alrighty.
[10:29 AM] Ryu: not sure if I should count Donkey Kong
[10:29 AM] Ryu: lol
[10:30 AM] Ryu: I will
[10:30 AM] Witch Princess: He was technically shown
[10:30 AM] Ryu: not yet :stuck_out_tongue:
[10:30 AM] Ryu:

Nintendo E3 2019 predictions bingo card

[10:30 AM] Witch Princess: Dammit
[10:31 AM] Witch Princess: Now?
[10:31 AM] Witch Princess: :stuck_out_tongue:
[10:31 AM] Ryu: yes
[10:31 AM] Witch Princess: Y'all are like last minute shoppers

Sorry this took so long to actually publish. That's how long it took for the non-Ludwig KoopaTV staff to collectively figure out how to copy-paste a reaction log article together.

The Nintendo Direct for E3 2018 is over here.
Hero has been released... how is he?
Ludwig directly objects to the idea he isn't allowed to complain about Nintendo's E3 2019.
Here's Nintendo's Direct at E3 2021.

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