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Monday, June 3, 2019

KoopaTV's May 2019 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A month full of annual features and fun! And a feature improvement.

I know that in the gaming industry, people want to dedicate June to upcoming very important gaming conferences. Well, I want to take a day out of June to write about the month of May. May—despite us sometimes writing it as “March”—is important to KoopaTV. You'll see why as the post progresses, but it's all about the content. Let's get right into it.

The Top 5 Recommended KoopaTV Experiences of May 2019

Content matters, so here are the top five recommended KoopaTV experiences of May 2019. In chronological order! Even if it's not on this list, you should still check out every article from May 2019... and on the website in general. That's six years worth of content, but... you'll get a lot out of it.
  1. KoopaTV's Crabby Six-Year Anniversary  — KoopaTV opened May 12, 2013 to no acclaim whatsoever. We've come a long way since then, and KoopaTV has developed to the point of being very crab-like. We explain what exactly that means in this epic anniversary article.
  2. Super Silly Superpower Splatfest: Time Travel vs. Teleportation! — The May 2019 Splatfest pit Time Travel and Teleportation against one another, and based on KoopaTV's previously-stated thoughts on time travel (like long-time Daylight Saving Time opposition), Ludwig wrote about why you needed to support Team Transportation.
  3. Ace Attorney Isn't an RPG, but You Can Buy It at 50–70% off for CAPCOM Publisher Sale 2019! — Usually, when KoopaTV writes an Ace Attorney-is-on-sale article, we don't go into deep detail on Ace Attorney in terms of gameplay. But the Nintendo eShop prominently declares the franchise as role-playing games, so that's definitely something we needed to address.
  4. Democrats on Fox News Town Halls: Buttigieg vs. Warren — Not really game-related, but there's philosophy around Democrat candidates and their willingness to engage in what they consider “opposition media” like Fox News or KoopaTV, and that's foreshadowing future KoopaTV coverage of the 2020 presidential campaign. It's foreshadowing you need to read!
  5. Memorial to Durable Product Quality; They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To — KoopaTV's Memorial Day 2019 article, discussing product quality that's falling apart across the industries, including consumer electronics (and gaming hardware).

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of May 2019

Hopefully our great content attracts great (and awful) responses from you guys! Seeing community engagement gets us pretty happy. Here are the top three (in my opinion) on-site comments from you guys from May 2019. Reminder that featured commenters in this section earn an extra three extra points on their KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards program score, unless they didn't leave a name with their comment:
  1. “I try to follow people from a variety of different viewpoints on Twitter to avoid echo chambers.

    Doing so has also helped me to see more than ever that any group can have a great deal of variety in it, even if people who subscribe to identity politics don't want to accept it (and do their best to silence people who belong to "their" groups yet say things they don't want to hear).” — Samantha Lienhard
  2. “Excellent write up. It seemed in while trying to subvert stereotypes with good intentions they sort of accidentally proved that some stereotypes are true. It's a shame men still dominate the non-casual gaming categories but some of us girls are out there thankfully.

    Also the baby boomer part made me lol. My parents do indeed love some virtual card games...” — C.Mechayoshi
  3. “Though I do agree that it's sad the turtle died, when I first started reading it I was actually relieved because I thought maybe YOU had actually gotten into a car accident.

    Also, I was crestfallen when I read "FLORIDA MAN" in this article, just as I am whenever I read those two words from any news source, because, well, I am one and I don't want to be associated with such people. Like, no one ever seems to get attention for the GOOD kind of crazy, even.” — Lheticus Videre
Solid, funny, insightful comments from folks, and having my article be called “excellent” always makes me happy.

Here's the worst comment of the month from KoopaTV's comments section (as opposed to comments on social media which aren't eligible to be featured on the newsletter), which also makes me happy in another way:
  1. “Sounds like SJW garbage to me.
    Think of the children!
    Muh terrorism!
    Have we learned nothing?” — Anonymous
Is the subject of the article SJW garbage, or is my article itself SJW garbage? I asked Anonymous for clarification, but they never replied back. I'll interpret it as the article being SJW garbage. That's what I've always wanted. Far-left socialists have called me a Nazi or whatever before, but to truly be fair & balanced, far-right people need to be mad at me, too. Being called a SJW is evidence of that.

The actual content of the comment is awful, especially “Muh terrorism!” I have an issue with “Muh ___” anything as an argument, because it tries to reduce any legitimate argument or concern or core principle to a whiny moan. And it's so lazy, too. You can do it with anything. Anyone who does that isn't worth taking seriously. ...And I'll have you know “muh” has only been used once on KoopaTV by a staffer and it wasn't me, so I'm internally consistent!

Terrorism is a very important and personal concern for KoopaTV, especially terrorism within the gaming community. And those concerns were directly hyperlinked in the article that the anonymous guy commented in, with our own staffers being victimised (murdered) and radicalised by terrorists. The guy ignored the article content and just went right into writing a dumb comment. That's worthy of being the worst comment of the month. But, hey, thanks for commenting!

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 26 Mid-Round Leaderboard

With those point boosts from the previous section, here is the current (as of publishing) leaderboard for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 26! (Round 26 lasts from May 1 to June 30.)
  1. Lheticus Videre — 22 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 22 points
  3. ShinyGirafarig — 11 points
  4. Nandin Lopez — 8 points
  5. C. Mechayoshi — 6 points
  6. sam — 3 points 
Pro-tips: Round 26, atypically (in a generous way) of KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program rounds, has two prizes: $10 in Amazon money for first place, and $10 in Nintendo eShop money for second place. That makes it well worth your while (if you're motivated by greed and not by the value of being on KoopaTV to begin with) to put some effort into winning this round, and those point totals are very low and easily over-takable for the rest of June.

Just look at the points table for the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. You can get up to three points every day for writing good comments. Up to fifteen points for writing an awesome guest post. Eight points for filling out the current KoopaTV Feedback Form, and up to six points for the current KoopaTV Quiz. And there's other, often underutilised, methods you can get points as well. Check out the points table for more information.

Corrections Corner; May 2019

During May 2019, there were no on-site reader-suggested corrections to KoopaTV content. Corrections—ranging from typos to incorrect facts—also get you points, but if there's nothing to correct, it's obviously an unreliable method for getting points. We're proud that we're both flawless and also offer mechanisms to ensure we're flawless and honest to you. And we make any mistakes that we might have made very prominent to the world in these newsletters.

Better KoopaTV Subscription Experience

Did you know that you can subscribe to an automatic feed of KoopaTV articles that allows for new articles to be sent to your e-mail inbox? Very fancy technology. Up until early May, we haven't explored what it can actually do, but now that I have configured it, it's a better experience. Now the subject line actually has the title of the article in it! PLUS, I found out that I can directly hyperlink to a subscription URL instead of relying on the form that's at the top of the desktop version of the site. Ain't that fancy? Now I can vouch for a positive user experience with subscribing, so I'll ask...

Click here to subscribe to KoopaTV's new articles!

I also promise you that it's spam-free, since it's all automated. Plus, if there are ever times where there are multiple articles published in a day (like E3 in past years), it'll lump up all of those articles into one e-mail. That's really nice.

KoopaTV e-mail subscription inbox Blogger Blogspot subscribe feedburner
You can see between May 4 and May 7 is when I figured out, after almost six years, how to configure the subscription.
(Yes, I have an e-mail address dedicated to KoopaTV's subscription. It gets no spam. Just KoopaTV articles.)

We've also updated the Knowing When We Update article with this link.

E3 2019 Plans

KoopaTV will reveal our E3 2019 plans later this week. Spoiler alert: it won't be the same as previous years.

That's all Ludwig has to say for the newsletter. If you liked KoopaTV's content during May 2019, you're encouraged to share the site around to people! ...And if you disliked it (and who are you?) you should share it around too, because... KoopaTV is welcoming of all kinds of people. Questions are encouraged too.

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  1. A TIE?! Hoooo boy. I gotta think of ways to comment on more articles!

    1. Which was, naturally, the idea. ;) But not by enough! :P

    2. Well now it's updated and it's lookin' better than a few days ago.

  2. I was predicting my comment about my daughter being crabby would be a top comment.

  3. With E3 just on the horizon, I'm officially back from my hiatus. Not only that, but I finally have an avatar now as well. I plan on being much more active this month than I was the past two. While I missed a lot of great articles, I will try to find time to go back and read them all between work and summer classes. Here's to another great round!

    1. Hm, well, it's some manner of... horse there.

      Welcome back to KoopaTV!

    2. It's actually BOTW Link on a horse. Here's a 'link' to the full image.

    3. I... forgot that pre-BotW Wii U Link design existed.

      Now I remember a lot of people thought Link was a girl in that.


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