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Friday, June 1, 2018

KoopaTV's May 2018 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - KoopaTV's May was awesome, even if it felt very short-lived.

May. Very fast month. Now it's June. That's E3 month. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (that's what E3 stands for, folks!) is the single biggest gaming industry event every year. As a website that talks about said industry every day, it's the month with the most eyeballs on our site.

And yet, this newsletter is about the month of MAY. To KoopaTV, May is more than just “that month that precedes June.” May is an important month for KoopaTV, and we hope that we showed that off by our diverse and awesome range of articles.

Top Five Recommended KoopaTV Articles of May 2018

Top five time. All of KoopaTV's articles are worth reading, and I think the staff outdid ourselves with the excellent content this May. I hope you agree. Check out these five examples of greatness, in chronological order:

  1. KoopaTV Turns Ripe: Five-Year Bananniversary! — An obviously important article to KoopaTV history. KoopaTV turns five years old! The anniversary is themed around... bananas?
  2. Caught: FAKE NEWS CNN and Fake Tears Schumer! — CNN and the Democrat Party collude to deceive the minds of America with FAKE NEWS, and then change their hearts based on that deception with Fake Tears. KoopaTV caught them, though!
  3. Moe the Clown is Probably a Racist — KoopaTV continues our strong civil rights track record by investigating the ringmaster of the Berry Big Circus, Lawrence Moe Curls, for possible racism.
  4. Cappy Invading the United Kingdom and the Royal Wedding! — For yet another year in a row, KoopaTV staffer Vortexica is in grave danger prior to E3. This time, Cappy has invaded the United Kingdom and its recent Royal Wedding.
  5. Pokémon 2018 Conference: Pokémon Quest, Pokémon: Let's Go, and the 2019 Future...  — The May 29 big presentation from The Pokémon Company and GAME FREAK had a lot of important information and important reveals that are pertinent to the future of the franchise. KoopaTV dissected the meaning.

Even though it looks like the month was second-half-heavy, don't fret: the first half was truthful and full of levity, too! Plus, when I said a diverse range of articles, I meant it. After not being seen in three months, the Artistic Corner category came back with a vengeance in May 2018, with five articles!

Top Three Best Comments and Worst Comment of May 2018

Now that you know our recommended articles, how about your recommended comments? Yeah, let's do that.

Best comments, go:

  1. Personally, I think the only thing that is deserved to be called an "animal" are animals.

    I want to add, during 1st Period last month, someone from CNN came into our Film class, and I asked about their focus more on negative topics instead of stories (during his presentation, his focus was on stories), and he said that it's mainly for views.

    Speaking of which, most of what he showed to us is prior to 2016, and he talked about their coverage of the Vietnam War. I may be remembering wrong, but that's what stood out to me when talking to us.” — Nandin Lopez
  2. “I've been boycotting the Berry Big Circus ever since Moe became the ringmaster. His jokes have never been hilarious, and when I thought he could not get any worse, I find out that he is a racist too. The circus is in critical need of new management or else they will risk alienating customers. Nearly one year ago, the critically famed Ringling Bros. Circus performed for the very last time and I have a feeling that the Berry Big Circus will meet the same fate.” — Kody B.
  3. “Does Game Freak really think the 800 million Pokémon GO players will get excited by this game? Everyone has a phone to download a free app on. Buying a whole console just to play Zelda and Mario on? Not so much. These kids play Xbox/PS4. Or PUBG/Fortnite on their computer. Furthermore they will just dumb down their franchise by removing battling (remember Pokemon GO has no EVs, IVs or abilities etc). Do they think veteran pokemon players will get excited at the idea of waving their arm around to catch wild Pokémon?” — Anonymous 

I'm really digging the personal story of CNN spreading their history to the youngsters, and the boldness of the commenter to interrogate the FAKE NEWS man. I wish Nandin continued the conversation since I have an excellent reply, but oh well. As for boycotting the Berry Big Circus, Kody B. is absolutely correct, and I like that he brought the Ringling Bros. Circus into it. Very timely stuff. As for the Anonymous guy, I like pointing out good Anonymous commenters. The guy raised great points (and, quite frankly, I like that he's bashing the Battle Royale genre since we haven't actually touched the topic on KoopaTV yet), though it should be clarified that Pokémon GO does have IVs.

Worst comment was tough, but here it is:
  1.  “Feeling down now. Here I was excited and then there was a hidden rule.” — ShinyGirafarig 

If you follow the conversation, we're talking about the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program (mid-round leaderboard coming up shortly within this article) and the Corrections Corner (coming up shortly within this article). ShinyGirafarig suggested that we tweak the Corrections Corner rules to be more restrictive, but I said that her specific suggestion would be hard to implement in practice. (Though we might think of another way to restrict it for Round 21!) ShinyGirafarig then responded with... that comment, which makes no sense at all. I just said I wouldn't be making a new rule that she suggested, and then she gets sad because of a hidden rule that she suggested that doesn't actually exist? What? And what does this have to do with the actual article?

Corrections Corner; May 2018

Well then... This Corrections Corner edition is interesting. It turns out that I spelled “mobile” incorrectly (well, mobile deserves it) in the previous newsletter, and I wrote “Rose” instead of “Rise.” Both pointed out by ShinyGirafarig, who when calling out my typo, wrote “type” instead of “typo.”


May 2018 had a lot of original investigations on KoopaTV's end, so the most critical kind of correction — the factual error — is what I care the most about. As usual, there weren't any of those. We give better, more truthful content than our mainstream media competitors... and at a minuscule fraction of the budget!

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 20 Mid-Round Leaderboard

This is probably what you care about the most. Just a reminder: Round 20 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, which is KoopaTV's skill-based audience participation incentive, has a $10 Amazon gift card for first place, and a $10 Nintendo eShop gift card for second place.

  1. ShinyGirafarig — 56 points
  2. Kody B. — 35 points
  3. Nandin Lopez — 17 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 3 points
That... happens to be everyone on the leaderboard. We, uh, usually have more names on this thing, especially for a more prize-generous two months. Where y'all at? You got final exams or something? Don't miss the E3-driven opportunity here. Round 20 ends at the night of June 29, so you have time to stage a turnabout.

Sometime before Round 21 begins, I will have converted the embedded Google Sheet on the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program information page (hyperlinked in this section) with a table. That should make it mobile-friendly.

How E3 2018 Will Work on KoopaTV

Remember last year's E3 Weeks 2017? It'll basically be the same, or similar. This year we'll also have to call it E3 Weeks, since the same company that caused E3 2017 to go for over one calendar week is doing the same thing this year. We'll have a special logo (featuring E3's new logo), and a schedule that will contain everything you need to know. That schedule will be your index for all things E3 2018.

We have decided to purposefully incorporate the PC Gaming Show of 2018 into our schedule instead of the semifinals of the Splatoon 2 World Championship. Thank you all for giving us feedback on that!

Misc. Changes to the Website

The Google team in charge of Blogger product development has revealed a series of happening and about-to-happen changes with the Blogger platform. I don't know how they will affect KoopaTV, because I'm an incompetent webmaster. Other webmasters are like, OH NO THEY'RE TAKING POLLS AWAY. KoopaTV has opted to go with Feedback Forms and Quizzes to hear from you, instead of polls. (You should fill those out every new KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round.)

Speaking of which, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from the European Union are why you hear a lot from other websites about updated privacy policies and whatever. KoopaTV is pretty good about how we collect your data (it's already minimal, and you know exactly what you're giving us when you fill out the Feedback Forms, so...), so nothing changes on that front. We've updated our Disclaimers/Privacy Policy nonetheless to clarify that. Europe probably is going to try to fine us millions of Euros since a bunch of the articles this month were about trashing Europe.

Following our anniversary, which was all about ripeness, we have changed the site tab colour from the green used in our KoopaTV logo (from the Koopa shells, but it symbolised an unripe banana for the purpose of the anniversary) to a more ripe banana yellow. That's for both desktop and mobile.

May 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and now 2018... KoopaTV will soon be five years and one month old! Just as significant as being five years and zero months old, right? Celebrate by sharing KoopaTV to your own network of people — and get ready for the best E3 coverage around!

Check out last month's April 2018 newsletter here!
Next month's very important June 2018 newsletter is here. E3 2018 happened.
Check out last year's May 2017 newsletter here.
How about next year's May 2019 newsletter? There's a change to the site on that, too.


  1. I'm honored to be featured in one of the top comments of the month once again. Still, I suppose it is not too hard since there are not that many I'm competing against. I suppose I need to share articles more frequently than I have been. I have a feeling this E3 will be one of the best in recent years, so more people need to experience what the site has to offer now more than ever.

    1. I've always been contemplating having something in the Loyalty Rewards Program involving points for sharing stuff, but I'd rather reward the result than the effort. (Anyone can share things to a 0-follower account and that doesn't help KoopaTV.)
      So we have the referrals points instead.

  2. Making it "worst" is adding salt into my wounds. I really was broken up then.

    1. It was down to you and this guy.

      Oh well, neck up now!

    2. Since I worked hard to build up my points this round, afterwards I might either lay low or not comment here again.

    3. That's not exactly keeping your neck up.

      Why so?


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