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Thursday, June 14, 2018

KoopaTV Live Reacts: Nintendo Treehouse Live | E3 2018: Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Very expansive DLC.

Are you a big fan of Xenoblade Chronicles 2? What do you think of that Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country announcement? Looks great, right? Well, how about 20 or so minutes of gameplay content to go with it? Plus, some news?

Rawk leads this log in terms of content. He took the pictures and did most of the talking, since he's the resident obsessive for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

I'm the one who keeps the E3 Weeks 2018 Schedule up to date, though! And since it's me, you know that I'm doing my best.

[1:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Back!

[1:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: NEW STORY CONTENT.

[1:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Whole new story content it's practically a whole new game."

[1:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Whole new game's worth of content.

[1:35 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna, the Golden Country

[1:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: This has a "~" as part of its title.

[1:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Kinda rare.

[1:35 PM] RawkHawk2010: Lora and Jin.

[1:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: They're in some forest/jungle.

[1:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: They're saying the DLC looks familiar.

[1:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Not the environment!

[1:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Nor does the music.

[1:36 PM] RawkHawk2010: Nor does this menu.

[1:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well, uh, you can lead this log.

[1:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And pictures 'cause I dunno what's screen-worthy.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country Lora character setup
Lora is screen-worthy? I wouldn't think so.

[1:37 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: They're showing the first 20 minutes "of this game."

[1:37 PM] RawkHawk2010: All of this music is new.

[1:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: Jazz music for battle?

[1:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "New, classy jazz music."

[1:38 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds scrumptious.

[1:38 PM] RawkHawk2010: Mikhail as a kid.

[1:39 PM] RawkHawk2010: Darker tone than XC2.

[1:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: This music sounds wonzaful.

[1:40 PM] RawkHawk2010: Campfire resting.

[1:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: Like BotW?

[1:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: None of these mechanics seem repurposed.

[1:41 PM] RawkHawk2010: Assets are all being used for different functions.

[1:42 PM] RawkHawk2010: Jin just used HM Cut.

[1:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: I'm just gonna call this "Torna"

[1:45 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Well I need to know the exact name of this thing.

[1:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: Full title is like seven words.

[1:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: Village got glassed.

[1:45 PM] RawkHawk2010: ala Halo.

[1:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Malos?

[1:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Or just a Siren.

[1:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Yeah

[1:46 PM] RawkHawk2010: Boss music reused.

[1:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Mythra.

[1:48 PM] RawkHawk2010: Addam

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country Addam
I don't know who Addam is, but Rawk thinks he's screen-worthy.

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: With Rex's eyes.

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: A lot of people has Rex's eyes.

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: Wait

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: Is he being voiced by James Marsters?

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: 0.0

[1:49 PM] RawkHawk2010: He sounds like Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super.

[1:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: aka the guy who lies to get jobs not governed by SAG-AFTRA

[1:50 PM] RawkHawk2010: aka using fake names

[1:50 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh, I like that guy.

[1:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: Milton is a side character.

[1:51 PM] RawkHawk2010: Who the hell is Milton?

[1:53 PM] RawkHawk2010: Addam, to use his talent art, has to sacrifice HP when his HP is already 30% or lower.

[1:54 PM] RawkHawk2010: I need this battle theme posthaste.

[1:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: Spiders

[1:55 PM] RawkHawk2010: If Agate was here she'd be freaking out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country Cloud Arachno
I understand icky arachnids, at least. KILL IT!

[1:55 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ew

[1:56 PM] RawkHawk2010: Treehousers racing against the clock to show what they wanna show.

[1:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: They're going to Gormott.

[1:57 PM] RawkHawk2010: aka the Gaur Plains of XC2.

[1:59 PM] RawkHawk2010: Music of Gormott is  new.

[1:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: An overaffectionate enemy?

[1:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Like Bewear?

[1:59 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "We're quickly running out of time."

[2:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Part of the Expansion Pass and at retails as a standalone game.

[2:00 PM] RawkHawk2010: ENDING ON DEATH

[2:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So that's why you want the Octo Expansion purchasable separately?

[2:00 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Since you can for this?

[2:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: What was he saying about English/Japanese?

[2:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: You can bring Shulk and Fiora in the main game, as a question from yesterday's Challenge Mode.

[2:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I have absolutely no idea.

[2:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He said English voice and Japanese sub-titles.

[2:01 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: And then Japanese voice and English sub-titles.

[2:01 PM] RawkHawk2010: Anyway, that looked fantastic.

[2:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: Also, I don't think you can play this without XC2.

[2:02 PM] RawkHawk2010: You can just buy the code for it at retail.

[2:02 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: He said "standalone game".

[2:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: Well.

[2:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: It kind of is.

[2:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: But

[2:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: :phoenix_thinking:

[2:03 PM] RawkHawk2010: I dunno, that could be new news.

[2:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I dunno these guys are bad at articulating.

[2:03 PM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Either way, at Rawk's request, this is a standalone log.

Be on the lookout for clarification on those details at the end, but in the meantime, keep reading KoopaTV's reaction logs as they're coming!

Rawk's request that this is a standalone log comes from the log before this one, here.
Here's the next log, featuring another KoopaTV staff member getting attention!
Here was the log for yesterday's Challenge Battle mode in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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