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Friday, June 22, 2018

Mario Tennis Aces Released Today

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm so enthusiastic for it that I made it a Day One purchase.

I honestly don't need more games to play right now, given that I have a lot of games that I haven't finished playing. Still, the Mario Tennis Aces pre-launch online tournament was the most successful demo I've ever experienced, and I'm known to trash a lot of demos on KoopaTV. Plus, the Mario Tennis Aces segments were rated the most enjoyable part of E3 2018.

Today, June 22 2018, Mario Tennis Aces released on the Nintendo Switch. If you asked me in May, I didn't have any intention to buy the game. Today, I went and bought it. Day one. As you may expect, I like the game. I haven't gotten to play it for that long so this isn't a review or a recommendation or anything, but there's already been positive moments.

Mario Tennis Aces Mirage Mansion mirrors dialogue deviant criminal queen's treasure power stone
The Mirage Mansion mirrors’ first impression of Mario is that he is a criminal.
I couldn't agree more! Glad to see this new tennis island hates Mario. They should read KoopaTV.

Since the demo, now we can play doubles matches... online! This can include some great father-son action between King Bowser Koopa and that... punk, Bowser Jr. (I'm not playable, since I'm only an expert at table tennis, not tennis.) Of course, Bowser Jr. often doesn't know what he's doing. (See video.)

Mario Tennis Aces Bowser Bowser Jr. doubles match win Team Koopa Family
The Koopas win!

In any case, I want to go back to playing this game. But, no, first I have to dedicate several hours to fighting over orange juice.

Did you buy Mario Tennis Aces? Want to play it with Ludwig? Send him a Nintendo Switch friend request with his friend code listed on the KoopaTV contact page! He can't stand playing as Bowser Jr., but he'll be playing as any other Koopa in the game.

The closest thing to another wildly successful demo directly resulting in a game purchase would be Pocket Card Jockey, but that sells for significantly less than $60.


  1. I bought it yesterday, tried it out...and am forced to give up. I simply CANNOT get my head around trick shots for love or money, and appear to be just as incapable of winning against anyone in Simple mode despite the lack of them. The game is just congealed frustration to me, it's not worth it.

    1. Did you try the Adventure Mode? It really does drill Trick Shots into you as you keep playing it.

    2. I tried it...but somehow it was like doing Trick Shots there was different than doing them online. I just flat out could NOT get the Trick Shots online to where I actually GAINED energy. Hell I probably only hit the ball 1 out of 3 times trying Trick Shots online where I at least HIT the ball more often in Adventure mode.

    3. So... two reasons that might happen.

      One, you're not doing the Trick Shot command early enough.
      Two, you're trying to do it out-of-range.

    4. I already figured that much. Doesn't mean I have any clue how to do it RIGHT instead.

    5. You do it early and in-range. ^_^

      And by "early" I mean, "You need to predict it."

    6. Yeah see...the predicting bit is where I always have failed in Mario Tennis. And Smash Bros. And any other game for that matter. I prefer simply REACTING, and why is that so wrong?

    7. If you react fast enough, you can react and it'll be fine.

      If you react slow enough, your Trick Shot will work; but it'll just take energy.

      We love reacting, too!


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