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Monday, May 21, 2018

Pick: PC Gaming Show vs. Splatoon 2 World Championship Semifinals

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - These two events conflict with one another. Which should KoopaTV react to... LIVE?

Check this out. I'm putting together the schedule for KoopaTV's inevitable E3 2018 coverage. That's important to plan in advance, since the Electronics Entertainment Expo in June is always KoopaTV's most trafficked month. Part of that is because we publish more in that month than the other months, and part of that is because that's when gamers are the most hungry for our content.

In the interest of transparency, we have a conflict to present: On June 11, starting at 6:30 PM Eastern, Nintendo will be running the Splatoon 2 World Championships semi-finals. On June 11, starting at 6:00 PM Eastern, the PC Gamer magazine will be hosting the PC Gaming Show. That's a clear time conflict, and based on last year's PC Gaming Show lasting 105 minutes, they're going to overlap.

Splatoon 2 World Championship semifinals time June 11 Nintendo E3 2018PC Gaming Show 2018 time June 11 2018 E3

Which do we pick to live react to?

On one hand, this site doesn't cater to PC gaming. We're significantly more focused on console gaming. We also don't consider the PC Gaming Show to be an E3 conference, hence why it doesn't end up on our conferences tier list every year.

On the other hand, the Splatoon 2 World Championship semifinals is totally without consequence. There is no news that will be announced in there. Splatoon 2 is already out and has been for some time. If they want to drop an announcement for it that won't already be at Nintendo's presentation, they'll do so for the FINALS on the 12th. We haven't even been following the qualifier rounds, so it's not like we'll feel like we're missing anything. Plus, the non-Ludwig staff has demonstrated their boredom with watching competitive Splatoon during last year's Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational Championship.

If we miss the PC Gaming Show from its live broadcast, we can and probably will go back and still react to it. There WILL be news in there, even if the staffers don't personally care about it. Some other KoopaTV staff members also believe the PC Gaming Show will be funny.

If we miss the semifinals of the Splatoon 2 tournament, we're not going to watch its video-on-demand. It'll be lost forever to us. The other reason that the Splatoon 2 World Championship semifinals is somewhat compelling here is because it gives context to the finals round that we'll watch on the 12th, and because all of the Splatoon articles tend to get a high level of interest from readers. (Also known as: Splatoon consistently gets views and engagement on KoopaTV.) It also affects our rating for Nintendo's E3 2018 performance.

We're leaving it up to you guys, our readers, to tell us what to do three weeks from now. 


KoopaTV's staffers have a DIVISION for what to do, so the staff decided to just let you guys decide. Don't expect this level of transparency in the site's decision-making to carry over to many other areas of staff debate, such as the Game of THAT Year awards.

For Nintendo's full E3 2018 plans (as we know them as of May 21), click here.
The Splatoon 2 World Championship was announced here.


  1. PC Gaming might announced Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Steam which may also mean Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Switch. Go PC Gaming.

    1. Well... you're the biggest Splatoon fan we have (I hope), so that comment carries a lot of weight!

    2. I usually don't watch high level competitive gameplay but I do get interested if a lower tier character makes it high on the ladder.

    3. Erm... by character I assume you mean weapon.

      It was sort of fun last year to root against the French team just because they're French.

    4. I meant "character" as a generic term in competitive video games so it can be an actual character or a weapon in Splatoon's case.

      Isn't it far more fascinating to see Pichu beat Marth in Melre in a highly competitive match? Here is one video where it happened:

      It would be far more interesting to see an Aerospray being used in a high level tournament play too.

    5. Ruined by the awful commentary.

      (Oh hey you typo'd Melee.)

      The difference between the excitement of, say, an N-Zap and an Aerospray is a lot less than the difference between a Fox and a Bowser.

  2. I voted for Splatoon 2, because 1) it fits the site's themes better, 2) you can cover the PC Gaming show later, and 3) I've typically found the PC Gaming show to be one of the least interesting ones, and I say this as someone who has a huge collection of PC games.

    1. What the hell? The PC gamer who doesn't play Splatoon wants us to do Splatoon, and the Splatoon fanatic wants us to do PC Gaming.

    2. The irony occurred to me after I posted.

    3. Yeah, well, it doesn't heeeeelp if suddenly everyone's acting the opposite.


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