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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I Cared About Miitomo

By RAWKHAWK2010 - "#MiiToo", said Miitomo to Miiverse.

Miitomo Miifoto of the Day Mii end ending Nintendo RawkHawk2010
"Miitomo? Ending?! HEAVENS NO!!!"

Before it was announced that Miitomo would be put out to pasture, I hadn't played Miitomo in almost two years. That doesn't mean my Mii didn't at one time get something out of it, though. It enjoyed a fascinating journey through Nintendo's first mobile app, and, unlike Ludwig's, made memories from it that will last a lifetime.

Something important: Miiverse may have had our Miis already doing video game commentary, but Miitomo encouraged them to voice their opinions on literally everything that exists.  That was no doubt the most important aspect about Miitomo. Your Mii wanted attention and was gonna find a way to get it.

The first way was through straight verbal communication. Miitomo had a thing called "Answer Central" where your Mii could answer all these pre-made questions and share them with the world. You thought the kids on Miiverse could get rowdy? Well imagine what happened when Nintendo directly asked them things like "What pet name would you love your crush to call you?" (to which one Mii answered "Daddy"), or "What's something you've noticed becoming really popular recently?" (to which another answered "Zika"). Alternatively, your Mii could limit its shared answers to just friends, which while evoking warm memories of Swapnote, also reminded everyone that it wasn't 2012 anymore. Here's a question asking for Miis' favorite kind of bread:

Miitomo Mii bread Nintendo mobile racism
(Spot the cameo.)

My Mii has a melting stick of butter on its head, so I think it would know. The Mii in question also isn't actually "white" (nor its owner), but what other color would white bread turn after it leaves the toaster? (Am I supposed to go base a new saying around "burnt sienna"?!)

My Mii also had answers to other questions, including:

4/2/2016 9:26 p.m. What's the first thing you notice about people you have a crush on? Clavicle
4/3/2016 6:40 p.m. When was your first crush? When I was five, and I dreamt she jumped off the top of Noki Bay to her death before Noki Bay was even a thing.

4/6/2016 5:37 p.m. What's a food you find yourself craving every so often? THE SAME FOOD I JUST REPLIED TO THE LAST TWO QUESTIONS WITH.
4/9/2016 1:02 a.m. What language have you always wished you could speak? Kxo jumo edo uj Tricky!
4/9/2016 5:26 a.m. Which song used in a commercial has left the biggest impression on you? Folgers in your Cup because it sounds like Pollyanna from Mother
4/11/2016 8:14 a.m. What sends shivers down your spine? Seizures!
4/11/2016 8.19 a.m. Which app do you feel like nobody uses except you? Oh come on, you're just asking for it.
4/21/2016 4:20 p.m. Who's your favorite male comedian? Jeb Bush.

Oh yeah, and answering these things was the primary way of earning Miitomo coins (at least at the time), which means 99% of users weren't actually doing any of this genuinely. They just wanted more in-game currency to use on mini-games. Mini-games I won't be talking about because they were bad. So bad they were UNMEMORABLY bad. (Bad!)

Instead, now is the time to mention what was undoubtedly the main draw of Miitomo even if you thought every other part of the app sucked dropped eggs: the Miifotos. Miifoto was a feature allowing Miis to do a variety of poses against a background of the player's choosing, and well... I think I'll just let the Miifotos speak for themselves.

Miitomo Miifoto Mii Apple family SUV Nintendo mobile RawkHawk2010

Miitomo Miifoto Kent State Shooting Nintendo mobile RawkHawk2010

Miitomo Miifoto Barbie Beach Barbies slide Nintendo mobile RawkHawk2010

Coincidentally, those are the only three Miifotos I ever took. More loyalty to the service may have resulted in shots putting the above ones to shame, but now we'll never know. All I know is that this article is the end. The end of my Mii's last true escapades, the end of his mind and flesh as know it. His only method of survival, according to Nintendo Switch system settings, is to hitch a ride on a $13 hunk of plastic that I'm supposed to go out and buy specifically for this. That's the definition of corporate abuse and I'm pretty sure he would rather go ahead and be buried.

Rawk's Eulogy: Staring the other side of eternity in the face may sound daunting, but just remember that you already lost all your friends a long time ago. Farewell, my Mii~

The trope "Back From the Dead" has a very good chance of coming into play here. Still, what a sad day for Rawk.

Click here for the article published when Miiverse was shut down.


  1. The only thing I liked doing in Miitomo was petting the Mii's head.

  2. I actually tried to put some effort into most of the answers even if the coins were worthless. I probably only used the app a dozen times or so before I did not see any use of keeping it any longer and then uninstalled it. If the app featured games similar to the ones found in the 3DS Mii Plaza, I think that it could have been more successful.


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