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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

KoopaTV's April 2018 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's coming... sooner than you think...

At the same time last year, we were announcing that KoopaTV will be returning to a full, five articles a week schedule, up from three articles a week. We are most definitely doing better now than then, and April 2018 was a great April. 

As you'll see in this newsletter, there are multiple ways that April was great for KoopaTV. Between the rich content, the great comments and participation from you guys (the readers that participate — alternatively known as the players in the KoopaTV game of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program), and even some site infrastructure updates.

We'll turn five years old in less than two weeks. (And we don't have any plans yet for exactly what we're going to do with that anniversary...)

KoopaTV's Top Five Recommended Articles of April 2018

Part of that bit about rich content gets down to if our articles are wonderful or not. In April 2018, they were. (Well, every article on the site is worth reading, so... they're all varying degrees of wonderful.)

Here are the top five recommended articles of April 2018, chosen by the KoopaTV staff. Presented in chronological order:
  1. Splatfest: Individualistic Baseball vs. Collectivist Soccer — When asked by the Splatoon 2 Splatfest which sport he prefers — baseball or soccer — Ludwig not only makes the case for baseball, but he also connects it to individualist versus collectivist cultures.
  2. The Detective Pikachu Demo Thinks You're Dumb — After attacking the Detective Pikachu game as a SAG-AFTRA conspiracy in March, Ludwig writes a review of Detective Pikachu based off the demo. It's very close to what you'd expect from the full game.
  3. Reunion, and Turnabout Anime CONTRADICTIONS! Justice For All? — Funimation has released the first two episodes of part two of season one of the Ace Attorney anime, based off the Reunion, and Turnabout trial in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All. Both the anime adaptation and the original game contain some suspicious plot holes, however...
  4. Let Tax Day 2018 Be The LAST Tax Day, EVER! Enact the FAIRtax! — Another year passes, and that brings with it an agonising experience for American citizens: the day your income tax returns are due. Ludwig passionately advocates for the FAIRtax legislation, which would end this cycle of misery once and for all.
  5. DON'T BUY THE NINTENDO LABO: What you NEED to know! — KoopaTV reveals the results of our investigation into the LaboTV incident, and we discover horrible things that happened behind-the-scenes.

Top Three Best Comments and Worst Comment of April 2018

Here's where you come in! It's reader participation time! We've been taking notes on your best and worst comments throughout the month. In chronological order, we really like these ones:
  1. “I just discouraged someone from getting Detective Pikachu on a Splatoon Discord server I am part of and they decided to go for Ace Attorney Investigations when we compared the two.” — ShinyGirafarig
  2. “"Unfortunately, you can't collect and submit eggs to the basket if you're using the Inkjet!"
    Well you already saw my video on Twitter but I will link it here in the comments for others to see.

    You can collect eggs and even deliver them in Ink Jet but the only way to do it is to go into squid form when that special is activated. I was not able to show myself delivering the egg while squidding as an Ink Jet as time ran out for the special but you can see me get the egg while I turned into squid form while the Ink Jet is activated.” — ShinyGirafarig
  3. “It gets stored and then discarded when it is landed. They use blue soap liquid in the toilets to make the plane not stink. There are stories where they flush it out midflight anyway and it lands in an Indian village:

    Sadly could not travel with THE BABY yet on the plane. We were about to then she contracted impetigo so the doctor told us not to fly and we are waiting for insurance to hopefully reimburse us for the cancelled flight.” — ShinyGirafarig
...Okay, all of those ended up being from the same person. Well, KoopaTV isn't egalitarian or seeking diversity.

ShinyGirafarig was very informative and value-added with a lot of her comments this month, and there's even a hint of delicious activism in that first comment. There's nothing like KoopaTV making a difference in people's lives!

As for the worst comment of the month...
  1. “I'm a huge baseball fan (Go Baltimore Orioles!)
    But I'm going team soccer. No real reason, as I'm unfamiliar with Splatoon, but it looks cooler.
    Team #FMI” — Takehiko The Espeon
This is dreadful and antithetical to KoopaTV. He's a huge baseball fan. His heart is with baseball. But he chooses Team Soccer instead. Why? There isn't a reason. Just to be dumb and all hashtaggy. Awful. And he says he's unfamiliar with Splatoon as a justification? You don't need to be familiar with Splatoon. That isn't the point of the Splatfest articles. It's about the choices you're presented. He says “it looks cooler.” What looks cooler? Soccer as a sport, even though he's this big baseball fan? The Team Soccer logo compared to Team Baseball's? (It's...not cooler.) What the hell is “it”? Dude never comes and explains himself.

Bad comment all around. Nothing redeeming about it.

Round 19 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program RESULTS!

With the bonus points for having the best comments of the month factored in, your FINAL RESULTS for Round 19 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program are...
  1. ShinyGirafarig — 108 points
  2. Kody B. — 79 points
  3. Nandin Lopez — 43 points
Congratulations are in order to ShinyGirafarig for making a stunning comeback compared to the mid-round leaderboard from a month ago. When you play the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program game, and you want to win it, you can do magnificent things. Play to win and get results.

And results are being gotten, since I'm going to e-mail ShinyGirafarig a $10 Nintendo eShop code as soon as I find a coin to scratch the strip off the back of the card. Believe it or not, waging all these wars in the name of various causes can make the gold coin money supply scarce. And I'm not a savage that'll use my claws or something. I want to be able to read the code afterwards!

Announcing Round 20 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program!

When one round ends, another one begins. That's the circle of life... or rewarding your loyalty.

Because Round 20 will cover all of May and June (to be specific, it ends June 29), and that encompasses E3 2018, Round 20 will have slightly cooler prizes than usual!

The prize for first place will be a $10 Amazon code, and the prize for second place will be a $10 Nintendo eShop code. Yup, we'll be awarding the top two participants rather than just the top one!

(If you're in first place and you'd rather get a Nintendo eShop code than an Amazon one, then you have that option.)

KoopaTV Feedback Form and Quiz Part XVI Now Available!

Get a strong start to Round 20 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program with these lucrative point-earning opportunities!

Click here to check out the latest KoopaTV Feedback Form and KoopaTV Quiz. Since they're all fun, you can also see all of the archived feedback forms and quizzes from years past!

KoopaTV is Hiring. Still.

Do you want to make a big difference to KoopaTV in a very short period of time? KoopaTV's E3 coverage is the time of the year where KoopaTV gets the most amount of traffic. Join KoopaTV's staff in time for E3 by checking out the open positions here!

...You could also make a difference by submitting guest posts to KoopaTV, but that won't make quite as much impact as participating in all of the live reaction logs that are produced during E3... (AND BEYOND!)

KoopaTV Now Using HTTPS

As of near the start of April, KoopaTV is now using an https:// connection rather than an http:// one. This shouldn't make any actual impact on the security of browsing through KoopaTV, since I'm pretty sure you aren't inputting any sensitive information while you're using KoopaTV to begin with.

Maybe it makes submitting your e-mail address into our e-mail subscription safer and encrypted and not stealable by random hackers? (Now go join our mailing list, which you can view by going to KoopaTV from your desktop and not mobile trash.)

KoopaTV's tumblr is officially dead

If you try to go to you'll see nothing there. Good riddance. What a waste of time running that thing was.

Corrections Corner

There was a typo in last month's March 2018 newsletter that ShinyGirafarig pointed out, which is sad since that same newsletter was bragging about March's lack of typos in that edition of the Corrections Corner. Later in April, there was another typo involving an extraneous period that Nandin pointed out.

That's it. A couple of minor typos. It wasn't a spotless month, but once again, KoopaTV didn't have anything resembling a major correction. All minor things. Not, you know, corrections about factual matters. We're not FAKE NEWS or anything. With the amount of writing that gets published on KoopaTV every month, I'm surprised it's not more than two typos!

(The other important point is that they're fixed now.)

As KoopaTV continues to publish better and more engaging content for you, KoopaTV would like for you to share this website and its articles to other people. A better site deserves a larger audience, after all, and with KoopaTV consolidating its awareness venues, why not help close any possible gap that may arise? And tread new ground?

Read the whole March 2018 newsletter (last month's) over here!
Next month's May 2018 newsletter really did come soon!
You can read last year's April 2017 newsletter here!
Next year's April 2019 newsletter is also pretty sweet.


  1. Now go join our mailing list, which you can view by going to KoopaTV from your desktop and not mboile trash.)


    1. I should really consider editing my own articles instead of having our QA Department of Rawk do it.

      Alternatively, I'm just making typos on purpose to see if anyone is paying attention. Would you have commented on this otherwise?

    2. I still would have commented.

      I would have made my first comment be about how I am going to use my $10 eShop points towards the Octo Expansion. I hope to win another $10 in eShop points and if I get first place I would trade with the second place winner for it unless you mean you would get the first place winner a $10 eShop gift card as well along with the second place winner getting the same eShop prize.

    3. I found a gold coin, so look for the code in your inbox.

      ...And let me know when you've used it so I may dispose of the physical card. Safely.

      (No, I mean that if you pick the $10 eShop card if you get 1st place, 2nd place gets the Amazon code.)

  2. I doubt that too many Tumblr users would even even care about the content on this site. The user base is full of young teens that come up with the most ridiculous stories for no other reason than to get reblogged a lot. Although I have an account, I barely use it anymore just to see some of the artwork that is posted from time to time.

    1. KoopaTV's audience are misfits. Tumblr's userbase are misfits.

      They're just different kinds of misfits.


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