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Monday, April 9, 2018

Reunion, and Turnabout Anime CONTRADICTIONS! Justice For All?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Let's focus on the Ace Attorney anime.

In one month, Funimation will release part two of season one of the Ace Attorney anime on Blu-Ray/DVD, featuring the plot of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All.

If you can't wait, or you just want to watch some free Ace Attorney content, you can go ahead and watch Episodes 14 and 15 (alternatively known as the first two episodes of part two of season one) on Funimation's website. Here is Episode 14, or Reunion and Turnabout — First Trial. Here is Episode 15, or Reunion and Turnabout — Second Trial.

(That first trial episode actually has no court case taking place at all! It's, as Dr. Turner Grey would say... FAKE NEWS!)

But the contradictions don't end there. No, they occur within the trial itself. There are plot holes much bigger than the mere bullet holes in the Kurain channeling costume's sleeves! (And folding screen.)

For one, the anime introduces two new witnesses that didn't exist before in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All.

Ace Attorney anime Reunion and Turnabout Maya Fey Kurain assistants Turner Grey Phoenix Wright
The two assistants on each side of Maya Fey.
Are they assistants... or are they assassins?

Are these two girls going to testify in court as witnesses? They were involved just as much as Phoenix Wright, Lotta Hart, or Morgan Fey. Their role was to escort Maya into the Channeling Chamber, and then close the door once she and Dr. Turner Grey were in the chamber. Maya Fey then supposedly locks the door from the inside with the one key in existence. That's... as normal, but then it doesn't seem like anyone is wondering about the whereabouts of these assistants during the trial. Morgan Fey told Detective Dick Gumshoe that she, Phoenix, Lotta, Pearl, and Ini Miney were present during the murder. NO WORD ABOUT THE ASSISTANTS.

They might've murdered Turner Grey, for all we know. Or were accomplices in framing Maya.

Here is another contradiction. Consider that in both the game and the anime, Lotta Hart testified to the court to have walked around the Channeling Chamber and investigate around the room to see if anyone was hiding. In reality, she was standing to the side of or behind Phoenix Wright at the entrance of the chamber the entire time after Phoenix Wright smashed the door down. (That makes him Super Smash Bros. material, right?)

Ace Attorney anime Reunion and Turnabout Phoenix Wright Lotta Hart Morgan Fey Channeling Chamber Maya Fey
Lotta Hart and Phoenix Wright never actually got to really enter the Channeling Chamber.

If Lotta and Phoenix were at the entrance looking inward, then when they were talking to what appeared to be Maya Fey channeling Mimi Miney, they never would see her face. Maya was looking at the back wall the entire time and never turned around.

Given that, then Lotta Hart's photograph is IMPOSSIBLE.

Ace Attorney anime Reunion and Turnabout trial Lotta Hart photograph picture Maya Fey face blood Channeling Chamber
Everyone is, of course, shocked by the existence of the photograph.
...Though they are shocked for a different reason than I am.

That photograph clearly has Maya Fey's face in it. Erm, well, Mimi Miney's face being channeled by Maya Fey. The point is that it has her front side, but the woman never showed her front side to Mr. Wright or Ms. Hart.


In the games, you (Phoenix Wright) do see the woman's front side as she is talking, so there is a potential for Lotta Hart to have taken a photograph of her. However, the idea that Lotta Hart investigated the crime scene in front of Phoenix Wright's eyes, in the time before being kicked out by Morgan Fey, and without Phoenix Wright actually seeing or observing it... is preposterous. And a contradiction!

There are too many shenanigans going on in this trial, between these mysterious assistants, the impossible crime scene investigation, and the impossible photograph. Very suspicious indeed.

Perhaps things will be explained when the Ace Attorney anime's part two of season one is fully released on May 8, 2018. That will have the conclusion of the Reunion, and Turnabout trial!

Obviously, Ludwig doesn't normally write about anime, but since it's Ace Attorney, this is alright and not out-of-character or anything. Besides, it's directly related to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All, which should make things just fine. Do you think the plot holes and contradictions are problematic? Can justice be served if these are never addressed?

Dr. Turner Grey deserves the truth.


  1. We just have to live with the fact that movies or shorts adaptations of books and video games will never be 100% accurate to the source material. Is there even such a thing?

    1. It's accurate to the source material in that the source material has plot holes as well!

      But no, you always need to make adaptations when converting mediums, unless you want an unmarketable awful product to come from it.


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