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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Experience for yourself the Russian-American MISSILE Arms Race in this FREE BROWSER GAME!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Play Soviet Missile Run right here on KoopaTV!

The news cycle is moving so ridiculously fast — there are many events that I should be opining on but haven't gotten the chance to — but it's also important to look back on what has happened in the past to see how everyone got to the present situation.

That's... sort of what President Donald John Trump did in this tweet regarding the United States of America's current diplomatic relationship with Russia, as much as the normally non-reflective President can:

Just so you understand just how bad the relationships are right now, forty minutes earlier, the President tweeted this:

Let's unpack that. You Americans, and anyone else in the world, should do everything you can to prevent your respective country from conducting a war because of Syria. World War III is supposed to be caused by Cappy in North Korea, and  as a third party unbiased observer from Koopa Kingdom, let me tell you that Syria isn't worth engulfing the whole Earth in a war with weapons of mass destruction.

Here are the two bits of interest for me, and the purpose of this article: One, the relationship between America and Russia is worse than in the Cold War. (For the sake of the narrative, let's accept this as true.) Second, there will be nice, new, and “smart!” missiles flying around. For now, these will be coming from America and towards Syria and any Russians there.

We have a perfect videogame for the occasion, and it was last year's best PC game of 2017: Soviet Missile Run! Soviet Missile Run takes place during the Cold War, and depicts the covert conflict around the Soviet Union's missile production versus the CIA. The roles are a little reversed compared to real life... for now. Just wait — Russia will be shooting missiles back at the United States in no time, so be prepared!

Soviet Missile Run cutscene Varya fainted in Viktor's arms Boris bootcamp
If you're fainting from just the game, you won't know what to do for the real thing.
Learn from history, and play Soviet Missile Run! You must MASTER it!

(Be sure to be using a Flash-enabled device.) 

KoopaTV didn't know this would end up happening when developing Soviet Missile Run, but recommends playing it to help you understand the current geopolitical nonsense currently going on in Earth. The game also happens to be fun, and features Russian voice-acting from Ludwig, as well as singing. It didn't win Best PC Game of 2017 for nothing!

Soviet Missile Run can also help teach you how to survive missile warnings should one be heading your way.

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