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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Launching LaboTV!

By TROJAN BOWSER - What was known as KoopaTV is fully transitioning to LaboTV.

Koopa Kingdom is proud to announce the best Internet hub in the world for all things Nintendo Labo: LaboTV.

The Nintendo Labo is releasing to the world this April 20th, and LaboTV wants to be there at the forefront. In the coming weeks, we'll change this domain name ( to, and the staff will have awesome new sections to the site. 

Already, you can see LaboTV's new logo, and the new color scheme/layout:

Nintendo Labo LaboTV logo fan site
LaboTV's logo!

LaboTV will formally launch when the Nintendo Labo does, on April 20th. LaboTV will be updated as often as there is content to update it with. Until then, look forward to...

Nintendo Labo News

LaboTV will keep you in the know for every bit of news that happens in the Labo world, straight from Nintendo! Or if any other company has news, then that will be just as valid, but also fact-checked.

Nintendo Labo Inventions

LaboTV will showcase your creativity by displaying the cool, novel uses for the Labo that you come up with! This includes the awesome things you'll make in the Toy-Con Garage.

Nintendo Labo Lifestyle

LaboTV is also very interested in how you use your Labo as a lifestyle decision. Are you raising your kids with Nintendo Labo? Have some cool pictures or videos with you using your Labo? Anything with you and the Labo, we want to know about!

Nintendo Labo Software Strategy Guides

For the software that comes with the Nintendo Labo Kits, LaboTV will dissect everything you can do in these interactive experiences, as well as any optimal decisions you may need to make.

These guides will be multimedia — text, pictures, and yes, videos.

Nintendo Labo CAD Repository

Broke your cardboard? Well, LaboTV will take submissions for any CAD (computer-aided design) files you may wish to share. LaboTV is agnostic as to what file formats you submit, but neutral STEP or IGES files will likely have the most impact with the general audience. With those, you could even 3D-print a good-as-new Labo!

LaboTV is even prepared to compensate you for your designs!

LaboTV Discord

We thought about converting KoopaTV's Intranet website and old forum, Planet Koopa, into a LaboTV forum for all of you to enjoy, but forums are on their way out anyway. We will be opening a public LaboTV Discord server once LaboTV opens because we want to be the premier Nintendo Labo community, and Discord servers are the modern way of doing that.

What About KoopaTV?

KoopaTV's staff will be moving full-time to support LaboTV. When I write full-time, I mean it. LaboTV will be funded by a Patreon, as well as advertisements. We anticipate a LOT more traffic —  traffic that can be monetized — with LaboTV than we ever did KoopaTV, so it will actually be able to self-sustain without infusions of capital from Koopa Kingdom's treasury. We hope to be able to support your love of Labo.

KoopaTV's articles will be archived on a read-only domain once it becomes May 6th. The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 19 will be allowed to conclude at the end of April and its winner will be honored with the prize, the $10 Nintendo eShop code. The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program will then conclude, and LaboTV does not plan to have a comparable replacement.

The Last Word

We're going all-in with the Nintendo Labo with LaboTV. It's a new chapter in the staff's lives, and we hope you'll enjoy LaboTV as much as we will.

These footers won't exist on LaboTV articles. Just a heads-up.

It turns out that Trojan Bowser is a cardboard imposter, and LaboTV isn't King Bowser's true wishes! LaboTV is canceled, and KoopaTV is saved!
Because of the unforgivable act of pretending to be King Bowser and trying to end KoopaTV, KoopaTV has declared war on the Nintendo Labo.
The Labo cannot build cardboard constructs where there aren't any. A whole group built TROJAN BOWSER.
It's time to go heavy weapons on the Labo.
We can conclusively prove that Labo and Mario are teamed up.
The Labo was responsible for a whole train outage.
The shipping industry is responsible for the proliferation of Labo into homes and businesses.
The real King Bowser would be responsible for the real shutting down of KoopaTV, though he wouldn't byline the article.


  1. Well, in terms of APRIL FOOLS JOKES, I'm certainly enjoying Labo TV :P

    1. April Fools jokes? King Bowser himself bylined this article, which he has never done before! This is no joke — it's from the highest reaches of Planet Koopa management!

    2. Sure, go on and keep denying it. :P But poking the man behind the curtain with a stick is just what I do. ;)

    3. Just wait for tomorrow and YOU'LL SEE.

  2. I've been waiting for a new site layout for a while, and I could not possibly be any happier with the result. After all these years, I would have never thought it would require a complete shift of focus from games and politics to the Labo, but if that is what it takes to modernize the design, then so be it. As time goes on, it is essential to adjust and realign your platform in order to reach a broader audience and keep things from becoming stale. The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards program had a good long run as well and just like Club Nintendo will come to an end and be replaced with nothing but providing users with a sense of pride and accomplishment for reading articles. There is so much more I could say, but in short, it all boils down to this - I could not be more excited for what is to come out of this unexpected project.

    1. I'm glad we can count on your continued support! ♫

  3. いいエイプリルフールの冗談だよね。それも、すげぇロゴを作った。LABOっては…(笑)

    1. Welcome back to the comments section, Miner! (It's only been two months!)

      LaboTV will be as open to the Japanese as it is to Americans, which is something currently not true of KoopaTV today. :)

  4. 僕について覚えた!頑張ったね。

    you remembered me! well done.

    1. How could I forget? :)

      Anyway, this wasn't an April Fools joke! It was an INVASION!

  5. Now you know my plan from Twitter. I am going to a closed Labo event in Nintendo NY. Just because I go to these Nintendo events does not mean I buy the game in the end. I went to an Ultra Sun/Moon event and never got either Ultra game. My plan is to go to the event as an outing for me and my daughter because this time they don't bar people from attending based on age. I want to get some in person experience with Labo so I can write a guest post about the parent's experience with Labo. My daughter would probably just bite on the cardboard.

    1. I approve of your daughter's hypothetical activity.


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