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Monday, April 23, 2018

Good-bye, Puzzle Fighter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Not that I really know anything about it, but now I don't ever have to!

Two months ago I wrote about CAPCOM's mobile-only game, Puzzle Fighter, in the context of Phoenix Wright becoming a playable character for it:
“CAPCOM has this mediocre free-to-play mobile game called Puzzle Fighter where you have to do gacha stuff to get the playable character you want. Phoenix Wright is now in the game! He looks absolutely hideous[. ...] Honestly, I have no idea how Puzzle Fighter works in terms of gameplay or if characters make a difference.”

Meanwhile, three days ago, CAPCOM Game Studio Vancouver announced on Capcom Unity that they are sunsetting Puzzle Fighter, with them shutting down the servers on July 31. (Three months and a week!) All the content after the 20th, including the game's soundtrack and Dr. Wily, are FREE! ...And in-app purchases are disabled today.

For music, here is Dr. Wily's Castle (part 1). ...There's no Ace Attorney in the soundtrack, which I guess is a disadvantage of being a DLC-only franchise in a low-budget game:

(Dr. Wily himself may be DLC, but not the Mega Man franchise.)

The reason that Jeffery Simpson, the CAPCOM Vancouver community manager, said that they would be ending Puzzle Fighter is so they could focus on Dead Rising. That's admirable, since that's what CAPCOM Vancouver was working on before becoming a CAPCOM studio. Perhaps they were just stuck with Puzzle Fighter and never wanted it.

The less of whatever this art style is, the better. Good news! (And maybe it'll signal a strategy for CAPCOM to focus less on mobile? ...Or is that too hopeful?)

Puzzle Fighter pink P sweater Phoenix Wright knocked out cry kicked Jill Valentine
“Mia! You've made our client cry!”
“Let him! That ‘P’ on his chest doesn't stand for [puzzle] anyways!”
(Picture source: Demonflip84)

Ludwig hates writing articles about when CAPCOM games put a focus on mobile, so he's more than happy to spend some article space on KoopaTV writing about the opposite occurring. If you have any experience with Puzzle Fighter, perhaps enough experience to actually be upset about it shutting down, feel free to comment about it. Just expect the KoopaTV response to be incredibly unsympathetic. As for Phoenix Wright's pink sweater, do YOU know what the P stands for?

Compare this mobile game end-of-life to Miitomo, which has had substantially more time to end than Puzzle Fighter in-between announcement and end.


  1. The "P" stands for "Phoenix." The Japanese version had "RYU" instead to go with his name in that version "Ryūichi."

    1. Mia disagrees.

      I like to think Mia knows her client!


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