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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Miitomo's End of Life. ...What's Miitomo, Again?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I totally forgot what Miitomo was. Yup, totally mobile trash.

By May 9, 2018, Miitomo service will end. Remember Miitomo? I didn't. I still don't even know what the hell you do in Miitomo but it was Nintendo's first mobile application since their whole “let's go back on what we were saying for years and do mobile now.” reversal.

Miitomo proceeded to get 10 million users in a month, but those users weren't exactly the most engaged bunch. Afterwards, they had a Splatfest to promote it, and then Miitomo disappeared except to annoy people with its clothes and crap My Nintendo. (Otherwise, you can't actually do anything with all those Platinum Coins they dump on you.)

Anyway, Miitomo will end per the Miitomo site, which might not be around after May 9, so here is the announcement on the main Nintendo site

Nintendo Miitomo notification of the end of Miitomo service The Final Thank You Festival
Think you know your friends?
Well, too bad, because you'll NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN.

Unlike when Miiverse ended, whatever content (Miifotos) you produced via Miitomo will specifically be destroyed unless you manually back it up on a Miifoto-by-Miifoto basis, even if you shared it to social media.

Your Miitomo clothing associated with your Nintendo Account or Super Mario Run also won't appear, presumably leaving you naked or something. Sounds like The Emperor's New Clothes.

As of today, you can't buy Miitomo coins, but you get a bunch for signing on every day.

No explanation is given for why Miitomo will end, but it probably stems from no one giving a crap about it. Nintendo has actual games (trashy, unfulfilling games, but they ARE games) they want to promote as a service right now in the mobile ecosystem. For example, Fire Emblem Heroes continues to attract a lot of support, and right now they are holding another character contest Choose Your Legends ballot thingy since the first one apparently wasn't enough. A lot of people actually voted in that first one and are probably voting in the second one (not following it at all), unlike other Nintendo polling attempts like the first round of the Kirby Copy Ability poll where I was apparently the only one who voted in it every day.

Still, Nintendo is holding a Miitomo memories Miifoto event in Miitomo, where people can post themed Miifotos until a couple of days before the Nintendo Labo is released, and then they'll completely disappear from the world twenty days later.

Have fun?

Ludwig clearly has no Miitomo memories to share, since he totally forgot the application ever existed until he had to write this article. He expects that you don't have anything noteworthy to say about it either, but you're free to subvert his expectations.

You may wish to possibly compare how this article was written with the one about, say, the Wii Shop Channel closing.
Unlike Ludwig, Rawk actually DOES remember and even care about Miitomo. He writes a eulogy for it here.


  1. I remember that one time I shared one of my Miifotos on social media and then I never used the app again and deleted it. If Miitomo wasn't so basic and had actual activities to do, then perhaps it would have a longer shelf life. Instead, it was another generic conversation starter game that did not culminate into anything substantial. Nothing of any merit shall be lost from its removal.

  2. 任天堂は素晴らしいゲームを作る。

    1. しかし、Miitomoはソーシャルアプリです。


      [English: Miitomo is a social app, though.

      Sorry, I'm using a translator.]

    2. Koopa TV goes international!

  3. Could say this for a lot of the mobile Nintendo apps, Mario kart on the hone was insanely popular for two days at my school, and then no one cared anymore. If miitomo had been integrated with the switch like miiverse, maybe it would have done better. Either way I've a feeling Nintendo is going to revisit this whole Nintendo social media thing a couple years down the line, so hopefully they learn a thing or two by then.

    If pikmin bloom wasn't right before the announcement for pikmin 4, i guarantee that no one would remember it years down the line. Hey Pikmin was bad, but it's memorable whether we like it or not.

    1. That'd require Miitomo to be out around the same time as the Switch, but Miitomo definitely predated it.

      I strongly disagree that Hey! Pikmin is memorable. I regularly forget it ever existed, and I'm sure so do many other people.

  4. Still in the grand scheme of things when going over pikmin games, Hey pikmin is more likely to be included as it came out on an actual console, and the pikmin series only has three other games at this point. You can count the number of pikmin games on one hand and its been over 20 years!

    Miitomo could still have been implemented as soon as the switch was released. If there was already a button for it on the switch home menu, it could have the chance of getting some of miiverses popularity.

    1. "Hey pikmin is more likely to be included as it came out on an actual console"

      ...Is that... a slight on the Wii U? :(

    2. No, that was a knock against Pikmin Bloom. I like the Wii U, but it does leave much to be desired.

    3. ...Fair. I do see some people talk about Pikmin Bloom, though I don't think they're franchise fans.


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