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Monday, January 15, 2018

Is Sierra Leone A Shithole? The Great People There!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We take issue with that man's belief.

Last week, United States of America President Donald John Trump reportedly (according to a Democrat in the room) said that “African countries” are “shithole countries.” (In a discussion about immigration protections for people currently in America.) He also said that immigration protections should be ceased with Haitians.

He has since said good things about Haiti in a tweet, but nothing about any African countries. What, is Africa beneath him?

There is some debate about whether or not the President actually said “shithole”, but no one is denying the basic sentiment behind the statement — people from economically disadvantaged countries shouldn't come to, and stay in, the United States under the merit-based immigration system proposed by President Donald John Trump. (He prefers Norwegians and Asians.)

We're writing about this, because, as you should know already, KoopaTV's Earth-based headquarters is in Sierra Leone. While the President didn't allegedly name-drop Sierra Leone, I think we can safely assume that he had Sierra Leone in mind, if he really did say that. (Sierra Leone was already the target of an immigration spat that directly affected KoopaTV.) Rather than talk about videogames or something, I think we owe our Sierra Leonean landlords the rent for 2018 one article that serves as a defence against the President's assertions demeaning our adopted country.

We originally set up shop in Sierra Leone for two reasons, in order of importance:
  1. Cost considerations
  2. English is the official language
I'll admit, I didn't think highly at all of Sierra Leone or its people before we came over there. But once we got there, we encountered almost nothing but great people. President Donald John Trump likes to talk about how everyone he ends up meeting is a “good person” or a “great people” but I'm pretty sincere about this. I once wrote that some of the ol’ warlords in Sierra Leone were “okay people”, so it only gets better from there.

Sierra Leone topographical map topography elevation Freetown Africa
Unlike many locations in the United States, Sierra Leone does very well in being above sea level. Hardly a shithole.
(Topographical map data copyright ArcGIS and Google.)

There is a legitimate point to be had that Sierra Leone is disadvantaged in many ways, like the whole Ebola outbreak (along with various other diseases to come from there). Having the centre of your country be mountainous and then having a TON of rain every year only sets up having dangerous mudslides. On the other hand, the United States of America has a lot of identical problems (I hear there are mudslides in California, and don't forget the hurricanes... and have you read up on the flu epidemic in 2018 because the flu vaccine isn't effective?), which is why President Donald John Trump ran to begin with.

I got a request a while ago, long after it was relevant, to write about President Donald John Trump's visit to Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. I figure now is a good time to bring it up. President Donald John Trump seems to not be fully aware that Puerto Rico is a part of the United States, and that he is its president. (To be fair, I'm sure a lot of other people don't instinctively know that Puerto Rico is part of America. Or know the difference between Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.) He gave himself great reviews for his trip, but to this day, Puerto Rico is a disaster. Everything is still destroyed and crime is going up, big-league. The police are literally on strike because they're not getting paid overtime.

Now that's a shithole, and it's right in the United States of America. President Donald John Trump talks nicely about Puerto Rico, but hasn't done much to help in terms of action (besides throwing towels at people). He's talking trash about Sierra Leone, and it looks like that will actually affect policy. It turns out that both Puerto Rico and Sierra Leone have good people in them, but if it were up to the President, he would probably advocate Puerto Rico to be its own independent country just so he could then block immigration from Puerto Rico.

President Donald Trump Puerto Rico throwing paper towel rolls three point toss
President Donald John Trump displaying good throwing technique as he throws paper towels to Puerto Ricans, so they can clean up their shitholes.

It is KoopaTV's position that the United States would do very well with EXTREMELY-vetted Sierra Leonean migrants. Sierra Leoneans are experts in surviving in shithole environments, and Americans should learn from their example in order to survive President Donald John Trump's new America. Given the opportunity, immigrants tend to be better citizens than native-born Americans — less crime, greater entrepreneurship, more seeking of education. That's just facts.

Personal message to President Donald John Trump: If you ever refer to Koopa Kingdom as a shithole country, we'll do much more than write a bad article about you. Believe me

KoopaTV helped get President Donald John Trump elected to begin with, but under the President's blanket distaste for the country of Sierra Leone, KoopaTV's staffers would be barred from immigrating to the United States. That is a very poor way of saying thank-you. Look forward to Friday or Monday for KoopaTV to completely reverse its anti-Trump position when discussing the one-year mark since his inauguration.

Ludwig has referred to Brazil as a “terrible country” following all of the horrible experiences he has had regarding the Olympics and the Zika virus.
Sierra Leone has not been forgotten by KoopaTV (how could we?), so we awarded this article the Best KoopaTV General Article of 2018.


  1. Replies
    1. isnt this article about bad countries or something

    2. Please read KoopaTV's articles prior to commenting on KoopaTV's articles’ comments sections.

    3. The plot was hard to follow and character development was minimal at most.

    4. This article isn't about Soviet Missile Run, though tonight's will be.

  2. It was about time you wrote about this! Kinda late too....

    1. The Sierra Leone/shithole thing was very timely.

      The Puerto Rico part was not, but by the time it was requested, it was already late in terms of being way after it happened.


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