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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Big Bang Theory Is TERRIBLE! (Action vs. Comedy Splatfest)

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Bringing down the whole genre...

Welcome to the first Splatfest of 2018. Splatoon 2 will keep giving us Splatfests for about one and a half more years. What exciting topic will Pearl and Marina bring us for the WORLDWIDE (instead of regional) Splatfest beginning this weekend?

Splatoon 2 Splatfest Action or Comedy teams introduction
ACTION VERSUS COMEDY, in a movies and TV shows sense.
Just to review, this Splatfest asking about genres in movies and TV shows comes after we just had a Splatfest about Films versus Books. (Note: I supported Books.) I guess since Films won, the next Splatfest is themed around what KIND of films you like. ...We had a Splatfest on that, too, on genres: Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy. (Note: I supported Fantasy.)

On that note, that sort of segues into my decision. Let me be clear: I don't even watch movies or TV shows. My lack of knowledge of what even goes on television is why this website is called KoopaTV, even though it's primarily made up of text-based content. That said, my favourite show, ever, that I basically base my life around, is Seinfeld. Obviously, that's a firm comedy show. Meanwhile, I have no strong opinions about any action show or movie. 

However, based on an argument that Team Action captain Pearl made, I cannot support Team Comedy:

Splatoon 2 Splatfest Action vs Comedy Sheldon tell nerdy crab jokes in front of a laugh track Pearl The Big Bang Theory
Pearl said, “I don't wanna hear Sheldon tell nerdy crab jokes in front of a laugh track!”

If you don't follow, Pearl is referencing the horrible situational comedy known as The Big Bang Theory, which has been around for about a decade and has spawned its own spin-off, Young Sheldon. For some reason, it's enormously popular and stars this science geek named Sheldon and his weird nerdy friends, and I guess the show's attempts at humour come from that the audience is supposed to be laughing at them? I don't know, it's not funny at all. (And for those who don't know Splatoon, Sheldon is the name of the weapon shop owner. He'll get a picture later in this article.)

I mentioned Seinfeld in the Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy article and embedded the “fantasy camp” line. If Seinfeld is Fantasy (good), then The Big Bang Theory is Sci-Fi (bad). Unfortunately, comedy these days is driven by the likes of The Big Bang Theory, not Seinfeld. The Big Bang Theory is considered a comedy leader, to the point where of all the comedies made in the 2000s, it is one of the few mentioned on Wikipedia's sitcom page. It's still on the air and getting new seasons. It's getting MORE popular over time.

We have embedded a clip on The Big Bang Theory earlier in KoopaTV's history and have previously discussed it in Rawk's article, Toxic Movie-First Philosophies. Here's what he wrote on The Big Bang Theory in 2013, which applies today:
“Thusly, the callow and unworldly dudebro will appreciate [Bioshock Infinite] because he'll think he's just been penetrated by the Peter North of video game story-telling. (Just like how someone who knows nothing about comic books, movies or slightly nerdish pop-culture in general will fall in love with the cum stain on the teeth of television that is The Big Bang Theory.)”
Let's reference those laugh tracks Pearl talked about. I am going to embed another clip from The Big Bang Theory below. You do not have to watch it. It does not have the character named Sheldon, but rather, his friends.

Besides the inaccuracies contained in the video about the “nerdy” subject matter (Donkey Kong isn't into princess-stealing and Mario isn't Italian. To their credit, the dude correctly identified Mario as a plumber which some people can't do nowadays — though he wasn't a plumber at the time of the incident referenced, so it's a moot point), it just is not funny. The laugh tracks are spammed and don't even vary from one use to another. Seinfeld had laugh tracks... from the live studio audience. They laughed with you. They didn't try to tell you when to laugh or force one. Can you blame me for not watching television when this is the crap on it?

As Rawk mentioned, The Big Bang Theory's audience is for people who want to make fun of nerds by watching caricatures of them, while also trying to have those people be able to claim they are part of nerd culture. Like whatever the hell Rick & Morty is that is also going on now. (I also mentioned that in the same capacity two months ago, too.) Why would you want to be part of nerd culture? Well, right now you humans have demonised being “normal” and your worth in society is made up of how many “disadvantaged” victim groups you can be a part of. Nerds, traditionally bullied in schools, are one of those groups.

Splatoon 2 Sheldon The Big Bang Theory Young Sheldon side-by-side comparison
Left: Sheldon, owner of Ammo Knights, the weapons shop in Splatoon 2.
Right: Sheldon's child form, freaky nerd kid from The Big Bang Theory spin-off Young Sheldon.

Sheldon even talks about being bullied over the course of his show, according to Internet articles about the show. (What, I'm not going out and watching it for myself to research for this article!) As far as I'm concerned, he deserves it. (Meanwhile, I actually kind of like the Sheldon from Splatoon, though I'm sure his jokes are awful.)

For Marina's part, by the way, she failed to make a coherent pro-Comedy argument, or even an anti-Action argument. She basically said action movies are cliché and samey. That just means they are all middle-of-the-road, instead of ranging from bloody amazing (Seinfeld) to gutter trash (Big Bang Theory). Unfortunately, it looks like Marina still hasn't learned the lessons from my article directed at her. Having failed to refute Pearl's argument, I have to side with Pearl and be part of Team Action.

Besides, does Marina have any self-awareness? She's talking in an action game sequel that is PRETTY DANG SAMEY to the first one. And, hey, it's great. Marina's presence is self-defeating, so I look forward to destroying her team of crappy excuses for comedians this Saturday.

If Pearl didn't remind Ludwig that The Big Bang Theory is a part of the comedy genre, this article would turn out very differently and he probably would have joined Team Comedy. After all, KoopaTV is a site built on LEVITY, and gives annual awards based on humour! Check out which article won the Most Humourous KoopaTV Article of 2017 here. It's more funny than anything in The Big Bang Theory, anyway. What are your thoughts on Action vs. Comedy?

The next Splatfest is a rerun, but at least it's philosophical and not having to do with the entertainment industry.


  1. Replies
    1. I like it both ways

    2. Your comment doesn't add to the discussion no matter how many times you repeat it, Mr. Anonymous.

  2. Action films and tv shows are usually decent while most comedies are completely garbage. There is only a handful of great comedies, but there is a multitude of great action movies and shows. The Big Bang Theory is simply one of the worst offenders that tries to pass itself as hilarious. Once the laugh track is removed, one can easily determine just how unfunny and slow paced the show really is.

  3. this website is a better joke than the big bang theory

    1. I'm actually tempted to give you a truth point for that.

    2. If you look, I already gave it to you.

    3. It's hard to miss if you look at the dedicated page explaining the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.

    4. i typically dont read articles from almost 3 years ago.

    5. ...It's a continually updated page. It even has a change log.

      If you don't want to read it, go ahead, but you won't be winning any rounds anytime soon if you don't familiarise yourself with wot the program actually is.

  4. The Splatfest takes place during THE BABY's birthday. I probably will play up to fiend rank or something.


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