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Saturday, January 20, 2018

President Trump Fair & Balanced Mini-Contest 2017–2018

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Were we fair & balanced towards President Donald John Trump in his first year? Mini-Contest!

This Monday we will publish KoopaTV's article reflecting on the one-year anniversary since President Donald John Trump's inauguration. A videogame site is going to dedicate space to this because we're one of the few gaming publications to remember what candidate Trump's opposition tried to do to the industry and hold her accountable for it, and so we endorsed candidate Trump for president. Since KoopaTV played a part in 2016 to get him elected, we made it a policy to not shy away from giving coverage to the after-effects of what we were directly responsible for. Call it social responsibility.

KoopaTV's values include truth, levity, and fair & balanced writing. So it's an interesting question: Did we live up to those values when covering President Donald John Trump's first year in office? We want YOU to guess!

The American mainstream media (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have a 9–91% positive-negative coverage split in their coverage of President Donald John Trump. If we are less lopsided (from either direction), then we would at least be less biased than the media, but that is a very low bar. 

KoopaTV President Donald Trump Fair & Balanced Mini-Contest positive negative media coverage scale
YOU can guess KoopaTV's positive–negative coverage split for a PRIZE!

The Mini-Contest

On Monday's article we are going to list all of the articles about President Donald John Trump that we wrote in his first year as president. We are going to mark them as positive or negative (or neutral) coverage. To make this interesting, if you can be the KoopaTV reader closest to guessing the actual positive–negative coverage split, you are going to win TEN points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program! (It's currently in Round 18, with the prize being a $10 Nintendo eShop card. 10 points can go a long way.)


Please comment here or e-mail KoopaTV at submissions(at)koopatv(dot)org with your guess, submitted in positive–negative format (for example, “90–10” would be 90% positive coverage and 10% negative). Your last submitted guess before the article is published on Monday will be your entry. Any guess made after your first and before the article is published on Monday will overwrite it.

KoopaTV will publish all guesses we get and who made them. KoopaTV won't publish your e-mail address, just your given screen name. KoopaTV won't use your e-mail address for any purpose other than to administrate the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program, unless you specify that you would like to be part of our e-mail subscription.

Entries submitted via any other means will not be accepted.

The range of articles is from Donald Trump: Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017) to Is Sierra Leone A Shithole? The Great People There! (January 15, 2018).

It is the KoopaTV staff's discretion for whether or not an article is positive or negative towards President Donald John Trump, as well as the staff's discretion for whether or not an article qualifies as being about President Donald John Trump. Each article will be weighed equally.

If contestants are tied in closeness or the exact answer, then the contestant who submitted the guess first will get the points.

If an article is marked as neutral coverage, that does not affect the positive–negative split mathematics.

KoopaTV's staff hasn't actually done the tally as of when this is published, so the hosts have no idea what the correct answer is, either! Don't get used to KoopaTV publishing content on weekends.

The weekend is over, and here are the results!


  1. The majority of the articles I went through seemed to be either positive or neutral with only a few that were negative. For my guess, I am going with a 82-18 positive-negative ratio.

  2. My experience was similar to Kody's, but I'm sure I classified some differently.

    Anyway, as of now, my educated guesses are:
    Probability Negative Coverage - 28.6%
    Probability Positive Coverage - 71.4%

    1. I think a more generous estimation is:
      Probability Negative Coverage - 23.1%
      Probability Positive Coverage - 76.9%

  3. clearly it was 85% positive,and 15% negative.


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