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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

KoopaTV's April 2019 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A long month with a story arc. I'd say that's pretty good. More to come!

When KoopaTV historians look back at KoopaTV's April 2019, I would think the stand-out thing they would be fixated on is one franchise: Ace Attorney. You might as well have called this past month “Ace Attorney April.” For a solid three weeks, every article mentioned Ace Attorney in either passing or as the primary topic, and you'll see why in the following section about the top articles of the month.

And despite the way the Ace Attorney volume of content ultimately had to end due to real life news, I don't regret any of my editorial focus on it. I'd do it again.

Let's start the newsletter's review:

The Top 5 Recommended KoopaTV Experiences of April 2019

Part of me wants to fill the top five with just the articles focused on Ace Attorney, but there were more than five of those, so I might as well diversify this anyway. Besides, the site and April 2019 is still great if you're not an Ace Attorney fan, though I have no idea why you're not.

  1. TAKE THAT! Phoenix Wright Revealed For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass DLC!Ace Attorney April started on the first day of the month with the very exciting news about Phoenix Wright being announced as the second Challenger in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass. I dissect his trailer, among other celebratory activity.
  2. Spring Fest Splatfest: Hare vs. Tortoise: The Rematch! Who Wins? — Also in April, Splatoon 2 asks who would win in a rematch: The hare, or the tortoise? Looking at games, politics, and religion, along with common sense, KoopaTV chose Team Tortoise. (Hare ultimately won the Splatfest.)
  3. FAKE NEWS on Nintendo Directs... and Stage Builder? — KoopaTV addressed the rash of bad journalism that went into the idea that there'd be a Nintendo Direct on April 10, 2019. Plus, journalists don't know the difference between a leak and a confirmation.
  4. The Nintendo Labo VR Kit In Comatose Cappy Capturing Cahoots — With the Nintendo Labo VR Kit's release, Ludwig explores the connection and alliance between the Labo and Cappy in great detail.
  5. Genius Prosecutor Reveals Crooked Attorney — Phoenix Wright's legal career (and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presence) comes to a grinding halt as he's disbarred for presenting forged evidence in court. 

There's a lot of fantastic content that you should read—you should read EVERYTHING on the site, even if that'll take you a long time—that didn't make this top five list. Speaks to the quality. Now for your contributions:

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of April 2019

This is the section of the newsletter where we highlight you (unless we got any guest articles in the month... which we did not) and your free-speech-enabled contributions! So here are the best three comments we got in chronological order, which gives the commenter a bonus three points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program per best comment:
  1.  “Err, by the way, both the link to the feedback form on the relevant page and the link to the quiz link to the feedback form. (Does this count as a correction?)” — Lheticus Videre
  2. “Wow, what a traitor.

    As for why it took longer than necessary for the Israelites to leave Egypt and then enter the promised land, the plagues was meant to be a teaching tool for both Egyptians and Israelites because human nature is very slow to change. Israelites were supposed to enter the land right away but the episode with the spies showed that they still had the slave mentality which translates to a victim mentality ("we were grasshoppers in their eyes") so the slave mentality had to be slowly weeded out via dying out and the new generation to enter the promised land. Fun thing is it was the Cannanites who were actually afraid of the Israelites as Rachav revealed to the second time spies were sent.

    An example of taking the slow nature of human change into account is why slavery was allowed in the Torah. Rabbi Sacks discusses this and here is a choice quote:

    "So slavery is to be abolished, but it is a fundamental principle of God’s relationship with us that he does not force us to change faster than we are able to do so of our own free will. So Mishpatim does not abolish slavery but it sets in motion a series of fundamental laws that will lead people, albeit at their own pace, to abolish it of their own accord. Here are the laws:"

    So the Torah's way to abolish slavery is setting rules to make sure there are limits on how slaves are treated and eventually humans will come to abolish it altogether.” — ShinyGirafarig 
  3. “Social Media really does suck and is a cesspool of negativity. The real life Lash, Katie Bouman, who helped make an algorithm to take a picture of her faction's emblem, the Black Hole, was bullied off social media because of the bias against women and science and people making conspiracy theories that she leeched off a man's work and got all the credit to promote that women are good at STEM when secretly they are not. Katie and Lash are probably are even the same person because Lash's Japanese name is キャット which transliterates to Cat and because it is a name and does not have to be the word for Felis catus and people can make alternate spellings to names and can be "Kat" which resembles "Katie."

    I think Reggie will keep making Mother 3 jokes.” — ShinyGirafarig

While Lheticus's comment doesn't qualify for the Corrections Corner (more on that later in this newsletter), it's still greatly appreciated. (More on feedback forms and quizzes also later in this newsletter.) Meanwhile, ShinyGirafarig gave good responses to points made in the article where I wish she kept continuing the conversation based on my reply. I, for one, kept putting responses in that third comment regardless of anyone's response to it.

As for the worst comment of the month (though this doesn't...affect anything):
  1. “And now you have to retract a claim from this article.” — ShinyGirafarig

I like receiving legitimate corrections. I don't like illegitimate attempts to get me to retract perfectly valid information from my articles! Especially telling me I have to. Hmph, I'm keeping that claim in my article and I sit by it. Even now. To be specific (though you could just click the hyperlink and get the full context), it's regarding my statement that Stage Builder (in previous Super Smash Bros. games) sucks. I'll say it sucks even now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I haven't actually tried it yet, but I see people's output. Most of it is trash!

...Um, anyway.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 25 Results!

I mentioned points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program earlier in this newsletter—and you can and should read up on what that program is here, because you'll like it very much—and the end of April marked the finale of Round 25 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. Here are the final results, and it wasn't very close:
  1. Lheticus Videre — 85 points
  2. ShinyGirafarig — 52 points
  3. Samantha Lienhard — 31 points 

I'll send Mr. Videre his Nintendo eShop card code worth $10 via electronic mail in the very near future. For now, let's have an announcement.

Announcing KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 26!

We'll be hosting Round 26 of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program from May 1 to June 30. See full details on the dedicated page. There will be multiple prizes this round since it spans the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). A $10 Amazon code for first place, and a $10 Nintendo eShop code for second!

Corrections Corner; April 2019

Despite multiple reader attempts at trying to point out a correction, there wasn't anything actually false or incorrect on KoopaTV pointed out in April 2019. We hold ourselves to... HIGH STANDARDS. That means we won't be wrong to begin with.

KoopaTV Feedback Form and Quiz Part XIX Now Available!

Fill them out for your amusement and big point gains here. The links work, too.

It'd be really cool if you helped spread the word about KoopaTV around the Internet... and even to people off the Internet. Well, in off-Internet settings. KoopaTV probably doesn't appeal to people who have never used the Internet before or have sworn it off entirely.

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