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Monday, May 6, 2019

Devil May Cry Coming to Nintendo Switch This Summer

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Summer blockbuster? (This WAS around when Blockbuster existed...!)

Back in the very early 2000s, Devil May Cry from CAPCOM was the reason you just had to buy a PlayStation 2. The game, directed by now-Platinum Games head Hideki Kamiya, revolutionised the action game genre with stylish, aerial combo-based combat. In fact, CAPCOM calls the genre “stylish action.” You played as Dante, a half-human/half-demon badass who is one of the most popular characters in gaming history.

And now you can play as Dante again, or for the first time, in his original game... for a Nintendo console! It's Devil May Cry for Nintendo Switch, releasing this year in summer as a digital download (download-only in the United States and Japan, and the rest of the world).

Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch coming this summer digital download only official website CAPCOM
From the Devil May Cry website. Japanese version says the same thing.

Along with being on a Nintendo platform for the first time ever, it's also the first time Devil May Cry has been on a reputable, dedicated portable gaming system. (Screw you, Devil May Cry 4 refrain.) This joins an ever-growing ensemble of once non-Nintendo all-star games finally making their way to Switch, such as Final Fantasy VII. And like those Final Fantasy games, they're coming in some kind of high-definition format that doesn't look as great as a modern game would look, but I don't think that's any kind of deal-breaker, especially on Nintendo Switch.

Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch release screenshots gameplay Dante Trish
The game looks like this on the Switch, according to the Devil May Cry site.

It looks very similar to the Devil May Cry HD Collection that was brought to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012, and then again in 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and Steam). Except with one game and not three. The Devil May Cry HD Collection is $30 for 1–3, so hopefully just the first Devil May Cry by itself isn't the same price, or somehow higher.

If you're wondering if it still holds up to modern standards and then you look at review scores of the HD Collection and are concerned they're low, just know that Devil May Cry 2 is not well-received for critics. Its presence brings the score of the whole compilation lower. Reviewers also don't like the same thing being re-released over and over without new additions, but we know CAPCOM loves doing that.

This has nothing to do with Hideki Kamiya wanting to remake Devil May Cry, so if you ever think CAPCOM will allow him to do that in the future, perhaps you want to wait for that. I... don't think that'll happen, at least not within the next decade. For now, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity this summer, especially if you're waiting for Bayonetta 3 and are interested in that franchise's stylistic precursor.

Are you interested in Devil May Cry for the Switch? Do you have an impulse to write “Devil Mary Cry” for some reason like Ludwig? Or are you one of those people that just want to turn this into a story about Super Smash Bros. downloadable content speculation? Because that's a low-grade comment, which you're allowed to make in KoopaTV's free and open comments section, but it'll probably get you a poor point amount in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. High points through the program can get you the eShop money you'll need to buy Devil May Cry and its digital-only existence!

You didn't have to wait long for the release. June 25, for $20.
The third one released in the winter... and the second one sometime in-between that. (No one talks about Devil May Cry 2.)

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