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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Nintendo's E3 2019 Plans; featuring warp pipes

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - ...(They're not literally warp pipes. I think.)

We now fully know Nintendo's plans for E3 2019 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo—gaming's biggest annual trade show—taking place in the year 2019), and if you assumed that it'd be similar to Nintendo's plans for E3 2018, then you'd be correct. With all of the stuff I could write about tonight, I chose this topic, if only to remind people that E3 2019 is in a month from now.

June 8, 2019, around 2 PM Eastern to 5 PM Eastern: The Splatoon 2 World Championship, featuring America, Japan, Europe, and Oceania once again splatting it out.
June 8 2018, whenever the Splatoon 2 tournament ends (around 5 PM?): The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship 2019 3v3, which features the North American Southeast team that won the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North America Open 2019, along with Japan, Europe, and Oceania teams.
June 11 2019, 12 PM Eastern: Nintendo's pre-recorded E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, which will focus entirely on software releasing in 2019.
June 11–13 2019, for hours on end: Nintendo Treehouse: Live, featuring Nintendo employees playing games on the show floor while sometimes having guests with them, like the game's developers. 

Last year had tournaments for those same games (the format of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament is quite different, though), a pre-recorded Direct, and Nintendo Treehouse Live.

This time, there's the addition of a Warp Pipe Pass, which allows E3 general attendees to register in advance (if they have a Nintendo Account, which you have if you play on a Switch) for select games at specific time slots. Reservations are free. By having a reservation, you get to skip the long line. When one can register for this will be elaborated on a later date, but presumably, you won't know what games will be available until after the show begins. No spoilers, you see.

So you're either registering the hour between when Nintendo does their Direct and when their booth opens to the public, or you can reserve time slots in advance of that, but only time slots without knowing what exactly you'll be playing. The quantity of these passes per time slot also isn't specified by Nintendo. If it's too high, then you'll be skipping one line to wait in another.

Since Nintendo is asking people to register for the Warp Pipe Pass early, then it seems to be the latter random-chance option. That's gonna be lame. Not every game they have is exciting...!

For those at home, the Warp Pipe Pass obviously doesn't apply. And you can bet that they won't distribute E3 game demos through the eShop. Nintendo wants to promote the Nintendo Account and online distribution... wouldn't downloadable E3 game demo access be a fantastic Nintendo Switch Online-only special offer? 

KoopaTV hasn't fully figured out its own E3 2019 plans, but KoopaTV can promise that the staff won't sit around and live-react to every Treehouse moment again. KoopaTV will try something different and less intense on the staff's health and time schedules.

Plot twist: There's a Super Mario Maker 2 tournament as well!
Spectate the tournaments here.


  1. Downloadable E3 game demo access would certainly make me more interested in Nintendo Switch Online.

    1. See? SEE?

      But they won't do it!


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