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Friday, May 24, 2019

Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 Movie Now In 2020; Town Got a New Screenshot

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Tale of two opposites.

This morning, Sonic the Hedgehog film director Jeff Fowler tweeted out that the movie, which was panned by many Internet mobs for the design of Sonic, will be delayed to February 14, 2020. This is several months after its original release date of November 8, 2019.

Sonic the Hedgehog movie film delayed to February 14 2020 Jeff Fowler tweet
All of my previous screenshots of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie have a 2019 in the file name.
This just ruins everything.
At least no one is complaining about the design of Sonic's hand.

The reason is that Paramount Pictures is redesigning Sonic to try to salvage the movie's viability. The day of the redesign announcement, I wrote that the redesign would end up delaying the movie. Really obvious prediction, but not everyone believed me.

I told you so. You can't escape the basics of project management.

In fact, we still don't know how they'll improve Sonic's looks. But we do have that release date, and the basic information about the Sonic the Hedgehog movie should remain the same.

Contrast that to the other minor news of the week: Town, the upcoming (when?) Nintendo Switch RPG developed by GAME FREAK got a new screenshot revealed to the public by the Famitsu magazine. What super-informative revelation is contained in it? 

Town Screenshot GAME FREAK Famitsu 30th anniversary Nintendo Switch game
This doesn't add net-new knowledge on Town.
Since it looks very different than the Town Direct battle scene from September 2018, it erases everything we thought we knew.

This new screenshot, the only new update in 2019 about Town, shows that it's clearly still in development. Hence it looking different than Town in 2018. Do you know what that means?

Everything we knew about Town based from 2018 is probably wrong. Which was everything we knew about Town.

So now we just have this screenshot, and it's all in Japanese. But it's from a magazine article, right? Then what does the Famitsu article say about Town?

Unfortunately... nothing. The article is about GAME FREAK having its 30th anniversary, and most of the article is about GAME FREAK's Pokémon history. All Town gets is a reference that GAME FREAK has other intellectual property, too.

I just published an article on Wednesday about how GAME FREAK does nothing but spoil everything about their games before their release, based on Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon and how I hope they're more tight-lipped about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Town is in the exact opposite situation. We don't even know if the game's final name is actually going to be Town! It's still a provisional title, even in the Famitsu description.

So, yes, we know what Town at least looks like, but we don't know when it's releasing or anything else. We don't know what Sonic the Hedgehog (the movie) will look like, but we do know when it's releasing and plenty other details.

Which do you prefer? 

This article reeks of “Ludwig took a nap before the start of Memorial Day weekend and then woke up very late and needed to put something on the website before it turned Saturday.” That may or may not have happened. Regardless, KoopaTV will be publishing on Memorial Day on Monday, so please be sure to check that out, since that article will have a lot of thought put into it. But if you think the article you just read inspired any thoughts in you, go ahead and share those in the comments!

Here is that pretty good Memorial Day 2019 article.
Maybe you think that Town will appear at E3 2019 since it's supposed to be releasing in 2019. You'd be wrong.
Town got named to Little Town Hero and got released with no one caring.
We now know what the movie looks like!
The movie indeed came out February 14, 2020. Many people watched it.


  1. I'm placing my bet on Sonic looking even WORSE than before. Because Hollywood is JUST THAT DUMB.

  2. At least the Sonic movie won't be releasing in the same month as Frozen 2 anymore. Pretty sure Frozen 2 would instantly kill Sonic's box office.

    1. Is there a lot of crossover in the fanbases of little girls and furries?

    2. Was the first Frozen a success only because of little girls?

    3. Little girls and their families?

      I dunno.

    4. I was thinking along the lines of target group of parents and their children. As a parent I would prefer to go to the more tolerable movie rather than a movie full of cringe. I would feel that Sonic would have much more cringe than Frozen 2. So if my tot was old enough not to disturb others in the cinema I would tell her to wait for the more tolerable movie.

      Also Frozen had loads of changes from the original The Snow Queen to appeal more to boys as well as well by adding more male characters.

      As for the Furries audience I am sure the reindeer is pretty handsome for them.

    5. I consider Frozen as a media property to be at a higher level of cringe than Sonic, but your opinion here is likely far more valuable than mine.

      I was looking up information about Sven so I could properly comment (like...what his name is), and I saw this at the bottom of the Disney wiki on his article, so... yeah, I guess there's some crossover. Furries would probably still prefer a movie dedicated to them though.


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