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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) Movie — New Design, Same Disrecommendation

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This doesn't fix any other issues you might've had.

Remember that Sonic the Hedgehog movie that was supposed to release in November 2019...mere days ago? Paramount Pictures wants you to forget that was ever in the works—they have put the YouTube trailer of that movie in private view mode. I thought it was a funny gimmick where I wouldn't be able to screen-capture Sonic the Hedgehog's old movie design in that article because he kept moving too quickly for the print screen button. I didn't know two days later that the movie's director would tell everyone that Sonic would get redesigned and I should've saved a copy of the old design for the record.

(Fortunately, other people stole the trailer and uploaded it on their channels without marking it as private, such as this one. I wonder if it'll get copyright claimed.)

Then that redesign got the whole movie officially delayed to February 14, 2020. That's still the official release date, as seen in this new trailer with Sonic's new design: 

Sonic the Hedgehog movie design comparison before after side by side desert running fast
Sonic still seems too fast to get a hold of.

Sonic looks substantially less like a human in a fursuit and more like the extra-terrestrial he claims to be. (And no, furries aren't aliens.) Though I suppose it could look even more alien and freaky if the eyes were joined together and Sonic was really a cyclops. Other than that... this new trailer shows a lot more bad jokes than the previous one, which tried to play up Sonic's attitude with the Gangster's Paradise song. Here it's more that Sonic is an immature child with attention deficit disorder that can move incredibly fast.

I don't want to watch that.

Dr. Robotnik, yeah, he still seems like the main draw of the movie, and still seems like more of a good guy than Sonic is. But the rest of the movie seems as insufferable as before. Sonic's redesign doesn't change all the fundamental other problems people had with the movie, and I'm quite sure that's the only thing that changed between the first trailer and the release. Other problems include the movie not being aligned with canon behaviour from the Sonic the Hedgehog games. 

I was told the games are about destroying robots to save woodland creatures! The United Nations won't be happy about the movie shifting away from that. Neither will you if you think that the Sonic visual redesign makes this a perfect movie. Or even a great one.

Of course, if you actually enjoy the kind of humour in the trailer, then yeah, you'll probably enjoy the movie. Ludwig wouldn't like it no matter what age he is, so there's that. Theoretically, Ludwig is supposed to have a grudge against Sonic being successful because he'll also be an Olympic competitor to him, but Ludwig tends to forget that completely.

Ludwig never recommended watching the Sonic movie, but many people didn't listen to him and it was a box office success.


  1. I would argue this is more a film about Jim Carrey's gradual descent into actual madness. This in and of itself is more than enough of a reason to go see the film.

    1. If you do go see the film, you should write a review...!

  2. Honestly, this movie could turn out to be one of those so bad that it is actually good films. I have a few free general admission movie vouchers from donating blood, so at least I would not have to pay anything to see it.

    1. You might need some blood to make it through the movie.

  3. "(And no, furries aren't aliens.)"

    Not even the Star Fox cast then?

    1. "furries" in that context refers to humans dressed in fursuits as part of the furry subculture; not actual anthropomorphic furred creatures.

  4. Furries are humanoid animals.


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