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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Team Koopa at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm looking to end this war.

Surely you have heard this by now, right? Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has released today on Nintendo Switch in partnership with SEGA.

As you can tell by the title, the actual Olympics occur in 2020 (starting at the end of July) but right now it's 2019. What's happening now is our formal declaration and training period.

You should remember the same thing happened with the 2016 Olympic games at Rio de Janeiro. Team Koopa had an announcement and a training period. Except the actual training was a massive disaster and we had to evacuate Rio before the actual Olympics began. Rio, for its part, was (and probably still is) an unlivable hellhole.

Tokyo is different!

And we have tremendous reason for being there. The 2016 Closing Ceremonies that promoted the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was Cappy's formal introduction to the world. Team Koopa knew it was coming, which was why we were involving ourselves in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics to begin with.

KoopaTV has basically wiped out Cappy's companion, the Nintendo Labo, as a dangerous threat. Now we're going to finish off Cappy itself, where Cappy started. Mario himself will be there too.

Here's who is coming to Tokyo for Team Koopa: 

  1. Lord Bowser, all sports (even those 2D ones)
  2. Bowser Jr., all sports
  3. Larry Koopa, equestrian only
  4. Ludwig Von Koopa (MEEEEE!), fencing only
  5. Wendy O. Koopa, swimming only
Bowser Jr. artwork render Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 naruto-running
Everyone here has unique Olympics rendered artwork, except for Bowser Jr.
He still has the same stupid Naruto-running render since New Super Mario Bros. thirteen and a half years ago!

Regarding the choice in sports. Wendy has always liked swimming, so that's fine. But what's with Larry with equestrian and me with fencing? Well, Larry was equestrian back in the 2016 Olympics as well. But I'm the guy with many horse-racing records already. Well, you could say that Galarian Ponyta freaks me out. And with Cappy roaming in Tokyo, there could be a scary situation where my horse is swapped out for Galarian Ponyta. I'd rather leave what's scary with Larry.

Meanwhile, fencing is a fancy sport that synergises with my desire to side with Team Knights over Team Wizards. Why did I quit table tennis? Well... I don't think I was ever a big lover of table tennis. Time to try something new.

Speaking of new, I'll be working on a new training regiment. I think I'm officially having Ring Fit Adventure shipped to me this week, and as I wrote in the Ring Fit Adventure release article, I want to use Ring Fit Adventure as a way to be in better shape in time for the Olympics.

I'll be publicising that training to you all in some form or another. I haven't totally decided on the format yet. But I better figure it out soon.

So look forward to Team Koopa in Tokyo. We're competing to win, of course. But we're also there for the most important mission: utterly destroying Cappy and ridding the universe of his body-capturing horror... by fencing sword, if the opportunity arises.

Stay tuned to KoopaTV for Ludwig's training regiment. He doesn't know when he'll actually physically end up in Japan and if he'll still be publishing content while he's there, but that's many months in the future. Ludwig also didn't get any special render for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, and he also wants to specify that by no means is this article a recommendation to get that game. Don't do it.

Ludwig announces that he will be writing fitness logs with Ring Fit Adventure.
The Olympics might get postponed, according to a rogue IOC member!
Due to that delay, it's a mystery if Team Koopa will be able to encounter Cappy in Tokyo by 2021, especially with a new prime minister.
It's July 2021. Finally, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are beginning, and Team Koopa is off to Tokyo. ...Under strict regulations.
Ludwig sucked at Olympic fencing when he finally had his match.

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