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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Social Activity War: Fancy Party vs. Costume Party

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Worldwide party time?

Last week, it was announced that we're going to have another Splatfest. For the first time ever, the Splatfest will have all three regions competing simultaneously in the same Splatfest. So while Splatfests before were a way to have regional matchmaking in a game normally without it, this Splatfest will match people in America with those in Japan, like you'd normally get.

The Splatfest will start this Friday night and end Sunday morning. That's Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th.

The theme?

Splatfest I'd rather go a FANCY PARTY COSTUME PARTY Callie Marie Splatoon announcement
It's another sponsored Splatfest, this time brought to you by Miitomo.
Yeah, I was just writing a few weeks ago about how the sponsored SpongeBob SquarePants Splatfest bothered me, partly because it was sponsored. The simultaneous, yet different Splatfest in Japan was also sponsored. We had a sponsored Splatfest before the Splatfest before that, too. So, for the majority of the Splatfests this year, they're being sponsored by something instead of the whimsical (yet deep) innocent kind of fun activity.

But it's not just any sponsor. It's from another department at Nintendo, since it's presented by the mobile game Miitomo. I was pondering what the goal of Miitomo was and if Nintendo was meeting it, but the most obvious conclusion is to bring the hollow mobile user space to Nintendo hardware. So what the hell is happening here? Why are you trying to get your dedicated console guys to Miitomo? We're already at the desired destination!

Well, whatever. We have subject matter to discuss. Would I rather go to a FANCY PARTY or to a COSTUME PARTY? 

And the truth of the matter? 

Splatfest decision Fancy Costume Party

Let's face it: The Inkling in the formal dress is a lot more cute than the Inkling wearing the hotdog costume. And she clearly doesn't have pants. Besides, hotdog outfit? Really? Team Hotdog already lost to Team Marshmallow back in Splatfest #3. Gross.

Meanwhile, Fancy Inkling Girl is basically waifu material, and being on Team Fancy Party means I get a shirt with her on it. I hope whoever the model is gets a ton of royalties from SquidForce, the manufacturer of the shirts.

Team Fancy Party Inkling Classic Straw Boater Octoling Boots Splatoon
It's my Inkling, trying to dress up as best he can for the upcoming Splatfest.
He has the Classic Straw Boater and Octoling Boots.
Is the Formal Party Inkling being cuter the only reason why I'm supporting that team over Costume Party? Well... Let's be honest. I don't personally really go to parties, though KoopaTV is gonna have an office party tomorrow, the 12th, for our three-year anniversary. (Stick around for that, will ya?) That said, I would rather have girls in dresses than hotdogs or fursuits. (Or jeans, for that matter.) ...Guys can be in regular suits as opposed to furry ones.

Callie plushie Splatoon Squid Sisters Team Fancy dressed up dress
Callie plushie dressed up.
Picture provided by ShinyGirafarig.
Catsuit Mario plushie Super Mario 3D World furry
Plumber-boy wearing a catsuit. Gross.
Picture provided by ShinyGirafarig.

You don't see that rascal mustachioed menace sporting a fancy suit. But he does go in a lot of costumes to commit terrorist attacks against Koopa Kingdom, be it a frog, cat, Tanooki, or the body of a deceased Goomba.

But the Koopas have a long tradition of also wearing costumes being fancy for the occasion.

Mouser King Koopa Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Mouser putting King Koopa's suit together.
Note his use of gloves when handling the suit.

King Koopa looks great, doesn't he? He thinks so, too.

Do You Princess Toadstool Take This Koopa...? Super Mario Bros. Super Show King Koopa wedding suit jacket
“Alright! Looking good, your royal Koopaness!” (Super Mario Bros. Super Show.)

Too bad that party-crashing plumber is hiding behind the curtain ready to ruin the whole fancy party. In his overall'd costume. You know people wear his outfit as a costume to costume parties, including Bernie Sanders. Naturally, this reflects poorly on all costumes in general. Yes, you can wear formal, fancy clothing at a costume party. But it also invites bad, unsavoury costumes as well. Like the catsuit.

Super Paper Mario King Bowser Koopa wedding Peach white suit sprite
King Dad is super-happy at his Fancy Party.

...But yeah, the main reason to pick Team Fancy Party over Team Costume Party is that the Fancy Inkling Girl looks better (prettier, cuter, etc.) than the one stuffed in a hotdog.

Ludwig's only association with hotdogs was with his alternate account on the Nintendo NSider Forums, PIKMIN2HOTDOGSANDMUSTARD. He liked Mario Party 3 more than Mario Party 2, and Mario Party 2 was the one where everyone dressed up in costumes to suit the map. Obviously, this means costume parties are worse. Do you agree with Ludwig's conclusions? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned for tomorrow's article!


  1. I can't help but feel annoyed at this topic of choice for Splatfest. Usually Nintendo tries to make teams sound even on paper but they should know that Costume will definitely be more popular than Fancy. And with the new Splatfest Power system it is going to be an uphill battle for Team Fancy compared to Costume if the Splatfest Power system will even out the scores. Sure Spongebob vs Patrick showed skill results can be like the old days but now Japan is in the mix and their popular teams usually win all the time. It's like a social experiment if NA strats of less popular teams or JPs strats of more popular team will win out.

    1. Seeing as how the Japanese consistently beat Americans in this game, then the JP strat should have the advantage going into it.

    2. And it was more even than I thought.

    3. " Usually Nintendo tries to make teams sound even on paper but they should know that Costume will definitely be more popular than Fancy. "

      Turns out that it wasn't even on paper, but it was pretty even when they actually did it. And they seemed to know more than you did!

    4. Yeah so far the other Japanese Splatfests since the Splatfest Power update, Snowman vs Sandcastles, Hoverboards vs Jetpacks and this have been even enough in popularity splits. Only exception is Spongebob vs Patrick which Spongebob was more popular due to being the main character on the show and in the title of the show.

      Is Nintendo getting better at thinking of topics for Splatfests?

    5. They're getting better at getting someone else to think of topics for Splatfests and getting paid for it.

  2. I'm also siding with Team Fancy for the same reasons.

    "You know people wear his outfit as a costume to costume parties, including Bernie Sanders."
    I'm surprised that Bernie actually dressed up elegantly for once to his last costume party.

  3. I generally dislike parties, but if I'm gonna go to a party, it's gonna be a costume party so I can cosplay again. xD

    1. Well... TOO BAD. YOU LOST.

      Team Fancy won. :D

    2. We beat the costumed terrorist.

    3. (Something is amusing about calling Samantha a terrorist.)

    4. Or maybe it is about the terrorist you spoke about in your article?

    5. Maybe, but you chose to reply to this comment. That's gotta have some implication to it.

    6. Well she supports that terrorist to Disney movies who works by making Disney movies a shell of their former selves. That must be it.


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