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Monday, May 2, 2016

KoopaTV's April 2016 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - An awkward April, but WE'RE BACK.

If we still had alliterative titles for review newsletters, it'd be KoopaTV's Awkward April for sure. Our April got hit with a forced hiatus by the folks at Rio de Janeiro. This ruined a lot of things. We had a whole week of articles wiped out, and there was no Loyalty Rewards Program round running during April as a result.

For May, we want to get back on solid ground. After all, KoopaTV is turning three years old in less than two weeks.

But of the three weeks of articles that we had, they were still pretty good. So we can still do a Top Five Recommended Articles List (chronological order):
  1. How Team Koopa Escaped Rio — Part 1
  2. The Music of the Game & Watch Octopus
  3. How Team Koopa Escaped Rio — Part 3 
  4. REVIEW: Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge
  5. Nintendo's E3 2016 Might Be Good!

That's just my opinion, though. You're welcome to fight me over it, and it's pretty cool if you do because that's a testament to our article quality.

We're re-instituting the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. Round 8 will run from May 1 (well, guess that passed without anything happening) to June 29, 11:59 PM Eastern. We're still deciding on the prizes, but because this will include E3 and our three-year anniversary, it will be MORE than just one $10 Nintendo eShop code. (As of 5/4/2016, it's going to be some combination of Amazon gift cards and game codes for Nintendo systems.)

Accordingly, there is now a KoopaTV Feedback Form Part IV and a KoopaTV Quiz Part IV. That particular page has also been updated to have clear, different sections for what's current and what is previous. Not that I think it was confusing before or anything.

By the way. If you want to help shape KoopaTV's legacy in a big way, check out ways (positions) you can join our staff, here! If you just want to marginally shape it, we encourage you to submit a guest article

KoopaTV turns three years old in ten days. That's sort of a big deal. Help KoopaTV's continued growth by sharing KoopaTV articles to folks you know! Or random people. Just try to keep it topical.

March 2016's newsletter is here.
May 2016's newsletter is here! It's a lot better than this one.
For last year's April newsletter, click here.
For next year's April newsletter, click here. It has headings.


  1. Hi, I know I have not been posting for a while but I still read your articles. Too many things have been going on. My Rhode Island trip, a full time job, etc. I might not have any idea what to comment on either. I won't be like a less popular team on NA Splatfests and will let others win instead.

    1. Hiya. ^.^

      Glad to know you're okay. ♪

      Aw, you can still win if you want. :o (Or even if you don't want.)

    2. I mean I'll comment and do the feedback forms and quizzes because I want to but not force myself to comment if I do not wish to do that. if I win somehow then so be it.

    3. Don't do anything you don't want to. :)

  2. Hi Ludwig! ^^
    I can not be commenting lately , and really, SORRY! I have been diagnosed with cancer and I can not comment . Anyway , I read all of your posts! ♪
    (Sorry, I have not time and I wrote this with Google Translate xD)

    1. Welcome back, Kat! We've missed you.

      Our prayers go to your recovery, and I hope that we've kept you amused and happy as you battle cancer.

  3. I know I have not commented in a while as well. Now that E3 is quickly approaching, I'll be sure to stick around more often.


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