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Friday, May 13, 2016

How Team Koopa Escaped Rio — Part 5

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - With three groups of Koopas, which group will be the most productive?

Last week, I wrote that the red-hatted plumber and his blue hedgehog friend, Sonic, were goofing off somewhere in the Novotel Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont hotel, while myself, Wendy O. Koopa, Roy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Bowser Jr., and King Bowser Jr. were sitting like suckers in the Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport. (Did you know that place has, like, several different names?) If you don't know Brazilian locations, they're on totally different sides of Rio de Janeiro, home of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

So, last week's iteration, Part 4, of the How Team Koopa Escaped Rio series, was about how we're going to split up to hunt down the plumber, along with trying to see if the Santos Dumont Airport could get us out of Brazil.

You can click that and see links to Parts 1, 2, and 3 in the intro, or see the bottom of this post. I recommend reading this series in order. Makes sense, doesn't it? Anyway, let's go:
Ludwig and Larry were scratching their wonderfully wild blue hair at the arrivals and departures board at Santos Dumont Airport. 

It turns out that all of the arrivals and departures to and from Santos Dumont Airport were from and to other airports within Brazil.

Santos Dumont Airport arrivals flights Rio de Janeiro landed scheduled delayed en route
This isn't the set of arrivals that Ludwig and Larry saw on Thursday, April 7, but it's representative.
“So... this airport is purely a domestic one? These are all other places in Brazil.” Ludwig sighed.

“Looks like it, brother.” Larry said. “Guess this means there is no use talking to anyone here if the planes don't leave the country.”

“Then we need to join Roy, Wendy, and the other one,” Ludwig started, referring to Bowser Jr., “and get to that hotel. But first, I believe we need to make some phone calls with this.” Ludwig held up the burner phone that he was provided by his father back at Rio de Janeiro International Airport. He stared at it for several seconds. “How do you use this thing?”

Larry put the palm of his hand against his forehead. “And you're a tech writer? King Dad has a number for his phone, and Roy's phone has a number too. We exchanged them when we got the phones. Dial the number.”

“Uh... did you write down what they were?”

Santos Dumont Airport departures flights Rio de Janeiro delayed scheduled
This isn't the set of departures that Ludwig and Larry saw on Thursday, April 7, but it's representative.

Larry looked like he couldn't believe what he was hearing from Ludwig. “Of COURSE.”

Ludwig pouted. “Well? Where? I just saw you playing with the phone during that discussion. No pen and paper.”

“Dude, the phone has a digital contacts list. Gimme the phone.”

“Wait, wait, I can learn this, Larry...! I only need to learn things once!”

“No, give me the dang phone!” Larry lunged at Ludwig and tackled him to the ground. The two Koopalings were making a scene at the entrance of the airport.

After a few minutes of fisticuffs, Larry emerged victorious with the burner phone within his claws. Fortunately, this burner phone, despite being designed for disposal, was still durable enough to survive two Koopalings fighting over it. Ludwig didn't think it at the time, but he would later reflect that this is more sturdy than Bowser Jr.'s now-obliterated smartphone.

Larry dialed King Bowser's burner number first. “Hey, King Dad? It's Larry speaking, with Ludwig. Nah, Ludwig isn't available to talk. Listen, about this airport... We're here, and we found out that it only serves other areas of Brazil. So it's not international. Probably why the place you're in is called the International Airport and this one isn't.”

Larry paused for several moments, presumably to allow Bowser to say what he wanted to say. Ludwig slowly got up off the ground and tried to dust himself.

“We want to know if we can go to the hotel with our siblings.” Larry finally said.

“It's, uh, somewhere around here, ain't it? I mean, they're within walkin' distance. The hotel and this airport.“ Ludwig muttered.

Larry shot Ludwig a “I'm on the phone, dude, shut up.” look and listened to Bowser's response. Larry said fillers like “uh huh” to the phone and hung up.

“Well? Wot happened?” Ludwig asked.

“We're to call the Koopas in the hotel party and do what they want. Apparently they haven't called in yet, so he wants us to refer to the people who know what's going on.”

Ludwig looked thoughtful. “Hm, King Dad's being smart. Well, go call them with your magic digital contacts list.”

“I really can't believe this is a weird concept to you. It's like a friend's list on the 3DS, with each system, erm, phone, having a unique number to it that you use to contact others. Though, phones don't have to be mutual. Hey, weren't you using a flip-phone to call King Dad while you were here anyway? What happened to that?”

“Oh. I have that. I didn't know it could store numbers. I just pressed in the number each time. I have the numbers written down on a paper.” Ludwig explained to a Larry that was not paying attention.

Larry had already dialed Roy Koopa's burner phone. “Hey Roy. ...Oh, it's Wendy? Hi Wendy. We're done with our mission here. It didn't work out as planned, and we have nothing else to do at this airport. How are you guys going?”

Ludwig wandered off to find a reflective surface. The Zika virus rash on his face seemed to be slowly dissipating. He was pleased, though still had no idea what was going on inside of him. He had heard that he shouldn't worry as someone who won't be pregnant or impregnate someone else. If only he had researched more into Zika instead of making fun of it. Ludwig felt then that his humourous take on life, as part of his role at KoopaTV, could be endangering his own life and was taking over his viewpoints and activities outside of KoopaTV.

Ludwig came back to Larry, who just hung up as Ludwig approached. “You don't want me to overhear ya or somethin'?” Ludwig asked.

Larry shook his head, his tall blue hair swaying. “Nah, it turns out that there's no sign of plumbers or hedgehogs at the Novotel Santos Dumont hotel. But they did sneak around and see the spot from the television. Just without inhabitants outside of Brazilian peasants.”

Fountain palm trees Play Nintendo Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games hotel training course
Well, at least it's a nice scenic place to enjoy, even if you can't beat up a plumber.

 “So that's a dead end, too?” Ludwig asked. “What are they doing?”

“They're relaxing.”


Ludwig and Larry decided to travel to the Novotel, where they came just in time to see Bowser Jr., Wendy, and Roy being escorted out by security. Wendy was looking like she had thrown a temper tantrum just before the blue-haired boys came, and Roy and Bowser Jr. seemed dazed from it.

The security guards were blabbering out incomprehensible Portuguese and threw the Koopalings out of the hotel. Ludwig approached his sister.

“Wendy! Are you okay?!” Asked her concerned older brother.

“Those JERKS interrupted MY SUNBATHING!” Wendy whined.

“How long were you going to be here? We got work to do!” Larry said.

Roy clenched his fists. “Nothin' wrong with sittin' back and relaxin', right? Or at least, that's what I thought!”

After exchanging stories of having accomplished nothing, the five Koopa children decided to take the REAL Shuttle back to Rio de Janeiro International Airport. While on the shuttle, they called their father. Ludwig was the one holding the phone, though he put it on speaker-phone.

Ludwig reported, “King Dad! We're all together and coming back to you! No sign of any plumbers or other bad guys, besides Brazilians. I'm sick of these people!”

“Well, I have been productive while you kids were out! I have good news!” Bowser responded.

“R-Really?” Ludwig asked.

“Well, what is it?” Bowser Jr. asked, not having said much that whole day.

“We're going to be coming home tomorrow!”

“YES!!” Ludwig yelled.

“But how?” Roy asked.

“Kamek is finally going to warp in and get us out. I've been wondering what's taking him so long. Ludwig! You're in trouble for that!” Bowser raised his voice for the end of his response.

Ludwig Von Koopa scared terrified worried Super Smash Bros.
Ludwig's face looked something like this, except with a Zika rash.

“Wh-What d-did I do, K-King Dad?” Ludwig's voice quivered. The REAL Shuttle had arrived at the airport, and Bowser hung up. It was Thursday night.

Bowser was seen at the bus stop at Rio de Janeiro International Airport, waiting for the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. The Koopa King exchanged smiles to all of his kids, except for the terror-stricken Ludwig. What had he done?!

Part 6 will be (or, should be) the last part of this series. Find out how it concludes next week some time. Be sure to stay tuned! At least you know that Ludwig doesn't die or anything, or he wouldn't be able to author this in the first place.

Part 1 of the series, where it all began, is here. 
Part 2 is here. 
The story moves along with Part 3.
The story concludes with Part 6!

The footage of Mario and Sonic training at the hotel was probably taken back in mid-to-late March, as seen in this article.


  1. Although Ludwig will not die, the tension is killing me!


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