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Friday, October 18, 2019

Start Your Marathon: Ring Fit Adventure Released!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - There's just something so ensnaring about this ring...

I still dispute the characterisation that this is a 180-degree turnaround, but back in the beginning of September last month when Nintendo had that really weird teaser trailer, I had no idea that I'd devote so much coverage to whatever it turned out to be, especially in such a short period of time. But when Nintendo properly revealed the game as Ring Fit Adventure, I instantly became stoked about the concept. Gimmicky exercise controller + proper RPG experience? This is a game that can be both intrinsically fun and extrinsically beneficial! It just needed to get that intrinsic part down, which, based on Ring Fit Adventure's presence of traditional Japanese roleplaying game tropes like towns and skills and a story, looks like they're getting right. Plus, a villain in Dragaux we can all support.

Now, unlike some other very-recently released games on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo isn't ignoring the game on arrival. Here's the launch trailer.

That second half of the trailer is awesome. I'm just loving the personality and cool music that Dragaux exudes, and I'm pleased that I made a great choice in dedicating a whole article to the bodybuilding dragon NAMED DRAGAUX. Just look at this:

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux push-ups bodybuilding dragon
“NOT EVERYONE WILL BE SO KIND” to Ring Fit Adventure in the reviews, I'm sure.
But, without having played the game, I'm going to be very kind to it for this article.

Of course, still-screenshots don't do Dragaux justice. The personality comes from that... ANIMATION. It's still not clear why Dragaux being in the world means it's in peril. Maybe he does something legitimately threatening. Maybe the people are just bigots. Or really jealous.

Something else important: I mentioned in the conceptual brilliance article that both I and Wendy O. Koopa are really looking forward to the game. One reason is that we both need to work on our physical conditioning, since we're actually showing up for some events in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I know I kind of swore off that sort of thing after the disastrous Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics experience, but sometimes duty calls. More details on that in an upcoming article, but for now, I'll leave you with this tease:

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games tokyo 2020 Ludwig fencing Wendy O. Koopa swimming
While I'm not sure Ring Fit Adventure has any swordplay (that wouldn't make sense), it does have water travel.
But even so, just being in better shape in general makes one better at any sport.

By the way, the in-game talking ring in Ring Fit Adventure is named Ring. That means more great character potential. I also do have room for Ring Fit Adventure—I just have to relocate my Nintendo Switch and hook it up to a television with a lot of open space, instead of my Switch being hooked up to my second computer monitor in my office space. Ring Fit Adventure is supposed to be played for a bit daily (half an hour or so for months, to get you in a regular work-out regime) and I'm not sure if I want to switch back-and-forth hooking and unhooking HDMI cables (or keep it at the TV and not my computer monitor), but maybe that's part of the whole fitness discipline that the game is going to instill.

Still, I'm not buying Ring Fit Adventure just yet, although I do think I'm convinced to get it. I'm not yet convinced that I want to part with $80 so easily, and I also need to think more about fitting time for Ring Fit Adventure into each day. Should I play it really early in the morning instead of hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock? After I come from work? Maybe right before bed and publish my articles sooner rather than right before midnight? These things take some thinking, though I certainly welcome YOUR thoughts.

It's entirely possible that Ludwig has deluded himself by forced Dragaux memes to support Ring Fit Adventure, but no one is giving him any reasons not to. He likes RPGs, and he needs to be more in shape in order to be a competent Olympic athlete. What's not to love? Ludwig, in fact, is so out of shape, that his chosen file name for the Koopalings image says jousting instead of fencing. Ludwig doesn't even know what sport he's supposed to be competing in!

Ludwig apparently tried to purchase Ring Fit Adventure, but it's sold out.
Ludwig goes into detail about Team Koopa's re-entry into the Olympic scene, with Tokyo 2020.
Ludwig owns Ring Fit Adventure now and will be using it for his Olympic training... and he'll keep you informed!
Finally in July 2021, Ludwig competed in fencing at the Olympics, having been trained in Ring Fit Adventure. Read what good that did for him here.


  1. Confirmed to be playable undocked, although the smaller screen makes it harder to see items and coins.

    1. Probably an understatement.

      How about screen capture/video capture?

    2. What, a small screen? Big issue. Gonna get a headache.

      As for capturing stuff, I'm not sure how, you know, accessible the screen capture button on the Joy-Con will be when it's in the ring. I'll ask GameFAQs.


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