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Friday, October 11, 2019

Attention Ring Fit Adventure Marketing: His Name is DRAGAUX

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He has a name, dammit.

Alright, I don't like how Nintendo is marketing Ring Fit Adventure, so I have to type out about it because I'm cautiously optimistic about the game.

His name isn't “this bodybuilding dragon in Ring Fit Adventure.” His name is Dragaux. The closed captions on Nintendo's reveal trailer already misnamed him as Drago and he hasn't been name-dropped in the marketing ever since.

Nintendo's website for Ring Fit Adventure refers to Dragaux as “a bodybuilding dragon” and features a .gif of said bodybuilding. The file name on that? “character.gif

Dragaux bodybuilding dragon lifting weights barbells Ring Fit Adventure
How about my file name for it,

If the story is going to matter in Ring Fit Adventure like I'm hoping it does, Nintendo better start calling Dragaux by his name. Spelled correctly. You don't see them treating Mario like that, though I'll gladly call him “fat red-hatted plumber” instead of his name.

According to André Segers of GameXplain, Dragaux is fought throughout Ring Fit Adventure, which explains why his boss fight appears in this commercial for Ring Fit Adventure that labels him in the description as, you guessed it, just “a bodybuilding dragon”.

Ring Fit Adventure Dragaux Mountain Climber boss fight leg muscles
At least his HP bar is labeled “Dragaux” and not “A Bodybuilding Dragon”.
(Note Dragaux's different colouration than the .gif. I wonder if that means something.)

I'm personally pleased that Dragaux is acting in-character and is actually going to be ACTIVE during the adventure, unlike some big bad bosses that just sit in their end-game castle and get out-of-shape.

(Note that Lord Bowser is similar to Dragaux in that he's often encountered by Mario throughout his adventures instead of just the end.)

Ring Fit Adventure releases next week on the Nintendo Switch for $80. Ludwig still hasn't figured out if he's actually going to buy it, and if he will, how he'll get the space for it. More on that next week, then? In the meantime, do take care to call Dragaux by his name. Ludwig will note that nothing else in Ring Fit Adventure appears to be named.

Next week, Ring Fit Adventure releases, and Dragaux is totally showing off.


  1. Dragaux deserves better from Nintendo. I predict that he will become so popular that fans will demand Sakurai to add him into Smash. The dragon representation in the roster is too small while the fat red-hatted plumber representation is too high. I'd play as a bodybuilding dragon any day over a genocidal maniac.

    1. A cross between Ridley and Incineroar would be... amazing, I think.

      See, Ridley and Dragaux are total opposites. You look at Ridley, and even though he's BIG, his actual muscles and stuff are very thin. He's a twig.


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