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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

KoopaTV's September 2019 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, that went by quick.

The fact that I'm taking the time to review the past month of September is really good, at least on a personal note. Like, KASWOOSH! It just went by so quickly. You school kiddies forgot all about summer by now, right? It's FALL/AUTUMN now!

Not that seasons affect KoopaTV that much. We're headquartered pretty close to the Equator on Earth. The seasons at our HQ are “dry” and “wet.” It's hot the whole time. Otherwise, we're in Koopa Kingdom, where it's also just hot the whole time. Mostly dry, too. Lots and lots of lava.

Anyway, this article is supposed to be about what happened with KoopaTV in September, so let's get into that.

KoopaTV's Top Five Experiences of September 2019

Check out these five KoopaTV experiences from September 2019, presented in chronological order. There are many (every) articles that aren't on this list because it only gets to be the top five, and you might miss out on some important things if you only check out these five and not the rest in the month.

But I particularly like these five, so let's go:
  1. Diminishing Marginal Returns of Super Smash Bros. DLC — With the announcement that there will be an open-ended number of downloadable content characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ludwig discusses that things will just get worse and worse over time.
  2. Pocket Card Jockey Staff Credits  — KoopaTV is the first and only website to write the names of the Pocket Card Jockey staff members from the credits, even if it's a 2016 game.
  3. Ring Fit Adventure Is Conceptually BRILLIANT—Hope It Doesn't Screw Up... — Ludwig (and Wendy) get very excited over the Ring Fit Adventure announcement, especially with the potential for it to be a successful “serious game.”
  4. Rawk's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Experience — More KoopaTV coverage of 2016 games! Rawk reproduces his extremely-extensive coverage of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney–Spirit of Justice from Miiverse... onto KoopaTV!
  5. Playing for the Planet Alliance—and Nintendo's Absence? — Some of the biggest names in the videogame industry team up with the United Nations to inject environmental messaging into all of their games in the future... Ludwig does the in-depth reporting on what that means to you.

RawkHawk2010 Resigned From KoopaTV's Staff

Rawk has left KoopaTV for... the fourth time. He wrote about that in detail in the Spirit of Justice experience article. (At the beginning, before the spoilers.)

Let me tell you something I've picked up on him for the decade and a half I've known Rawk: He's not good at sticking to the same thing until completion. He likes to do a lot of different things. That applies to videogames (it's a reason he likes Kid Icarus Uprising) as well as projects.

Looked at it that way, Rawk actually was on KoopaTV for much longer than he's used to. So while this is a sad moment, it's very in-character for him. He might come back. He might not. At least, we know he's not dead, since he's still in the KoopaTV staff Discord talking about the Xenoblade Chronicles games and Deadly Premonition.

Anyway, we're hiring at KoopaTV

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of September 2019

How much did I like your guys’ comments in September 2019? A fair amount!

  1. “The thing is that most of the places where social gaming happens(local competitive tourneys, LAN play, etc.) are at more generalized gaming stores that often focus more on TCGs/tabletop stuff as opposed to vidya/merch in terms of what they sell, which is a bit of an odd fit, especially when you consider how big the vidya market is. The main conflict between the needs of such events and a chain like Gamestop is store space, as you need space for consoles, PCs, etc. as well as enough room to accommodate the attendees. Unfortunately Gamestop went all-in on trying to cram a location into every single mall at the expense of store space at each location, but the concept of a store that primarily sells video games/merchandise to also serve as a venue for those kinds of events makes a lot of sense, and it would be pretty convenient to be able to pick up a physical copy of a wide selection of old and new games at the same place where your Smash locals are held. Most of the venues I've been to carry some gaming stuff, but don't always have a wide selection that a larger chain could provide more reliably. The question is if Gamestop could actually pull off this kind of shift in its business model.” — ArdanianRight
  2. “Having an environmentalist message in games isn't necessarily bad (Final Fantasy VII, for example, has a pretty "green" message), but I dislike the thought of developers being pressured into doing it. Trying to shoehorn a message into a story where it doesn't fit usually ends up feeling forced and awkward, and that can have the opposite effect of what it's intending.” — Samantha Lienhard
  3. “Game Freak must be trying to compete with Capcpom.” — Samantha Lienhard
We're ranging from thoughtful stuff to very snappy humour. I like it. Makes me happy to refresh KoopaTV and see new, great comments.

Worst comment:
  1. “Eh, to me it's probably a tie with the Pokemon that is LITERALLY an ice cream cone.” — Lheticus Videre

Don't bash the Vanillite line. How dare you.

Corrections Corner; September 2019

No corrections in September 2019. That makes me happy, too.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 28 Mid-Round Leaderboard

Who is the closest, right now, to get a spot in KoopaTV's Nintendo Switch Family Group? (That's the prize of round 28.).

  1. Lheticus Videre — 31 points
  2. Samantha Lienhard — 28 points
  3. Kody B. — 21 points
Mr. B is the current holder of that family group spot, so he should... try more to maintain it, I think. Fortunately, there are many options available to him, others, and even you, to get points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program!

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  1. Considering I don't even WANT to win this one, I suppose I should be glad I got worst comment this month. XD But really I need to be commenting less since that's the case!

    1. ...NOPE, you should never want to comment less!

      It's important that your voice is HEARD!

  2. I got two best comments this month? I'm moving up!

  3. September certainly did fly by. As I mentioned in Rawk's article, I was playing through Dual Destinies at the time. Well, now I have completed all episodes including the DLC and am currently on the second case of Spirit of Justice. Overall, I thought that it was a step above the game before it but still not as great as the original trilogy.


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