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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Ring Fit Adventure Has Towns With Things To Do

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - And, for the safety of the users, isn't compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Two weeks ago, I published a rather popular article (among readers and among my personal opinion) about Nintendo's new announcement, Ring Fit Adventure. The headline gave away the main thrust of the article: the concept is brilliant, but it could easily be screwed up by design decisions that so many other games of its genre have made.

Namely, I really want Ring Fit Adventure's Adventure mode to be legitimately interesting, with an existing story that makes me care about the game world and incentivise me to continue playing.

Today, Nintendo released a gameplay overview trailer with some things to say about the Adventure mode:

There is a lot of information in this trailer that we already knew from the reveal two weeks ago. Fortunately, the entire video is overall much easier to watch because the creepy pair of presenters have been cut out of it.

First of all, Adventure features many different Fit Skills (with the equivalent of an element/weakness system) and experience points, and experience can unlock new Fit Skills through a skill tree, funded by Skill Points. You manage these Fit Skills by setting them (equipping a finite amount) before you embark on a level. There's also Ring Abilities, too, but I dunno what those are.

There's also smoothies! Smoothies are the game's stat boosters and restorative items. You can make them and drink them, and find ingredients throughout the levels you're traversing. “Those ingredients can be mixed and matched to make in-game smoothies.” (As opposed to out-of-game smoothies, overview trailer? Well, they're going to keep specifying.)

The most important part of this whole trailer is at 3:45. “Each new area will have its own town, with people to meet and things to do. You can redeem in-game currency for new outfits at shops. Listen to villager requests, and try to fulfill them in missions. If you finish them, you can earn rewards such as items and in-game currencies.” 

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch Town menu villager requests
I wouldn't be surprised if this menu is the entirety of what there is in a town, as opposed to actually exploring the town not through a menu.
Slight shame, but we do get to check out guns.

The trailer then implies that the Adventure is about 30 hours or more. I really hope that whatever Dragaux is doing, there's an active story role as opposed to people just minding their own business and having a good life and the plot being a non-factor.

The game seems to take a lot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild—it has that similar vibe and possibly engine—but I'm hoping the lack of a story isn't one of those things.

At the very end of the overview trailer, it's confirmed that you can't play Ring Fit Adventure with a Nintendo Switch Lite. That's for the best. You really need a television and an open space for this to make sense as a game experience. Due to that requirement, I'm absolutely looking for a compelling experience to be confirmed before investing in the game, since my Switch is currently in my cramped office space and not an open one where I can run in place and do stretches while standing up or whatever. It's a bit more than just a plug-in and play $80 for me, so it better be worth the hassle.

More to come in October, since that's when Ring Fit Adventure releases! 

Ludwig wonders if the Leg Strap is Nintendo being passive-aggressive that for the past 13 years, no one uses their controllers’ wrist straps, so now you have to strap a whole controller to your leg as part of the gameplay as punishment.

You're meant to contrast the towns in Ring Fit Adventure with the town in Little Town Hero.
Dragaux appears multiple times throughout the adventure mode to fight you.
Ring Fit Adventure has released and it looks great with lots of interesting stuff.
Ludwig encounters the first of these towns in his playthrough. 


  1. I don't actually expect the story to be too involved, more of an excuse to have the player fighting things. I'm still interested, though.

    1. What if the reason that guy is accumulating guns is as a reaction to the events of the story/Dragaux?

    2. Uh...please refer to the picture in this article. >_>


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