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Monday, September 9, 2019

Sign-up for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North American Online Open September 2019!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Now featuring Québec.

In a very surprise announcement—even to me, and I'm an insider—Nintendo and Battlefy are teaming up once again, this time with the esteemed The Big House super major based in Michigan. The four top placers in the newly-announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North American Online Open September 2019—taking place September 21—will get free tickets to Detroit to participate in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles bracket at The Big House 9—taking place the weekend of October 4.

You can register for the event here.

KoopaTV readers know that less than a month ago, I wrote about the August version of the Battlefy-Nintendo tournament series (featuring many useful tips and information that is still applicable and relevant), which featured the prize of going to the October Nintendo Live tournament in Japan. What's different about the tournament this time?
  1. Nintendo's lawyers finally are allowing players in Québec to participate (as part of Region 7)
    1. Puerto Rico and other US territories still excluded
  2. The prize for going to Detroit is valued much less than going to Kyoto. Plane tickets are cheaper and the lodging is for less days, but more importantly, you only win a $350 Visa gift card and not a $450 gift card
  3. There is no Grand Finals round this time to determine the order of the top 4; all 4 top-placers are going to Detroit
  4. Battlefy as a platform is substantially more stable and robust with its server redundancy than in August, though note that's not the same as the stability of your own personal Internet connection (or your would-be opponents’)
How should you practice for the tournament? I wrote an article compiling all of the fighter usage stats from the August tournament here, and that article has a spreadsheet breaking down fighter usage stats per your specific region—and yes, there are substantial regional differences besides Joker being #1 everywhere. Since it's the same player base, you should expect very similar usage. One note: given recent events, you should anticipate adding Banjo and Mii Gunner to the list of most-used characters (Joker, Hero, Link) and train in those match-ups.

You should also try practicing playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for four hours in a row, because unless you get a very good win record early on (such as winning your first eleven games), you're going to have to play the ladder round the whole time to get a chance of getting into your region's top 32. Specific tips on doing that are back in that August article.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate North American Online Open September 2019 character mural
At least it's generic Mii Gunner in the mural and not... him...

Ludwig, of course, will be participating once again, as the member of the media in residence for this series of tournaments. He wants to gain confidence in winning with his other characters that aren't his father, since for someone who mains four characters, he relied mostly on Lord Bowser for his matches. Ludwig is glad he wrote the August article so comprehensively, because it means this article is pretty easy to write.

Here are the tournament results, as well as the character usage stats from it!
The next tournament is in... November! And there's some changes.


  1. Shoot, Blogger ate my comment and didn't publish it properly. Now I know how y'all feel. >.>

    Match 1: I won vs. a guy named MARIO with a Mario profile picture who used MARIO. Games 1 and 2 with Ludwig.
    Match 2: Played petebr0 and his Red Mega Man. Lost game 1 using Ludwig, won games 2 and 3 with Jigglypuff. He was very good at catching me in Leaf Shield, but he really didn't know how to fight Jigglypuff.
    Match 3: Played </3 and their Joker. Won twice as Bowser. I need to use Bowser vs. Joker because Ludwig and Jigglypuff don't do well.
    Match 4: Played against KudzuCrew, who I've known since the Opens back in February. He's a Dedede main. I won Game 1 on Castle Siege, and then we were in Frigate Orpheon where he won game 2. ...And we went back to Frigate and he won game 3. I played as Ludwig the whole time. Part of the problem is that Frigate sucks.

    1. Match 5: He's known as adamou on Battlefy but skander123 in-game. ...But adamou claims he's skander123. Alright. Fittingly, this man of mysterious identities is using CHROM. I used Jigglypuff because I haven't used her in a while. I lost on Final Destination, which was yikes. Game 2 I switched to Ludwig. We went to Frigate, and I got an awesome edgeguard with cannonball and Mecha-Koopa. Game 3... he switched to THAT PLUMBER. THE RED ONE. But with a blue hat and pink shirt. We went to Frigate AGAIN, and I was keeping Ludwig, and it seemed like I'd lose, as he hit me, but I set up a Mecha-Koopa that exploded and landed the plumber right to my back-air, KOing him. PHEW. Chrom and Plumber... two big enemies of KoopaTV, taken down by me!

    2. Match 6: Fought "Brian G." aka "WeirdGuy7". Got brought back to Frigate Orpheon. -_- My Ludwig beat his Ganondorf in game 1, though he terrified me with a shield break on my first stock that lead to a WARLOCK PUNCH. Game 2 was on Castle Siege, and Ludwig had a much easier time compared to Game 1 since I never was really in a disadvantage state.
      Match 7: Against Faint's, with a Shulk icon. His arena has Xenoblade music. I wonder if he'll pick Shulk. Well, Jigglypuff can't win vs. that. .......Nope, he picked K. Rool. And claims he doesn't like using Shulk online. Well, got to Yoshi's Island, which is horrible for Ludwig because it ruins Side-B. But I won anyway because all he kinda did was try to cannonball me in neutral, and my cannonball is better. He switched to Shulk and told me, "Now it's Shulk time." Back to Yoshi's Island... and, uh, I won anyway. I dunno, the guy kept forward-aerialing and stuff and it really wasn't difficult to deal with. Though he did mix up his recoveries well with Jump Art and Speed Art.

    3. Match 8: Vs. Cup. He plays Ness. I'm still scared of Ness after the June Open. But all he did was roll and PK Fire, so... Jigglypuff does really well vs. that, so I won game 1. (On Frigate, too.) In fact, I didn't get hit once on my first stock. I actually told him to roll and PK Fire less. So in Game 2, on Yoshi's, he tried doing a lot of shield-grabs. None of them worked. I three-stocked him. >_>

      Well, I got my 8 minimum matches. Jumped to rank 18... now sliding to rank 20. I'm gonna take a break until I need to win again to stay in top 32.

    4. Match 9: Vs. flieskiller and his Simon Belmont. He's in the top 32. Was in top 3 before. Scary guy. I picked Ludwig, and somehow barely won in Frigate Orpheon game 1. I was at 180% last stock. <.< But I got 2-stocked in game 2 at Pokémon Stadium 2. I think he's figured out my Ludwig. Jigglypuff doesn't do well against Belmont. Time to go for my dad. ...Which was a huge mistake on Smashville. Bowser did much worse than Ludwig did and got 2-stocked very comfortably. Bowser has immense troubles getting off the ledge when Belmont is guarding it, while Ludwig and especially Jigglypuff don't have that issue.

      Went from rank 27 to 40...

    5. Match 10: Vs. John. He's right next to me in the rankings. Dude tries to give me an arena with "Stage: Choice" instead of "Stage: Random" as the rules demand. Believe me, if I could choose the stage, I wouldn't keep going to Frigate Orpheon.
      I pick Jigglypuff vs. his Zelda. ...Probably a mistake. Let's see. He's mostly just using only Zelda's B moves against her, and dash-back forward-smash. Game 1 was on Final Destination. Whenever I Rollout'd she Farore Winded me so I should stop doing that. Game 2, I stopped Rollouting. Whenever Zelda Farore Winded to the ground, she always Nayru Love'd. Then I punished. I won.
      This leaves me at rank 30. There are 4 minutes left.

      ...Do I play another match...?

    6. 4 PM. I end with Rank 31. I'm congratulated for qualifying!
      4:01 refresh... rank 32... I still qualify...
      4:02 refresh.... Rank 33. Sorry, I no longer qualify.


      (I end up at rank 35.)


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