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Monday, September 23, 2019

Why You, a Climate Change Striker, Would Enjoy KoopaTV

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're your Internet home for your psychographic.

This whole week (starting the previous Friday) there is a whole inter-generational climate change strike. Schoolchildren aren't going to school (and are thus just normal children). Working-class people aren't attending their jobs. If there's something normal that you do, you're not doing it anymore. Strike!

The reason is to draw attention to the failure of political leaders to collectivise their countries’ economies, stop economic growth, and drastically reduce carbon emissions in order to save the planet Earth, which is under siege by human-caused industrial activities.

As I'll explore extensively in this article, it takes a special type of person to go on strike for climate-related causes. It also takes a special type of person to enjoy and get the most out of, the website you're currently reading. It's a similar kind of person.

Global climate change strike protestors KoopaTV protect sign
...I, at least, enjoy this imagery.

To be a climate change strike participant, you need to have deep passion for your cause, enough to rise (with the sea level) above the mundane status quo of just going to school or work everyday. Similarly, KoopaTV rises above the mundane status quo of the average videogame site.

Since you follow climate change science, then you:
  1. Have a deep respect for those who say they dedicate themselves to the truth
  2. Will read dense literature that's heavily referential to other literature (sometimes by the same author)
  3. Might engage in in-depth esoteric topics that ordinary people don't care about 
All of those points also apply to KoopaTV experiences!

Climate change is all about the long-game. It's about caring that activity that happens now—for short-term gain—will cause catastrophe in the long-term. KoopaTV is also looking at the longer-term. While not on a biospheric time scale, KoopaTV often writes or invests in seemingly out-of-place articles that initially appear of minor importance, only for those later to make a lot more sense or become major storylines later. As a climate change activist, you're one of the few that can appreciate that sort of thinking.

Since you're willing to go on strike, you also are pretty good with your time management and prioritisation. Surely that gives you the ability to read everything on KoopaTV so you can catch up and start participating.

I'm personally concerned that climate strikers don't have enough levity in their lives. Yeah, the obliteration of the planet and its lifeforms is a serious topic, but you gotta look out for your mental health and have some laughs. KoopaTV is here to help you, while also appealing to the psyche that got you to be a climate change activist to begin with.

By the way, in terms of politics, this site is open to any sort of political attitude. We've even hosted a guest post by Senator Bernie Sanders (how many other videogame websites have done that? and would take one again from him or even you, on any topic of your choice. (Just make it an interesting and engaging read.) And similar to you, we walk the fine allegedly-contradictory line of advocating for an all-powerful government (Koopa Kingdom in our case) while also speaking truth to power. And we hate the human species for its evils.

We have lots of similarities. I'm sure we can work out and even appreciate any differences—that's what diversity is all about!

Ludwig is the main owner, founder, and writer of, the universe's most innovative videogame commentary story. KoopaTV takes a much different approach than other gaming sites, treating its articles on the videogame industry as artistic experiences for participants. In fact, KoopaTV rewards active participants (which may include yourself) for helping form the story with the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. You should check out KoopaTV's informational pages while you're here, including the about page, volunteering, and KoopaTV's CSR report.

Ludwig briefly discusses the thought process behind writing this article here.
For its insights into people's psyche, this article was awarded Best KoopaTV General article of 2019!


  1. On the other hand, if we let the planet burn up quicker the squid and octopus people will come faster.

    1. Sounds like a cult reviving a dark god, if you ask me.


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