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Friday, September 27, 2019

Little Town Hero Has A Town With Things To Do

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - You're fighting monsters in the town. ...Which we've known already.

Yes, I wrote yesterday's article title on Ring Fit Adventure to prepare for today's article title on Little Town Hero. Of course, let me be clear: a town-based game shouldn't be measured on the number of towns you get to explore, but what you get to do in those towns.

As far as I can tell, the only concrete thing we've learned about Little Town Hero since its initial announcement a year ago (besides that it'll be $25 and digital only) is that Toby Fox (of Undertale fame) is composing the soundtrack. GAME FREAK really, really, really wants us to know that. Here's a new trailer from them:

Nothing about that supposedly “amazing soundtrack” really stood out to me and makes me want to listen to it again. I will, however, venture out of the town and to GAME FREAK's slow-loading website for Little Town Hero in hopes of finding some useful morsels of information there...

...And over there, it still just keeps talking about Toby Fox. Bah.

The main protagonist is a red-haired guy named Axe (with a mom named Ember; no father) who hangs out in coal mines and dreams of leaving the town. ...Which is why Little Town Hero is marketed as exclusively taking place in just one town. But the town has mysteries. And there are other villagers, like rival Matock (it's unknown what would cause a rivalry in the town), best friend Nelz (who was named Nez or Nezu a year ago), the chick Pasmina, and merchant Minnie. Plus, a king, a court lady, a minister, the minister's swordhand, and this drunkard Baby Boomer:

Little Town Hero Angard veteran warrior on the ground
“Go to Angard three oh, three three oh, and help me in this fight.”
(I'm going to keep using that as image caption material, apparently.)

And who knows why the monsters are around or what their deal is.

The battle system is made up of “Ideas” and “Eureka” but GAME FREAK's literature declines to explain what the hell that actually means. It doesn't look like Miles Edgeworth will be making any appearances, but maybe he should, since the town has a core mystery that will be solved over the course of the game's story.

Little Town Hero use the environment map terrain
It looks like the terrain will play a role in the combat system.
Perhaps as you develop the town, the available features will change as well?
(And will “using the environment” be environmentally friendly?)

When the website isn't touting Toby Fox, it does acknowledge Masao... Yaya, of Pocket Card Jockey, which we just posted the staff credits for the other day. (And that had a very small staff.) ...Except... that's not right...

GAME FREAK staff Little Town Hero Masao Yaya Taya Pocket Card Jockey
But the director of Pocket Card Jockey's name is Masao Taya, not Masao Yaya.
Did GAME FREAK's website for Little Town Hero rename their own director...?
...Or did they just spell it wrong because they're totally incompetent?!

That's a more interesting mystery to me than whatever Little Town Hero has to offer.

What do you think about Little Town Hero? If you don't really think anything about it, that's okay. No one knows anything about the game anyway. Ludwig is more impressed by Ring Fit Adventure. The two games come out at basically the same time. His new disinterest in Little Town Hero may stem from him disliking Undertale, or maybe he only cared about it when no one else cared about it.

Little Town Hero has now released, but no one seems to care about it.


  1. Game Freak must be trying to compete with Capcpom.

  2. To be fair, Toby Fox is like Miyamoto and Yoko Shimomura rolled into one, minus several million in production values and plus a GENIUS sense of humor. I know if I was making a game and Toby Fox was in on it in any capacity, I would latch onto that name in the manner of a lamprey just as they are doing here.

    Also, +1 Pocket Card Jockey reference!

    1. Do you think the sense of humour carries over when he was meeting with GAME FREAK in Japan?

    2. Language and cultural barriers, man.

      Though the dude's probably a weeaboo who studies Japanese culture closely I dunno.

  3. Update: Can confirm GAME FREAK has changed their Town website to accurately reflect their director's name.



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