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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Everything We Know About Town For Nintendo Switch After A Couple Of Nintendo Directs

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The game's plot is about a secret, much like everything else about it.

The previous Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo Direct in September 2018, introduced a new GAME FREAK title for the Nintendo Switch named Town. Yesterday's Nintendo Direct didn't mention Town at all, to the chagrin of literally no one. There's a certain segment of the population that was expecting news about a different sort of town, one in the Animal Crossing vein, and they're quite upset. But GAME FREAK's Town? Nah.

...Well, except me, because I'm interested in what GAME FREAK's non-Pokémon designers are doing after the success of Pocket Card Jockey. So here's the 44 second-trailer of Town from 5 months ago, and all we know from it:

  • Town is a working title, meaning it might be called something completely different
  • Town is supposedly coming out in 2019, but it was not in Nintendo's most recent launch schedule or title lineup in their financial report
  • Town is an RPG with villager assistance and battle commands in the combat system
    • One of the villagers changes his name from Nez to Nezu (or possibly vice-versa)
    • Your battle commands and those of your enemies can apparently can be broken
  • Despite the game being called Town, the setting is exclusively referred to by the narrator as a village
    • Perhaps the game will be renamed to “Village”
  • The entire storyline takes place in the village, though no one knows how big the village is or if there might be parallel worlds to the village... but it has some sort of secret
    • There is a castle that protects the village; it's unknown if the castle counts as within the village, but the castle got into some kind of issue and a castle soldier never showed up to the villagers
    • The narrator never pluralises the word secret
  • There are monsters in the game and you fight them, with monsters apparently being the antagonistic force
  • Nintendo spelled Nintendo wrong in the video description
Town Nintendo Switch Direct trailer YouTube description typo GAME FREAK
#NitnendoSwitch #Town
It's the newest updates for Town...and the first and only update for it, too.

As of now, Town doesn't even have a page.

And that's Town right now.

Ludwig's initial plan for this article was to leave it completely blank as a joke, as an answer to “What do we know about Town for Nintendo Switch?” But then he ended up taking it somewhat more seriously. Let him know in the comments section if he did the right thing. He'd ask if you're looking forward to Town, but of course you're not. There's no content here to look forward to.

Hilariously, we know more about Town than we do about Metroid Prime 4.
We also know more about Town than the upcoming core Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch, also by GAME FREAK.
Everything we knew about Town is wrong, with the next Town news “dump” (one screenshot) in May 2019.
Town didn't appear at E3 2019.
Town is renamed to Little Town Hero by September 2019.
GAME FREAK released some trailers on Little Town Hero, and the characters at least have names now.
We now know that Little Town Hero has been released in October 2019, but GAME FREAK isn't paying attention to it.


  1. #NitnendoSwitch? Must be one of those fake accounts to fool people into thinking there is a new direct. This game must be fake then.

    1. 5.1 million people are fooled into subscribing into that fake account, but I'm not one of them!


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