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Friday, February 1, 2019

KoopaTV's January 2019 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Look! I got the 2019 in there correctly!

What an incredibly quick month January 2019 was! And the question on all of your minds is... did KoopaTV get off to at least a decent start for 2019? Let's find out and get right into it.

KoopaTV's Top Five Recommended Experiences of January 2019

Every month in the newsletter, we give the best KoopaTV experiences (articles) from the month the newsletter is about. Everything published on KoopaTV is fantastic, free content that is worth your time investment, but we just like giving some extra attention to some of our super-favourites. Here is the January 2019 list, in chronological order:
  1. Phoenix Wright Impersonator Arrested For Poisoning—Exclusive Fight Footage Inside! — Phoenix Wright and Furio Tigre have an intense fight, with a court battle and the very question of identity on the line. KoopaTV has exclusive footage of that fight, so we're the best source of information on that.
  2. Splatoon 2 Family vs. Friends Splatfest: White Ink Was A Bad Idea  — Splatoon players have been clamouring for over three and a half years now. They got it in the Family vs. Friends Splatfest... and it was an atrocious undertaking. Ludwig explains why.
  3. What Is A Good Game Purchase? — Wendy O. Koopa cares a lot about her coins, so she wrote up some tips from her experience about the criteria that make up a good videogame purchase.
  4. Irrationality: Gillette and So-Called “Toxic Masculinity” — There was a very controversial advertisement that shaving & grooming company Gillette released, and KoopaTV felt the need to provide a unique take on it. Packed with gaming references to justify the article's existence on a gaming site.
  5. Booyah! Is Significant. Booyah! Back In Splatoon 2 — Yet another piece of superb Splatoon 2 content this month, this time about the very important “Booyah!” phrase that's so prevalent in Inkopolis culture.

Best Three Comments and One Worst Comment of January 2019

I want more comments from you all. I always want more. Give me more. Anyway, here's the three best comments from you guys, in chronological order:
  1.  “I have played Smash for a couple of hours since then and have sent Mario flying to his death countless times. I think that it is safe to say that Petey Piranha has at last been avenged. The plumber hopefully learned a lesson or two about how cruel it is to murder innocent NPCs. If he hasn't and continues on his evil ways, he can expect even worse punishments in the future.

    P.S. I have redeemed the two gift cards. Thanks again for another great round. ” — Kody B.
  2. “I could not see how this ad was so offensive to so many men unless they were looking to be offended. I could see some disliking for its use of social commentary to sell a product, but for the most part the majority are attacking the message instead. Furthermore, the comments on this particular video are some of the worst of what humanity has to offer. I'm glad to know that you also took the reasonable stance on this topic.” — Kody B.
  3. “Would the squids yell "booyah" as they allow themselves to be fed to bat rays, knowing they are part of the great circle of life and they all accepted their fate?” — ShinyGirafarig

Petey Piranha actually just got avenged at the end of January thanks to Piranha Plant's playable appearance, so seeing how Piranha Plant treated Mario after Kody B.'s comment, it looks like the plumber is continuing his evil ways. And you're welcome. Meanwhile, Kody B. also notes one of the few times that KoopaTV is on the reasonable side of an issue right away, as opposed to it being clear that KoopaTV was right only after a lot of time has passed. (Either way, KoopaTV is eventually correct.) And I enjoyed ShinyGirafarig's morbid comment, especially when you think about the activities and props she brought to her aquarium visit (which was written about on KoopaTV via guest post, here!).

Worst comment of the month, and note that a certain staffer may disagree with my assessment: 
  1. “Then Rawk is correct. :)” — Samantha Lienhard

First of all, happy birthday, Samantha! Second of all... yeah, no. That's an incredibly dangerous sentence on your part, Ms. Lienhard.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 24 Mid-Round Leaderboard

I'm pretty sure you want a $10 Nintendo eShop gift card code. To get that from KoopaTV at the end of February, you need your name in the #1 spot by the time the February 2019 review newsletter is published. Here's what the standings are right now:
  1. Kody B. — 25 points
  2. ShinyGirafarig — 18 points
  3. Lheticus Videre — 12 points
  4. Samantha Lienhard — 10 points 
The lead here is so minuscule from Kody B. that you could have zero points right now and then still win the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 24, which you can read about here (including how to get points). And that's taking into consideration how short a month February is. Just start now and be active and do the activities.

Corrections Corner; January 2019

There weren't any corrections in the month of January 2019. The vast majority of corrections up to this point have been typos, so... good that I'm proof-reading articles, I guess.

Google+ Integration

There is some limited Google+ integration with KoopaTV, and Google+ will cease to exist on April 2, 2019. (Just enough to avoid April Fools Day.) KoopaTV is safe, though. We chose not to integrate our comments section with Google+.

KoopaTV Blogger Google+ comments integration blog
That's a very important No.

Unlike Miiverse, the elimination of Google+ won't have any big impact on KoopaTV's operations. We don't get traffic from there, since, as Google notes, no one uses it. All it was good for was this article about how I got banned from a prominent Google+ gaming user group several years ago. (Not exactly a great claim to fame.)

Update on Scratch 3.0 Impact on KoopaTV Games

At the start of January I claimed that I'd try to fix all of the Scratch 3.0-caused glitches and issues in KoopaTV's set of videogames “soon.” To publicly show my progress, I've created this online spreadsheet, the KoopaTV Scratch Projects Dashboard. I won't work on KoopaTV's next videogame until our existing ones are fixed.

By the way, Soviet Missile Run is even better than how I remembered it. Play it if you haven't already.

Speaking of birthdays, it's also Kamek's birthday. Just saying. In honour of that, go share KoopaTV to people! KoopaTV does better when you're enthusiastic and social about the site. Don't you want KoopaTV to do better? Yes. You do. Do it. Booyah! back, also.

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Ludwig ignored Kamek's birthday in 2020, but the January 2020 newsletter is awesome, at least.


  1. I sure do want to win more eShop points as I want to stockpile them for when I need to renew the Switch online membership. I used the $10 eShop card I won in the raffle towards paying for Wargroove but it was very much worth it. I really am enjoying the game.

    1. Good, regarding you enjoying Wargroove. I know you were looking forward to it for a long time!


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