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Thursday, February 1, 2018

KoopaTV's January 2018 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Welcome to KoopaTV in 2018. How do you like it?

We have officially ushered in 2018 here at KoopaTV. Good start, right? For those who haven't been with us since our founding years ago, KoopaTV is a wonderful place on the Internet ran by Koopa Kingdom's finest. We publish awesome gaming articles and art, and reward your participation in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program. Yup, we are all-in on you, the reader, being a part of this special place. That'll be more clear as you check out this newsletter of what happened in January.

Oh, let us know what you think of the new text-decorations for the headers. They're supposed to make it more obvious that they all have anchor text you can append to the url to link specifically to that section, if you hover your mouse over it.

KoopaTV's Top Five Recommended Articles of January 2018

If you HAVEN'T been reading all of KoopaTV's articles as they've been published (look here for all the ways you can make sure you don't miss our articles!), then this top-five section gives you the KoopaTV staff's personal recommendations. Here they are in chronological order:

  1. New Years Celebration in New Donk City — The people of New Donk City are celebrating the new year 2018, as well as Pauline's re-election. But there is Crazy Cap-related trouble afoot...
  2. Saying eSports Are Sports is NOT a Liberal Conspiracy!  — A fill-in talk show host to the Rush Limbaugh radio program, Todd E. Herman, made statements connecting the eSports are sports movement to the liberal plot to take away your liberty. We counter this notion.
  3. The Big Bang Theory Is TERRIBLE! (Action vs. Comedy Splatfest) — We side with Team Action in the January Splatoon 2 Splatfest, on the basis that The Big Bang Theory is associated with Team Comedy.
  4. Mirror Kirby 3DS Home Theme Released! ...Oh, and Kirby Battle RoyaleKirby Battle Royale has released, but we'd rather talk in great detail about the origins of the Mirror Kirby 3DS home menu theme instead.
  5. The Merits of Having Callie vs. Marie Determine Splatoon 2's Story Mode — A deep analysis into how the multiplayer Splatfest component of Splatoon directly affected the single player part of Splatoon 2, and how this was genius.

All articles on KoopaTV are worth reading, believe me. And now for a NEW section to the newsletters:

Top Three Best Comments and Worst Comment of January 2018

Yes, KoopaTV is featuring YOUR best and worst comments! People featured in the Best get a bonus in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program (more on that below), which I think makes the results more exciting because you won't truly know the standings until they are published in this newsletter! Makes it unpredictable.

So, in chronological order, here are the best:
  1. “Also, I firmly believe that whenever something is in ALL CAPS, it warrants an exclamation point.” — Nandin Lopez
  2. It's kinda strange how all of these FAKE NEWS missle crises come out after your game /launched/...” — charssie god
  3. I cannot pass a 1 year old as a 6 year old.” — ShinyGirafarig
And the worst:
  1. “Stop using windows, period. A fast new machine means that you can run a better OS as a host to a Win10/7 or whatever virtual machine for the windows games you like.
    My suggestion is GNU/Linux using the new KDE Plasma 5 -- great desktop and UI is a lot like your familiar Win7 and prior. distrowatch site will have a list of 'windows user friendly' Linux” — AladinSane
I just want to clarify — we obviously have nothing against long-form commentary or comments, since we write long-form articles for this site. We like when the readers seriously put the time into engaging with our content and giving us perspectives we haven't thought of! (Long for the sake of long is bad, though.) We're not particularly biased in favour of short, snappy comments. You gotta do short, snappy comments really well to make it work. For example, ShinyGirafarig's winning comment has stuck in my mind ever since she made it because it's just so perfect. (Context is provided as a hyperlink if you want it. Marvelous.)

Meanwhile, while we get dumb, effortless troll comments all the time, you have to be a special kind of douchebag to take the effort to recommend me Linux in an article about my brand-new Windows 10 gaming machine, when it's pretty clear that I'm technologically inept. (Hence why that article was a cry for your help.) What a piece of shit that guy is. He encapsulates all the elitist smugness that I dislike. I try not to insult my readers, but I get the feeling that dude won't come back ever again anyway. He certainly didn't respond to my reply.

By the way, that game launch Charssie is talking about? He's referencing Soviet Missile Run, the Flash game KoopaTV published last year. Yup, we don't just write about games. We make them, too.

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 18  Mid-Round Leaderboard

The KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program (click here for full info) is our way of rewarding your participation and engagement with KoopaTV. Right now we are in the middle of Round 18 (most rounds last two months). The way this works is that we pit all of you in a competition, and whomever earns the most points by the end of the round wins the prize. For Round 18, that prize is a $10 Nintendo eShop card code!

Here are the standings:
  1. Nandin Lopez — 42 points
  2. charssie god — 32 points
  3. Kody B. — 31 points
  4. ShinyGirafarig — 21 points
  5. Samantha Lienhard — 8 points
Check out the embedded Points table on the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program page for all the ways you can earn points. It's easy, fun, and you don't need to sign up for an account or anything — just don't identify as Anonymous. Pretty much everything you see on the KoopaTV Interactive Pages informational index will get you points.

We recommend KoopaTV's Feedback Forms and Quizzes once you get the lay of some of the KoopaTV land. We do enjoy your feedback, after all. Haven't gotten enough of it for this round, though, and we asked such good questions...

Corrections Corner

If you don't know it yet, then let me tell you: KoopaTV is committed to accuracy. That cuts a lot of ways, from grammar to facts. Most of you deserve nothing less, so we encourage (for the aforementioned Loyalty points) you to correct us if we're wrong.

In January 2018, there were no corrections made. Excellence as usual.

KoopaTV will continue its excellence throughout 2018. Will you be an excellent audience and help KoopaTV's growth? Share KoopaTV's articles to people you know, preferably in contextually-relevant situations to get the best impact. Or just tell people they have GOT to check out this site. Because... they do.

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Last year's January 2017 review newsletter had really bad news in it. Good thing 2018 doesn't have bad news like that!
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  1. Replies
    1. LMAO i didnt even see you shitting on that Linux guy, if all of your articles were like this, they'd all be great.

    2. Did you see the part where you were featured in a positive light immediately above that...?

      So you want me to be more abrasive?

    3. Yeah, if you actually try (not writing garbage), you could even win the prize.

  2. I'm shocked that there are still people who use Linux when Windows is far superior. The difference between the two is like night and day.

    1. There isn't a clear victor between night and day, though!


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