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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Yoshiaki Koizumi Talks Toad's Top and Mario's Love Life

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I have an issue with the questions and answers...

It looks like Nintendo decided it would be a good time for some softball interview questions with Super Mario Odyssey producer Yoskiaki Koizumi. Just for fun, I guess. Little did they seem to know that they would cause quite a stir.

Take a watch below, as Mr. Koizumi continues to be captured by Cappy as he has been in all of the other times we've seen him. Cappy just has a lock on Japan, doesn't he? Yeah, don't try to convince me that Japan is such an awesome place.

This thumbnail is especially horrifying:

Okay, so, the big controversial question and the one you see in the headline is...

Super Mario Odyssey Yoshiaki Koizumi Toad's hat or head Toad

Is Toad's head a hat or a head? ...Wait, you're really wording it that way? In that case, I have no choice but to provide an... OBJECTION!

(Objecting to questions like that is the actual use of OBJECTION in actual courts, by the way.)

If you're going to call it a head in the same question you're asking if it's a head or not a head, then obviously Yoshiaki Koizumi is going to answer that it's a head! It's right in the question! We call that a LEADING QUESTION.

Because it's such an OBJECTIONABLY-asked question, I call for Mr. Koizumi's answer to be stricken from the Court Record! So the question of whether Toad's top is a hat or a head continues to be unresolved, though I've entered into the canon that it's a hat.

Toads are a pretty diverse species as-is, though Koichi Hayashida from Nintendo has previously stated that the Toad species doesn't have genders, which is a ridiculous notion that I argue against in that hyperlinked article. Given that, we shouldn't really take seriously what Nintendo producers and directors have to say about Toads or much else.

Why do I say much else? Well, they have a lot of double standards and hypocrisy so I don't advocate taking them at their word. Observe Koizumi's answer when asked, “Can you describe Mario's relationship with Peach and now, Pauline?”

Yoshiaki Koizumi respect the privacy of Mario Peach Pauline Super Mario Odyssey
“I would appreciate it if we could respect the privacy of those 3 at this time.”

How come he wishes for Mario's privacy to be respected (along with Peach and Pauline), but his boss Shigeru Miyamoto has absolutely no problems spreading lies and violating the privacy about the Royal Koopa Family?

It's absolutely ridiculous. 

You're free to debate what's on Toads' tops, and how Mario, Peach, and Pauline are connected. Ludwig can't offer you in-person insight about the Toads since he doesn't get many opportunities to get close to them, and when he did get close to a Toad, it ended bizarrely.


  1. So would it have been better to ask if it is a forehead instead?

    1. The issue is that they asked if "Toad's head" was a "head".
      The "Toad's head" part needs to be replaced with a neutral term, like how this article used "Toad's top".

  2. The recent Mario Party: The Top 100 game basically confirms that the top of a Toad is a hat as shown in this screenshot.

    1. Don’t look back
      On the past
      Say a word I’ll be there in a flash
      You can say my hat is off to you ♫


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